next steps @ trga next steps @ trga your weekly careers news! 8th january 2018 next steps @ trga is

Next Steps @ TRGA Next Steps @ TRGA Your weekly Careers news! 8th January 2018 Next Steps @ TRGA is
Next Steps @ TRGA Next Steps @ TRGA Your weekly Careers news! 8th January 2018 Next Steps @ TRGA is
Download Next Steps @ TRGA Next Steps @ TRGA Your weekly Careers news! 8th January 2018 Next Steps @ TRGA is

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  • Next Steps @ TRGA

    Your weekly Careers news! 8th January 2018

    Next Steps @ TRGA is a weekly newsletter which aims to provide students at TRGA with useful careers

    information, advice and ideas for the future – stay tuned for more tips and information next week!

    “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

    Monday Morning inspiration:

    “If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”

    Tony Gaskins

    I want to know more about…

    Got a job or career area you’d like to

    find out more about that we haven’t

    featured in the newsletter yet?

    Let us know by coming and

    speaking to Mr. Webb in the

    Careers Room!

    Need some support with

    your future plans?

    Speak to your Careers Adviser!

    You can find Mr. Webb in the Careers

    Room (203) on the 2nd floor at breaks or

    lunchtimes if you have any questions!


    For more info on Politics,

    check out these links:




    Each week, we will be pulling back the curtain on a different career area that

    you may not have thought about previously, providing information about the

    potential jobs you can do in this career area, what type of activities you might

    do, how much you might get paid and what qualifications or skills you might

    need to get started.

    This week – Politics

    Career of the week

    What jobs can I do?

    MPs earn £74,000 per year plus expenses and more if they have

    a role with extra responsibility, such as a cabinet minister or the

    Prime Minister. Other roles vary depending on the employer, so

    doing your own research is important!

    What would I do?

     MP

     Civil Servant

     Library Clerk

     Political Researcher

     Journalist

     Special Adviser

     Local Government Officer

     Politician’s Assistant

    Did you


    Although it is useful,

    you do not have to

    go to university to

    become an MP!

    (the minimum age is

    now only 18)

    Central Government:

    Working within parliament to help raise the concerns of local people in

    your constituency (the area of the country you represent), create new

    laws and debate important issues with other politicians.

    Local Government:

    Helping to develop and enforce local council policies and making sure

    that local services, such as Housing, Healthcare, Transportation,

    Education and Tourism are delivered to local people effectively.

    Other roles:

    There are many other ways individuals can get involved in Politics,

    from writing for newspapers/websites and taking opinion surveys from

    the public to working with employers to advise politicians about laws.

    How much would I get paid?

    What qualifications or skills do I need?

    If you want to see

    what sort of jobs

    related to Politics

    are out there right

    now, check out the

    w4mp website!



    To work in Politics, you could:

     Undertake a degree in Politics/International Relations at university to gain

    a better understanding of political theory

     Apply for a work-based apprenticeship scheme, such as the Civil Service

    Fast Track -


     Gain political work experience by campaigning in local elections as a

    volunteer or getting a job with your local government office

    To work in Politics, it is important to:

     Have a passion for and awareness of the issues that affect society

     Be adaptable and open to doing a variety of different job roles

     Build positive relationships with a variety of different people

     Have excellent written and verbal communication skills

     Be able to show initiative and creativity to generate ideas/solutions

  • Careers-related news from TRGA and the local area!

    Leeds City College: 27th January (10:00-13:00)

    / 28th March (16:00-19:00) / 12th May (10:00-13:00)

    UTC Leeds: 17th January (18:00-19:30)

    Leeds College of Building: 8th February (17:00-19:00)

    / 15th March (17:00-19:00) / 12th May (10:00-13:00)

    / 4th July (17:00-19:00) / 25th July (10:00-16:00)

    Leeds Arts University: 19th May (11:00 and 12:00)

    / 31st Jan + 14th March (18:30)

    Speak to Mr. Webb if you are interested in attending!

    Keeping it local! Stay up-to-date with some of the education, training and work

    opportunities in the Leeds City Region:

    There are lots of different

    qualifications and courses

    available at schools and

    colleges around the local area,

    from A-levels to vocational

    qualifications like BTECs!

    You can also visit some

    of these websites for

    more information… Apprenticeships involve training in an

    industry while working for an employer

    – this could be in anything from Animal

    Care to Law! As well as getting paid for

    the work they do, apprentices also

    complete a qualification with a college

    or training provider and can be a good

    option for students who don’t want to

    stay in full-time education after 16!

    You can also visit some of these

    websites for more information…

    Volunteering is a great way to

    gain work experience in lots of

    different environments – you may

    need to be 16+ or 18+ for some of

    the opportunities available but

    because you are giving your time

    for free, you can do this type of

    work experience whenever you

    have the time to commit!

    You can also visit some

    of these websites for

    more information…

    Getting a part-time job can

    help you to develop

    valuable work skills, like

    Communication, Problem

    Solving and Motivation and

    also help you earn money!

    You can also visit some of these

    websites for more information…

    Year 10 - Open Days 2018

    Careers Correspondent Competition 2018

    The Leeds City Region LEP have teamed up with

    TopicUK magazine to offer students in Year 8 and Year

    9 the opportunity to have their writing published

    across West Yorkshire!

    Students need to write a 400-word article about a job

    or career area they are interested in, including

    researching facts about the job or career pathway and

    potentially even photographs or comments from

    someone they know who already does that job!

    The closing date is Saturday 20th January, so come

    and see Mr. Webb before then if you are interested!