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  • in Australiaeverythirdmarriage ends in divorce

  • About 29% of Australians never marry

  • The crude marriage rate fell from 9.3 in 1970 to 7.4 in 1980, falling to 5.3 in 2001

  • The crude marriage rate has increased slightly to 5.5 in 2008 for every 1,000 members of the population

  • in AustraliaMarriages are now lasting longer before the divorce than 20 years ago12.5 years in 2007, 10.1 years in 1988

  • in AustraliaMen are more likely to die than to divorce

    47% chance for a man to die while married. 33.4% chance for a marriage to end in divorce. Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • Women are more likely to divorce than to die

    22% chance for a woman to die while married. 33.4% chance for a marriage to end in divorce. due to longer life expectancy for women Australian Bureau of Statistics

  • Close to half of divorced people re-marry

  • Divorced people have a higher chance of re-marriage than those who are widowed

  • Divorced people who are in de-facto relationships are less likely to marry their partner than those who have never been married

  • in AustraliaThe number of joint divorce applications increased in the last years

  • Women file more divorce applications than men

  • Most men divorce at the age 40-44 women at the age 35-39

  • in Australialegal services generate $18 billion a year in income, contributing $11 billion to the Australian economy

  • The divorce rate is declining. For 1,000 of residential population the divorce rate peaked in 2001 at 2.7%

  • The divorce rate reached 2.3% in 2007the lowest since 1988

  • in AustraliaThe average size of households has fallen over the 20th century from 4.5 in 19113.5 in 19663.0 in 1981

  • The average size of households was approximately 2.6 in 2006

  • In 1975, only 16% of marriages were preceded by cohabitation increasing to 23% in 1979

  • In 2008, 78% of those who married had lived together beforehand

  • 95% of people aged 35-64 years have been in at least one live-in relationship

  • 1 March 2009- New de-facto regulation became effective in Queensland: de-facto couples whose relationship broke following 1 March 2009 will be applying to Family Court for both property settlement and custody of the children

  • in AustraliaIn 1976, 48% of households were couple families living with dependent children and 28% were couples living with no children

  • in AustraliaIn 2006, 37% of households were couple families living with dependent children and 37% were couples living with no children

  • About three-quarters of people who marry today lived with their partner for some time prior to marriage

  • Married people are twice as likely to have children than the ones in de-facto relationships

  • in AustraliaThe average number of children per divorce of 1.88

  • About one-third of children today are born outside the traditional marriage

  • Lone-parent families households have increased from less than 7% in 1976 to 11% by 2006

  • The proportion of families with children that were headed by a lone parent (father or mother) have increased from 12% in 1980; 15% in 1990; 20% in 1997 and 21% in 2008

  • 1 in 3 lone parents living with dependent children in 2006 were never married. compared with 1 in 5 in 1986

  • in AustraliaIn 1963 women giving birth to their first child of the marriage were aged in their early 20s

  • In 1963, the late twenties represented the second most common age

  • In 1963, births to teenage married women were quite common, representing the third most common age

  • In 1980 the early and late 20s represented the most common ages of new mothers

  • In 1991 new mothers were more likely to be in their late 20s than in their early 20s

  • Marriage Happens

  • www.intentional-relationship.comBlog:

    Content based on a slideshow by Karl Fisch

  • Credits:Based on the data of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (LIFETIME MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE TRENDS,COUPLES IN AUSTRALIAandDivorces, Australia)Alan Hayes, Ruth Weston, Lixia Qu and Matthew Gray: Families then and now: 1980-2010:

    (i.e., the number of marriages for every 1,000 members of the population)(i.e., the number of marriages for every 1,000 members of the population)(the median duration of marriage to divorce was 12.5 years in 2007 compared with 10.1 years in 1988)

    (dependent or otherwise).(dependent or otherwise).(28% vs 36%)

    (28% vs 36%)


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