picture vocab chapter 9, section 3 (pgs 270-276) and chapter 10, section 1 (pgs 284-289) name:...

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Picture Vocab

Picture VocabChapter 9, Section 3 (pgs 270-276)AndChapter 10, Section 1 (pgs 284-289)Name: _______________________Pd: ________Date: ___________Directions:Each of the pictures on the pages that follow matches with ONE of the terms or people on your study guide for this chapter(s).Decide which word matches the picture, then write it on the lines next to the picture.You must also include the page number where the word or name can be found in the chapter in your book.You must also write the definition of the word, or description of the important person.HINT: It is easier to fill out the terms and people on your study guide FIRST, and then use them to match to the picture. This is not required, but recommended.# 1

# 2This same picture of a great emperor appears in your book on page 270. Who is this a piece of a statue of?

# 3


# 4This emperor is now commonly known in history as the mad (meaning crazy) because of his poor decisions while in power. In the movie the gladiator he was played by actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Above, Joaquin Phoenix playing this Roman Emperor now famous for being one of the worst, gives the thumbs down during gladiator games, meaning he wants the death of the competing gladiator.# 5The Hagia Sophia is still standing today in this important city! The church, though once Christian, eventually became a Muslim center of worship before it was turned into a museum.

# 6This same picture can be found on page 286 of your book. Identify the man in the middle.

# 7

This crack indicates a separation of two things.# 8These coins were not made with real silver, giving them little actual value.