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    Physical Geography of Africa

  • Sahara

    SWorlds largest desert3.3 million sq. miles; 25 percent of Africa

    SSahara is Arabic for desert

    SIs a border between the black African south & Arab-influenced north

  • Sahel S Narrow band of semi-arid land south of the


    S Widely French-speaking, Islamic

    S Means shore in Arabic

    S One of the poorest & environmentally damaged areas on earth

  • Ethiopian Highlands

    S cradle of humanity because human history dates back millions of years

    S 80 percent of Africas tallest mountains

    SAksumancient civilization

    S Suffers from drought, soil erosion, famine

  • Savanna

    SMostly grassland

    SSerengeti is the most famous & a World Heritage site

    SOlduvai GorgeSerengeti region where early man first appeared 2 million years ago

    SMasai & Kikuyu farmers (Kenya)

  • Swahili Coast

    SEdge of the Indian Ocean

    SOne of Africas most distinct regions

    SInfluenced by traders from Europe, Middle East, & Asia

    SRich in trade

  • Great Lakes

    S Lake Victoria2nd largest freshwater lake in the world

    S Lake Tanganayikaone of the deepest lakes in the world

    S Each has their own ecosystem

    S Rich soil in the region

    S Problemspollution, over-fishing

  • Lake Tanganayika

  • Rainforests

    SHome to half of Africas animal species

    S Problems: deforestation, road construction, slash-and-burn farming S 90 percent of W. Africas rainforests gone

    SGovernments torn between protecting rainforests & money from logging companies

  • Congo Basin

    S 2nd largest rainforest in the world

    S 1999six countries of the Congo Basin formed a system to police logging & poaching

    STri-national Sagha Parka reserve that will cover the rainforests in Cameroon, Central African Republic, & the Congo

  • Southern Africa S Kaapval cratonmassive geologic formation

    over 2.6 million years old under Southern Africa

    S Contains deposits of gold, diamonds, platinum, etc.

    S Discovery of diamonds caused conflict S European controlled the area S Competition for land & growth of conflict

    between Africans & Europeans