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<ul><li><p> Personal Trainer Preparation Class II </p><p>Department of Rec Sports </p><p>General Information </p><p> Course Title: Personal Trainer Prep Class </p><p> Class Meeting Dates: April 11- May 18 </p><p> Class Meeting Times: o Lecture: Wednesdays, 5:30-8:30pm in Dixon Upper Classroom o Practical: Fridays, 2-5pm (meet in MP2) </p><p> Prerequisites: EXSS majors preferred </p><p> Text: (not required) </p><p>American Council on Exercise (2014). ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 5th ed. Bryant, CX </p><p>&amp; Green, DJ (Eds). San Diego, CA: American Council on Exercise. </p><p>American Council on Exercise (2010). ACEs Essentials of Exercise Science for Fitness </p><p>Professionals. Bryant, CX &amp; Green, DJ (Eds). San Diego, CA: American Council on </p><p>Exercise. </p><p>American Council on Exercise (2010). Master the Manual, 4th ed. Bryant, CX &amp; Green, </p><p>DJ (Eds). San Diego, CA: American Council on Exercise. </p><p>Instructor Information </p><p>Lead Instructor: Cathy Sullivan, Fitness Services and Education Coordinator </p><p> Office: Dixon, 1st floor </p><p> Office Hours: by appointment </p><p> Phone: (541) 737-3243 </p><p> E-mail: Assistant Instructor: Brandon Gerosa </p><p> E-mail: Course Description </p><p>This course is designed to equip potential fitness training associates and personal trainers with </p><p>the skills, knowledge, and abilities to program, assess, and deliver fitness training programs to a </p><p>diverse breadth of clientele. Building on the foundational knowledge of anatomy, physiology, </p><p>and biomechanics from Personal Trainer Prep I or academic courses, students will practice </p><p>critical thinking, application, and problem solving as it applies to personal training. Practical </p><p>information includes: intakes and assessments, program design for diverse healthy populations, </p><p>and instructing and coaching participants in individual and group training programs. Successful </p><p>completion of this workshop will make students eligible to complete an audition for a Fitness </p><p>Training Associate position, and provide the knowledge needed to successfully complete the </p><p>ACE Personal Trainer exam. </p></li><li><p>Learning Outcomes: </p><p> Demonstrate and instruct the execution of two different strength-training exercises for each major muscle group in the body </p><p> Apply ACSM guidelines to develop an exercise program for an individual client </p><p> Develop rapport with a diverse group of clients or participants through motivational interviewing </p><p> Analyze client posture, and musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory fitness through various assessments, and apply the results of the assessment to programming </p><p> Develop and deliver programming for small group training, exercise support groups, etc. </p><p>Course Objectives </p><p> You will read and study the material that will be covered on the ACE Personal Trainer Exam </p><p> You will gain hands-on experience in motivational interviewing and client assessments; these are both skills necessary for hire as a Fitness Training Associate and Personal </p><p>Trainer at Dixon Recreation Center </p><p> You will gain practical skills in exercise selection, analysis and cueingYou will gain exposure to small group training and current trends in the fitness industry, as a means to </p><p>equip you for professional experience </p><p>Course Requirements </p><p>In order to become eligible for hire as a fitness training associate or personal trainer at Dixon, the </p><p>following will constitute successful completion of this course: </p><p> You are expected to be prepared and on time </p><p> Dress accordingly (appropriate workout clothes for practical sessions) </p><p> Follow all policies and procedures of the department </p><p> Complete all assigned course work on time </p><p> Be courteous to others </p><p> Complete the in-class quizzes (4), exercise library, in-class participation, final written exam, and final practical exam with an average score of 75% or higher </p><p> For missed classes: assignments due in class/for discussion that are missed for an absence (emergencies/pre-arranged with instructor) can be made-up by posting through the </p><p>discussion board on Blackboard. For pre-arranged absences, the weekly quiz must be </p><p>made up the week prior, in the 10 minutes prior to lecture or practical. For emergencies, </p><p>the quiz must be made up in the 10 minutes prior to the next lecture or practical session. </p><p>Requirements for hire as a Personal Trainer at DRS </p><p>1. Successful completion of all requirements of the Personal Trainer Prep class 2. Submit application, resume, and cover letter 3. Interview with Fitness Coordinator 4. One term working under a lead trainer 5. Passing a full audition 6. Completion of ACE or other nationally accredited certification (ACSM, NSCA, NASM) </p><p>within 3 months (1 term) of hire date </p></li><li><p>Course Outline </p><p>Week/ Homework </p><p>Lecture Practical </p><p>1: </p><p>I. Syllabus/ expectations II. Assessments </p><p>a. Physiological b. Mobility/stability </p><p>III. Mobility/Stability programming </p><p>I. Program Design a. Structuring assessments b. Mobility/stability </p><p>II. Coaching, managing expectations </p><p>2: </p><p>I. Quiz #1 II. Resistance training </p><p>a. Considerations for multiple fitness levels </p><p>b. ACE phases of training i. Program design/ </p><p>implementation </p><p>III. Cardiorespiratory Training a. Physiological adaptations b. Components of training </p><p>session </p><p>I. Resistance Training a. Programming for multiple fitness levels b. Coaching intensity </p><p>II. Cardiorespiratory training a. Programming for multiple fitness levels b. Coaching intensity </p><p>3: </p><p>I. Quiz #2 II. Performance training </p><p>a. Prerequisites b. Skill/agility </p><p>III. Assessments: when and how to </p><p>assess </p><p>a. Strength b. Cardio c. Skill/agility d. Functional flexibility </p><p>I. Coaching performance training II. Conducting assessments </p><p>a. Strength b. Cardio c. Skill/agility d. Functional flexibility </p></li><li><p>4: </p><p>I. Quiz #3 </p><p>II. Small group training: programming/coaching </p><p>a. Strength b. Cardio c. Skill/agility d. Functional flexibility </p><p>Program overview: EIM, Dam Fit, etc. </p><p>I. Programming/Coaching Small </p><p>Group Training </p><p>a. Strength b. Cardio c. Skill/agility d. Functional flexibility </p><p>5: </p><p>I. Quiz #4 </p><p>II. Assigned to training program a. Receive training </p><p>handbook for assigned </p><p>program </p><p>b. In-class: using handbook, create training program to </p><p>include (appropriate to </p><p>program): </p><p>i. Term-long macrocycle </p><p>ii. First week workout: warm-up, </p><p>cardio, strength, </p><p>skill/agility, </p><p>flexibility </p><p>I. Conduct practice training session </p><p>6: </p><p> I. Written Final I. Practical Final: Conduct practical </p><p>training sessions with volunteers (other </p><p>times TBD) </p><p> * ACE certification (ACSM/NSCA), </p><p>interview, and one-on-one audition for </p><p>hire as a personal trainer </p><p>* next steps: 75% or higher in the class, </p><p>and successful completion of the practical </p><p>final/audition provides eligibility for an </p><p>interview for a Fitness Training Associate </p><p>position </p></li><li><p>Assignments </p><p>1. Weekly in-class quizzes (10 pts each x 4 weeks) = 40 points </p><p> The weekly quizzes (10 questions each) assess comprehension from the previous weeks lecture, practical, and assigned reading </p><p> Quizzes will be multiple choice and true/false </p><p>2. In-class participation/ discussion (5 pts each x 5 weeks)= 25 points </p><p>Each week, I will post a discussion prompt on Blackboard following our Wednesday evening </p><p>class. At the beginning of the following weeks class, we will spend approximately 30-45 </p><p>minutes discussing and/or debating the topic. </p><p>3. Final Written exam= 60 points </p><p>Your final written exam will be a simulation of the ACE Personal Trainer exam. The exam will </p><p>be 60 questions in length, all multiple-choice. </p><p>4. Final Practical exam/audition = 50 points </p><p>You will be evaluated on the following, for the final practical exam: </p><p> Program design (15pts): Students will be assigned to program for a group of HIIT participants or a group of novice participants. Program design, respective of the group, </p><p>will constitute 20 minutes of programming, when executed, and will be evaluated on: </p><p>safety, effectiveness, and comprehensiveness. </p><p> Knowledge and education provided: Students will be evaluated on their ability to provide participants education on one aspect of their programming, as a means of developing self-</p><p>efficacy in their participants (5 pts) </p><p> Teaching/coaching exercises (15 pts): You will be evaluated on your explanation, demonstration, and feedback provided to participants, as applicable. </p><p>Employment </p><p>This class provides students with the information and application of information to successfully </p><p>develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities for qualified application for a Fitness Training </p><p>Associate position. In this position, students program and lead individual and small group </p><p>training under the supervision of a NCCA-accredited personal trainer. </p><p>Fitness Training Associates are eligible to purse professional development funding for the ACE </p><p>personal trainer certification through Recreational Sports, after _____ of employment. </p><p>Students who wish to pursue to ACE personal trainer certification, can find more information at: </p><p> </p><p>Format: 150 questions, 3 hours </p><p>Exam cost: $249 ($209 w/student discount), $184 retake </p><p>Where: testing centers at University of Oregon and Portland State </p><p>Scheduling: at least 2-3 weeks in advance </p></li></ul>