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  • Barb Granica B.A. Journalism ACE Certified Personal Trainer Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance Certified Instructor

    Barb has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer since 2009, maintaining her certification through continuing education in functional exercise, active older adult programming and nutrition. She tailors each session to challenge clients from head-to-toe, emphasizing form and technique for the most efficient and effective program to meet their goals. Barb loves to see her clients smile when they discover the strength, power and athleticism they

    possess. She enjoys working with all fitness levels, especially beginners, cheering them on as they grow and develop and take charge of their health. Barb is dedicated to educating her clients and making them stronger than they ever imagined!

  • Deborah Montour B.S. Computer and Management Science ACE Certified Personal Trainer ACE Certified Health Coach AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor Certified Spinning Instructor

    Deborah has been training clients since 2006. She considers the specific goals, skill levels, and personalities of each client to develop unique programs that challenge them each step of the way. Although she enjoys working with clients of all ages and in various stages of life, she especially connects with baby boomers and beyond for weight loss, bone mass preservation, balance and fall prevention, and core activation. Deb prides herself on

    leading sessions that are motivational, educational, and fun!

  • Mandy Petersen B.S. Recreation Management ACTION Certified Personal Trainer Certified Parks & Recreation Professional BS Health & Wellness Management (in progress) Mandy has over 10 years of experience in Parks and Recreation based fitness programming and personal training. Mandy enjoys challenging clients while teaching them the value in always making healthy choices. She is eager to provide her clients with a challenging workout while still making it a fun and motivating environment. Mandy enjoys everything fitness related including strength training, yoga, running and more!

  • Ben Rodriguez B.S. Industrial Design ACE Certified Personal Trainer Bootcamp Certified Trainer Group X Certified Trainer

    Ben feels the three words that best describe him are Energetic, Gregarious and Motivational. He started his fitness journey at 15 years old and has never looked back. He now has 17 years in the fitness industry. Creating positive change in peoples lives through fitness is his mantra. Losing his mother to diabetes

    further cemented Bens role as a fitness ambassador. His inspiration to train is to see the change that happens when someone has that "Ah Ha" moment. Knowing they have the ability to control their bodies through fitness and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Ben believes in creating a fun environment that fosters inclusion, motivating others to be their best and step outside of their comfort zone.

  • Sue J. Ashman-Smith ACE Certified Personal Trainer Silver Sneakers Instructor TRX Certified

    Sue J. discovered her athleticism when working out for general health revealed physical and mental strengths that were hitherto unknown to her. A bit of success at mountain running and a more athletic appearance along with easy weight control kept her motivated. Her passion for understanding the science and art behind fitness propelled a strong interest into a career, and now she enjoys guiding others in achieving their fitness, health and/or sports-related goals. Weight-training, circuit training, cardio, body-weight exercises and TRX Suspension Training are just some of the ways she goes about helping her clients in an individually-designed program. She

    has worked with every age group and with special populations, and leads classes in Group and Circuit Training. She is certified by the American Council on Exercise in Personal Training, and also has specialized training in Silver Sneakers Fitness and in TRX.

  • Reji Pollard B.S. Health & Human Performance with emphasis in Kinesiology NASM Certified Personal Trainer AFFA Certified Group Exercise Instructor CROSS FIT Certified Silver Sneakers Certified (Classic and Yoga)

    Reji has over 15 years experience within the fitness and massage industry. She has a diverse background that focuses on positive reinforcement and dedication to fitness for all ages and abilities. Reji has a strong commitment to her clients and enjoys experiencing the transformation toward their goals right along with them.

    Her education and passion will empower and foster a sustainable fitness path for all those that work with her!

  • Jordan Sondrup Rowse B.F.A. Dance Performance & Education ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    Jordan has over 25 years experience studying and teaching movement in its many forms, including jazz dance, hip hop, ballet, modern, African dance, Capoeira, Pilates, yoga and barre. She performed professionally with Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake City and with There in the Sunlight in Atlanta before turning her attention to health and fitness. She has been teaching group exercise classes for over 12 years and has taught for private studios, gyms and universities in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver and Utah. Her personal training philosophy focuses on efficiency of movement, longevity, flexibility and structural alignment with an emphasis in the Yoga, Pilates and Barre formats. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Weber State University as a dance major with an emphasis in

    dance performance and education, and approaches fitness training with the enthusiasm and precision of a dancer; continually focusing on proper technique and alignment. She especially enjoys working with individuals hoping to improve their flexibility and endurance. She loves helping people find different ways of moving, conditioning and challenging their bodies and believes you should always love what you do to stay in shape.

  • Sarah Ann Corkum B.A. Psychology and Theatre AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor Pilates Mat Instructor ACSM Certified Personal Trainer ACOG Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Specialist, Pelvic Floor/ Piston Science Foundation Certified Indoor Cycling, BOSU, XY, and StrongBoard Instructor

    Sarah Ann is an award-winning fitness professional who specializes in pregnancy

    and post-natal fitness (ACOG, AFAA). Her other specialties included Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Group Fitness Conditioning, Balance (BOSU and StrongBoard), and group fitness instruction. She has developed several fitness products, services, and programs to make fitness accessible for all individuals. Her personal fitness accomplishments include triathlons, half-marathons, and half-ironman events.

  • Jim Russell M.B.A. Marketing ACE and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance Certified Instructor Certified Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor Jim has extensive experience working with older adults of all fitness levels and health conditions. His greatest reward is to hear his clients tell him that their activities of daily living have improved, or that they no longer experience certain pains or stiffness. He also enjoys helping clients of all ages, in partnership with their medical professionals, who need or want therapeutic or orthopedic rehabilitation programs. Jim is certified as a Mind-Body Fitness Specialist, meaning that

    he is able to provide fitness programs using yoga, tai chi, and pilates, as well as traditional exercise forms. In addition to personal training and group fitness instruction, Jim was a professional swimming and diving coach for many years, coaching all levels and ages, helping the athletes perform to the best of their abilities.

  • Kenny Dean B.S. Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism ACE Certified Personal Trainer

    Kenny combines holistic inspiration with scientific insight to cultivate an ideal approach towards accomplishing clients goals. With training principles tailored to the individual, Kenny aims to bring out his clients motivation from within, believing that this is the optimal way to affect long term progress. Kenny has a sport-specific background in swimming and rowing however his boundless fitness journey really took off through his self-study to alleviate his own issues with back pain and improper movement patterns due to scoliosis. His training specialties include regaining functional movement patterns for those looking to feel more stable and balanced in order to enjoy a

    more active lifestyle, as well as strength and conditioning training for those looking to increase their lean muscle tissue and shed unwanted body fat. Kenny has experience training everyone from ambitious beginners to fitness models and athletes. He is inspired by and welcomes anyone seeking progress in their health and wellness.

  • Rita Bachman B.S. Business Administration ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (500 Hour Level Certification) Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor Silver Sneakers Classic & Silver Sneakers Yoga Certified Instructor

    Rita has been an American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2012 and has most recently earned her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Rita grew up as a ballet dancer and swimmer and after her two boys were born, renewed her interest in both indoor and outdoor fitness. She enjoys working with groups and

    individuals, empowering her clients and helping each to discover the strength, abilities and potential that lie within.

  • Bridgett Jenefor B.A. Business Administration AAAI/ISMA Master Personal Fitness Trainer AAAI/