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Make Physique your very own personal trainer.


<ul><li><p>A muscular chest is one of the most desirablephysical attributes for men to have and women towant. </p><p>Having a strong chest will give you a good pos-ture, make your shirts and t-shirts fit better andgive you all-round confidence because it is a veryvisible attribute. </p><p>Training your chest will also help the rest of yourbody to grow. Personal trainer, Carl Hayes ex-plains, Working big muscle groups like yourchest and legs boosts the testosterone through-out your whole body which feeds your smallermuscles.</p><p>Your pectoral muscles are amongst the easiestmuscles to train without any equipment. If yourejust looking for a lean, muscular chest then press-ups are all you need. </p><p>CHEST</p></li><li><p>TOM HARDYSWARRIORWORKOUT</p><p>Tom Hardy plays the sculpted ex-marineTommy Conlon in Warrior.</p><p>Perform 10 reps of each exercise withno rest. Break for 60 seconds and repeat4 times.Thats 160 press-ups and a chest worthyof Hollywood.</p><p>10x REGULAR PRESS-UP 10x DIAMOND PRESS-UP</p><p>10x WIDE ARM PRESS-UP 10x KNUCKLES PRESS-UP</p></li></ul>