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  • 1.Nanofluids: Advanced Flow and Heat Transfer Fluids Resistively Heated Crucible LiquidCooling SystemDeionized water prior to Oil prior to (left) and(left) and after (right)after (ri ht) evaporation gdispersion of Al2O3of Cu nanoparticlesnanoparticles Prof. M. Kostic Mechanical Engineering NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY1

2. Wet-Nanotechnology:nanofluidsat NIUin collaboration with ANL 2 3. First NIU Nanofluids 3 4. Dry- vs. Wet-nanotechnology Fluids (gases & liquids) vs. Solidsin Nature and (Chemical & Bio) Industry More degree of freedoms more opportunities(also more challenges) Nanofluids: nanoparticles in base fluids* Understanding nano-scale particle-fluid interactions in physical-, chemical-, and bio-processes, and engineering new/enhanced functional products Directed self-assembly:* starts from suspension of nanoparticles in fluids* ends with advanced sensors and actuators, devices,systems, and processes Synergy of dry-nanotechnology (solid-state) & wet-nanotechnology (POLY-nanofluids) 4 5. Nanofluids:Suspensions of nanoparticles in base fluidsSize does matter: unique transport properties,different from conventional suspensions:do not settle under gravity, do not block flow, etc Enhancing functions and properties bycombining and controlling interactions Combining different nanoparticles (structure,size) in different base-fluids with additives Controlling interactions using different mixingmethods and thermal-, flow-, catalyst-, and otherfield-conditions5 6. Wet-Nanotechnology: nanofluids applicationsAdvanced, hybrid nanofluids: Heat-transfer nanofluids (ANL & NIU) Tribological nanofluids (NIU) Surfactant and Coating nanofluids Chemical nanofluids Process/Extraction nanofluids Environmental (pollution cleaning) nanofluids Bio- and Pharmaceutical-nanofluids Medical nanofluids (drug delivery and functional tissue-cell interaction)6 7. NIU- nanofluidsDevelopment of advanced hybrid nanofluids:POLY-nanofluids (Polymer-nanofluids) andDR-nanofluids (Drag-Reduction-nanofluids) Development of Heat-transfer nanofluidsCollaboration with ANL and NSF ProposalRelated Invention/Patent Application pendingCoherent X-ray Scattering Dynamic Characterization Development of Tribological nanofluidsCenter for Tribology and Coating (CTC) ProjectMore at: Search>nanofluids7 8. Acknowledgment and Thanks:This presentation is in part based on the above Presentationby Dr. Steven U.S. Choi, Energy Technology DivisionArgonne National Laboratory 8 9. Inter-Institutional Collaboration: Northern Illinois University: M. Kostic, Mechanical Engineering(Flow and Heat Transfer Characterization) L. Lurio, Physics (Structural Characterization) C.T. Lin, Chemistry (Interfacial/Surface Enhancers) ANL: Steven U.S. Choi, Energy Technology(Nanofluid Pioneer Researcher) John Hull, TEM Manager, Energy Technology Wenhua Yu, Energy Technology 9 10. Background Need for Advanced Flow and Heat-TransferFluids and Other Critical Applications Concept of Nanofluids Materials for Nanoparticles and Base Fluids Methods for ProducingNanoparticles/Nanofluids Characterization of Nanoparticles andNanofluids Thermo-Physical Properties Flow and Heat-Transfer Characterization10 11. Advanced Flow and Heat-TransferChallenges The heat rejection requirements are continually increasing due totrends toward faster speeds (in the multi-GHz range) and smallerfeatures (to