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it is a presentation on interesting topic- Love marriage VS Arrange marriage. Here it is shown that what is love marriage & arrange marriage, difference between them, advantages & disadvantages and the side effects. I hope u ll enjoy this presentation


  • 1. Love Marriage VS Arrange Marriage

2. GROUP MEMBER Hossain,Suraiya - 13-24725-2 Bhakat, Samadrita - 13-24610-2 Bhakat, Anindita - 13-24609-2 Nahar,Lutfun - 13-24661-2 Hasan,Syed Mehedi - 13-24627-2 3. A love marriage is a marriage of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction. What is love marriage? 4. Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are proposed by a third party rather than by each other. What is Arrange Marriage? 5. 1. Changing in love. 2. feelings 3.Divorces rate 4.background 5.Parents decision 6. marry with own lover Differences between love marriage and arrange marriage 6. Advantages of Love Marriage Points 1. Knowing partner well 2. New environment 3. lesser sorrow 4. Equal or near equal age 5. Cant blame any other Knowing partner wellNew environmentlesser sorrowEqual or near equal ageCant blame any other 7. Disadvantages of love marriagePoints 1.Breaking heart 2.Giving up dreams 3.Going against family 4. frequent divorce 5.Disharmony 6.Economic problems 7.Sacrificing valuable time and opportunities Breaking HeartGiving up dreamsGoing against familyFrequent divorceDisharmonyEconomic problems Sacrificing valuable time and opportunities 8. United States 54.8% United Kingdom 42.6% Singapore 17.2% Bangladesh 13.2% Germany 39.4% Sweden 54.9% Japan 1.9% Divorce rate because of love marriage in the world 9. Success rate of love marriage is small Married life needs so many positive qualities in the boy & the girl. couples get rid of lengthy & complicated procedures Success Rate of love marriage 10. nothing new to discover get to know the person behind the mask It's not just about initial love and attraction Either good or bad, I always have to say NICE !! He didnt give me any compliment about my dressing Side Effects of Love Marriages 11. Why Love marriages are better than arrange marriage? Wanting each other close for the rest of their life Commitment to spend the rest of life Happily ever after 12. Arranged Marriage Advantages POINTS 1.Selected by parents 2. Remaining conscious 3. Economical problem 4. Establish 5. Parents remain happy Selected by parentsRemaining consciousEconomical problemEstablishParents remain happy 13. Arranged Marriage DisadvantagesPoints 1.Hard situation 2. Lack of privacy 3. Main feeling of love 4. Ill thoughts 5. Average in appearance 6. Family feuds 7. Wife beating Hard situationLack of privacyMain feeling of loveIll thoughtsAverage in appearanceFamily feudsWife beating 14. United States 35.2% United Kingdom 42.6% Singapore 11.2% Bangladesh 7.5% Germany 19.4% Sweden 25.4% Japan 1.9% Divorce rate because of arrange marriage in the world 15. Extremely high success rate loving and fulfilling marriage God brings these 2 people together : Success Rate of arrange marriage 16. Do not get to know their future spouses Do not get the opportunity to see their bridegroom The marriage itself is the beginning Side Effects of Arranged Marriages Who is she? I know nothing about her I dont even know him..How would I manage in a new family. 17. Why arranged marriages are better than love marriages? Completely new experience Having family support Expectation levels