love marriage vs arranged marriage

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Love Marriage Vs Arranged MarriageWe have a verdict!


What is love marriage?Two people believe in harmones more than their familes!Love is blind

What is arranged marriage?Two families get together and live happily ever after!

Even death cant do us apart?


FACTORS TO EVALUATE THE WINNER!Finding matchesShortlistingMarital support

Love MarriageROUND 1Arranged MarriageLove Marriage

Finding MatchesEasy in arranged marriages.

If you believe in a love marriage, you never know when you will find your love!

Love MarriageROUND 2Arranged MarriageLove Marriage

Shortlisting MatchesDating before marriage is possible in love marriages. Gives you plenty of real-life data to decide.

Limited time available to know the prospective match before marriage!

Love MarriageROUND 3Arranged MarriageLove Marriage

Post-Marriage SupportArranged marriages wins this round by a knockout!

Love marriages gives you the freedom to live your life that way you want to!

We have the VERDICT

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Lovingly arranged