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<ul><li><p>PeopleMaking IT Happen</p><p>Nav Gill020 3540 9434</p><p></p></li><li><p> WelcomeWhen we say our people are the key to our success, we really do mean it. This is why we work so hard to nd the right people for our business, and why we are so passionate about helping every individual reach their potential with us. For the people who work here, recruitment is not a job, nor is it just a career. It really is a passion, and it is a passion we aim to reward.</p><p>This desire to reach our potential has led to a huge investment in our technology, training, commission, career and professional plans of our sta. With the level of engagement we have for our business it has meant that our growth remains at an amazing level and we are delighted that it has all been done within the culture and values that are so important for us.</p><p>We ll any IT seat. But what exactly does that mean? </p><p>If theres one thing that businesses in every industry need, its talented IT sta. This is where we come in. Weve clocked up 14 years of experience as a specialist IT &amp; digital recruiter, meaning we know our stu. </p><p>Our recruitment oor is split into teams, dedicated to sourcing the best talent from the Networking &amp; Infrastructure, Development, Project Management &amp; Change Support worlds. Our unique relationship with Just IT Training and Apprenticeships gives us exclusive access to a unique talent pool of qualied candidates and alumni looking for their next career move.</p><p>From entry-level to senior roles up to 120k, permanent to contract, weve got it covered.</p><p>Just how did IT all start? </p><p>In 2002 Just IT Recruitment was set up to compliment the oering of Just IT Training by taking the training candidates into the workplace.</p><p>Both companies have subsequently grown and diversied, with Just IT Training becoming one of the biggest providers of training and apprenticeships in London.</p><p>Over the last 2 years, the Just IT Recruitment business has grown 3 new divisions, and is about to launch another one. It has quadrupled its sta headcount, grown sales by 40% annually and has become a market leader in training and developing our sta.</p><p>Our focus is to maintain our creativity and innovation in providing solutions for our customers through the development of a culture and values that ensures our people are given the freedom to make decisions that best suit the market they work in.</p><p>We are delighted that this innovative approach has been recognised by Great Place To Work awards for both Best Workplace and Excellence in Leadership </p><p>And now for the cheesy bit: for candidates and clients alike, our philosophy is the same. </p><p>Everyone at Just IT is dedicated to Making IT Happen.</p><p>Lee DempsterChief Operating Ocer</p></li><li><p> Our Mission Statement</p><p>To grow a protable, self-sustaining and creative recruitment business that is passionate and prepared to take risks. </p><p>We will be innovative in nding the right solutions for our customers, employees and community.</p><p> Lets Talk Culture A great company is nothing without a great culture. Our dedication to making ours the best it can be sets us apart from other workplaces. </p><p>Whether its our Tuesday morning alfresco meetings, famous bake-o competitions or beers in the oce on a Friday afternoon, we like to banish the monotony that can strike in oce environments and challenge ourselves to think of new, better, ways to work. </p><p>Even more importantly, weve built an environment in which our people feel comfortable suggesting innovations and voicing their ideas directly to senior management and our CEO. </p><p>Our focus is our people. We hire interesting, driven and happy people who want to contribute and engage with our company values. That's the secret to our success. </p><p>Want proof? Just talk to our sta. They gave us a 95% positivity rating in the independent Best Workplaces survey, with 100% of people in our regular internal survey saying they were happy or very happy at Just IT Recruitment. </p><p>Nav Gill, CertRPPeople Performance Manager, working at Just IT since 2010</p><p>My role at Just IT Recruitment is to hire, train and performance manage our sta. This includes working closely with new starters to make sure they are given all the support and training they need to succeed in their rst few months. </p><p>As a business, our goal is to attract, develop and retain the best people and provide a career to all those who share our values, culture and desire for excellence. It is my job and passion to make this goal a reality for the people who work here. </p><p>This means we are committed to investing in learning and development so our people can achieve their personal and professional goals. We provide structured 20 modular training, Friday Brown bag training sessions, one to one coaching as well as the opportunity to study for professional recruitment qualications.</p><p>Performing above expectation will lead to succession planning, whether that be progressing into a Senior Consultant, Team Leader, Recruitment Manager, Associate Director, Operations Director or even Managing Director. </p><p>If you put in the work, we truly believe that there are no limits to what you can achieve. </p><p>If you put in the work, there are no limits to what you can achieve</p></li><li><p> Career Path </p><p>As an expanding company with ambitious growth plans, Just IT Recruitment oers great opportunities for career development. We are actively looking for people with the potential to be our team leaders and senior managers of tomorrow and if this is your ambition, we will support you every step of the way. </p><p>Everything in the company is an open book. No matter whether your ambition is to be a Team Leader or the MD, you can see exactly what you have to do to get there. All the leaders at Just IT are working alongside you, so if its training, coaching or mentoring you need - we are always here to help!</p><p>Whatever your development plans, we invest in our people to help them be the best they can be. As well as regular internal training sessions to boost your skills, we will fund external courses for those who want to push their career with us even further. Our dedicated People Performance Manager will oversee your training plan and make sure your development remains a company priority.</p><p>Our team understand our company values and the intricacies of how each part of our business works together, as such we always prefer to promote internally.</p><p>Aaron KellyWorking at Just IT since 2012</p><p>I started my Just IT career over on the Apprenticeships team, but when I reached a point where I was too comfortable with what I was doing I knew I needed a new challenge. The hard bit was leaving my team, but luckily I only moved down the corridor. During the change over to Recruitment I was constantly supported and it felt like a natural progression. Lee recognised that I'd be good for the Senior Development team and now a year on I'm about to take the next step up to Team Leader. </p><p>In recruitment it's important that you strive to be the best you can be, if you don't you'll get left behind. Here we're encouraged to chase our own progression. You can move up the ranks if you have the drive. I like that there's no set timelines for promotion, no one says 'in six months you can do this', you just put in your all and the responsibility and rewards naturally ow. You build a career development plan with your manager and it's very much in your hands - you're encouraged to voice when you think you're ready for the next step. </p><p>You build a career development plan and its very much in your own hands</p></li><li><p>Joel NeedlestoneWorking at Just IT since 2012</p><p>I denitely feel rewarded for my work. If youre ready to perform and hit your targets youll be treated with a high level of respect here. This isnt a company for people who want to sit at their desk and twiddle their thumbs. </p><p>We work hard and were rewarded for that. We celebrate our successes as often as we can being taken out for lunch or even to industry award ceremonies. </p><p>The smaller, fun, rewards start straight away. Theres always a buzz on Fridays with beers in the oce, and quarterly events are paid for by the company. Well often nip to the pub for a celebratory drink, and Ive clocked up a collection of about 8 champagne bottles that Ive been given for various achievements. </p><p>Of course there are targets to hit, but you set them with your manager so theyre realistic and achievable. My role has continuously progressed, and I've felt consistently rewarded at every step of the way. When I started at Just IT I had never worked in Sales before. With the support I have been given I am now consistently the top billing consultant in the company. </p><p> Employee Benets</p><p>We are a company which celebrates hardwork and success. so if you have the drive youll start reaping the rewards in no time. As well as uncapped commission, there are a host of other prizes available including; champagne on your rst placement or any 10k week, top biller and most valuable person quarterly lunches, and weekly competition and performance prizes. </p><p>Weve also worked hard on our benets package to create a fair system that has a something for everyone. </p><p>Here is just a sample.</p><p>- Keep yourself t and healthy with 50% o gym membership- Shape the companys social and charity initiatives by joining The Network- Go on company-supported quarterly social events and adventures- Boost your professional development with funded external training courses- Make a dierence with paid days o to support charities or half days to give blood- Interest-free season-ticket travel loan- Sco free fruit and drinks, with beers on your desk on Fridays- Pension scheme, private healthcare and eye-care vouchers</p><p>Theres plenty of other perks youll take advantage of as we continue to develop our benets and reward packages around our team.</p><p>We work hard and were rewarded for that. We celebrate our successes</p></li><li><p>Alex PorterWorking at Just IT since 2012</p><p>The key to enjoying your job is having a laugh where you work, and we denitely have some good banter. At other jobs Ive found it gets to the end of the day and you just want to escape and go home, but here you nd that you want to spend time with your colleagues after a day at work.</p><p>The company is generous when it comes to the social side. At the end of each month we celebrate our hard work, whether thats just a trip to the pub or something a bit more hands on. Quarterly well do something bigger, like Ping Pong tournaments or summer boat parties paid for by the company. These events are great because you get to socialise with people from across the business that you don't see on a day to day basis. </p><p>Its not all about the drinking though, well go out for lunch as a team or even to things like paintball. Everyone's sociable and friendly, so it's easy to t in. We have a laugh here. A sense of humour goes a long way. To t in you need to be open to making new friends. We certainly have a mix of personalities and that's why we work so well. It doesnt matter how weird and wonderful you are, you will be accepted.</p><p> Getting Social </p><p>From paintball to picnics, we like to get social as often as we can. Theres always a buzz in the oce and on Fridays (and many other days) there is usually something going on after work - whether a weekday trip to the gym, drinks out, or one of our many scheduled events like our charity poker nights. Quarterly we descend upon an external venue to enjoy a company presentation like no other. Were talking treats, surprises and a hilarious celebration of the quarters accomplishments. </p><p>If tness is more your thing, then you can don our kit and join the Just IT football team. Not into footie? We're always open to starting new sports clubs and initiatives. Whether it's a big or small win, we celebrate our successes in style, and know that the key to any thriving company is happy sta. </p><p>It doesnt matter how weird and wonderful you are, you will be accepted</p></li></ul>