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Charts from Polygamous Marriage Connections Planning conference, New Orleans October 26 2007. Argues that we need to stop being in the message delivery industry and instead be in the business of creating energy for brands.


<p>Lets get married forthe right reason</p> <p>Gareth KayHead of Planning, Modernista!Polygamous Wedding 10.26.07</p> <p>Courtesy of Richard Huntington (www.adliterate.com)</p> <p>Photo from Tim WIlliams(Ignition Consulting Group)</p> <p>This marriage needs to be about thecreation of energy</p> <p>The active or moving force of a brand</p> <p>H&amp;P: Momentum rules</p> <p>Y&amp;R BAV: Brand energy is a leading indicator of usage and preferenceJustifies a higher priceAdds an incremental 64% to brand valuethan sales growth alone</p> <p>6 ways to create more energy</p> <p>1. Be enthusiastic</p> <p>A brand without a point of viewis like a song without a tune</p> <p>Have a social mission, not justa commercial proposition</p> <p>Make people think aboutthe world around them</p> <p>Photo: Andrew Hovells(aka Northern Planner)</p> <p>Photo: Andrew Hovells(aka Northern Planner)</p> <p>2. Be interesting or useful(better still be both)</p> <p>Nobody reads advertising. People read whatthey want to read and sometimes it's an ad.</p> <p>Howard Gossage</p> <p>Often our biggest mistake as managers isbelieving that, in general, customers care</p> <p>a lot about your brand. They do not.Patrick Barwise</p> <p>3. Do stuff</p> <p>4. Do more than one thing</p> <p>Any idea is dangerous ifit is a person's only idea</p> <p>George Wills take on the American idea</p> <p>Atlantic Monthly, November 2007</p> <p>Stop making a thing,start creating a puzzle</p> <p>Provide anuplifting experience</p> <p>that enrichespeoples lives </p> <p>language,eg skinny</p> <p>specials eg frappucino </p> <p>habitsformation </p> <p>rangeand options </p> <p>orderingsystem</p> <p>starbuckscompany</p> <p>baristaculture</p> <p>my sisterbook</p> <p>africa 05</p> <p>socialresponsibility</p> <p>used groundsfor gardeners</p> <p>fair tradecoffee</p> <p>causepublicityin store</p> <p>sofas andambience</p> <p>hearmusicXm</p> <p>burn your owncd</p> <p>music cd</p> <p>in storeperformance</p> <p>and art</p> <p>book reading</p> <p>starbuckssalon</p> <p>akelah and the bee</p> <p>Source: John Grant, The Brand Innovation Manifesto</p> <p>Integration</p> <p>Interaction</p> <p>The rule of 5%</p> <p>5. Get out of thedistribution industry</p> <p>We're not in the business ofkeeping the media companiesalive. We're in the business ofconnecting with consumers.</p> <p>Trevor Edwards, NikeNew York Times, 10.14.07</p> <p>The best ad is 30 times morelikely to be stopped andwatched than the worst.</p> <p>The worst ad is 5.5 timesmore likely to be fast</p> <p>forwarded than the best.Source: Millward Brown, DVRs and Link research 2005 via Adliterate</p> <p>6. Sweat the small stuff</p> <p>Thank you Ed and Influx Insights for spotting this</p> <p>Stop delivering messages,start creating energy</p> <p>Thank youhttp://www.garethkay.com</p> <p>http://www.modernista.com</p>


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