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  • 1. Reaper Editing To edit all of the footage together I used a very simple and effective piece of software called Reaper. Reaper only edits sound footage, so there is no editing for videos. It is very simple to navigate once you receive simple guidance and help about the software. At the top we can see all of the footage that I have gathered. Here you can drag the footage to a specific timeline for it to start playing. By dragging the side of your footage you can manipulate where you want your footage to start. For example, if your footage is 0:30 long you can edit the footage for it to start at 0:15, you can do that by trimming down your footage.

2. Here we can see the theme song footage that I used for my radio advert. I wanted the effect that when the female voice over was speaking, you could hear her TV playing in the background. I did this by editing the volume of the theme song. Whenever the female voice over was speaking I simply lowered down the volume, as you can see from the dips of the green line on the image above. The green line represents the overall volume of the footage. By lowering it up or down, you can edit how loud or quiet you want the footage to be.