editing, mis-en-scene & cine analysis of music advert and digi-pack

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Cinematography, mis-en-scene & editing analysis

Cinematography, mis-en-scene & editing analysisDigi-pack and music advert

Music advert analysis

Cinematography:The cinematography I used on my music advert is a medium-close up shot of my artist this is effective because it reinforces the pop genre. It makes my artists facial expressions and lower body visible which is conventional as artists in existing products often use medium-close up shots to emphasise certain aspects of the body.

Mis-en-scene:The image I used makes it difficult to see the costume worn by my artist. But I decided to put my artist in a bright orange top which is conventional of the pop genre because it is bright and dramatic. Also her hair is bright blonde which is usually expected by female artists and also she is wearing heavy makeup which draws attention to her face and the expressions she is creating.

Editing of music advert

When editing this image I used the clone tool on Photoshop. This made my image oval shaped, I also turned up the exposure and contrast on the image to make it bright.

I used the magic wand tool to remove the background from the images and text. It is typical of music adverts to advertise the social media sites the artist appears on.

I used a star rating on my poster because this is conventional of the pop genre and music adverts in general because adverts are used to persuade an audience to buy the product.

I included a date in the editing process, I added this at the end because it reflects when the new album is going to be released this is a music advert convention.

I edited all the words on to my poster using Photoshop and Dafont and removed the backgrounds. Using bold fonts is typical of pop genre.

Digi-pack analysis

Cinematography:In both images here like my advert theyre medium-close ups which are conventional of pop genre because they allow audiences to see the artists costume and expressions. It is conventional because medium-close ups are a popular choice of shot for images.Mis-en-scene:The mis-en-scene used here is the same as the rest of the images because my artist wore the same clothing. A bright orange top, and bright makeup. This is conventional because it is dramatic and draws attention to the artist.

Editing analysis/digipack

When editing all the cartoon images on to my digi-pack I used the same principle of using the magic wand too on Photoshop to remove the backgrounds. I believe this is conventional of the pop genre because it is bright and dramatic but eyecatching.

I also edited all the wording on my digi-pack using the clone stamp tool and magic wand tool also shape tool to make sure all my wording is the same and creates continuity. My writing is like imagery and reinforces my genre and is conventional because the same use of lettering and fonts are the same.

I edited my cds by their selves in turn. I used the black colour which creates continuity with my music video. The colours are contrasted and reinforce the pop genre. It is bright with dark colours, so it goes with my music video but still doesnt forget the pop genre.