myfloridamarketplace roundtable february 19, 2003 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m

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MyFloridaMarketPlace Roundtable February 19, 2003 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

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MyFloridaMarketPlace Roundtable February 19, 2003 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Slide 2 2 Welcome Contracts Management Overview Workflow Future Topics CRP Requirements Status 2/19 Roundtable Agenda Slide 3 3 Is a tool against which to execute Purchase Orders with negotiated contract prices Enables the management of purchase contracts across the agency and state Supports management of flat and tiered pricing discounts at a supplier, commodity, or item level Supports key decision support metrics such as contract usage and balances, contract profiles, and compliance Automates enforcement of contract pricing during purchase ordering Automates renewal support including time and value-based notifications Contract Management Slide 4 4 Is NOT a tool to author or develop contracts internally Is NOT a workflow tool to collaborate with vendors to develop contracts Is NOT a tool to scan/create images of contracts, but does allow for attachments Is NOT a contract comparison tool Is NOT a contract checklist Contract Management is Not Slide 5 5 Welcome Contracts Management Overview Workflow Future Topics CRP Requirements Status 2/19 Roundtable Agenda Slide 6 6 Workflow What is workflow? Goals for Workflow Design Workflow Basics Management Chain Roles and Permissions Sample Workflows Next Steps Slide 7 7 What is Workflow? Workflows reflect the approval processes necessary to complete requisitions/purchase orders, receipts, and invoices The workflow for any given purchasing document is driven by two factors: Agency workflow decisions Management Chain - System data/settings of the relevant users User data and settings will be discussed in greater detail in a future meeting We have documented standard approval processes based on Florida purchasing rules, and have created workflow templates that can be customized to meet individual agency needs Slide 8 8 Goals for Workflow Design An effective workflow should: Meet the business needs of the agency by allowing the appropriate parties to approve procurement documents Increase the functional efficiency of the procurement process by reducing unnecessary steps in the approval chain Minimize the time elapsed between creation of a requisition and receipt of goods, matching, and payment Your agency can use this opportunity to streamline your business processes and incorporate best procurement practices into your MyFloridaMarketPlace workflows Slide 9 9 MyFloridaMarketPlace workflows are system generated, and can also be supplemented with manually-added approvers on a requisition by requisition basis Approvals can be: Serial - Parallel - Combination - Approvers can be from different agencies (e.g. DMS, DFS, AG, etc.) Workflow Basics Slide 10 10 Workflow Details Add Approver - Requestors or approvers can add other system users to the approval flow of any purchasing document Approvers can be mandatory or optional (watchers) Users can delegate their authority to other system users, to take place either immediately or in the future Requestors can create requisitions of behalf of other system requestors within their agency System users who have adequate security clearance can view the approval flow of a requisition and see where it is along the chain Slide 11 11 Workflow Management Chain The management chain consists of two pieces of data, which are required for all system users: a system supervisor (next person in the approval chain) a $ authority for approving requisitions (called a management level) If a requestor doesnt have the authority to approve the requisition, it will be routed to their system supervisor for approval. A requisition will continue through the management chain until it has been approved by a user with a management level higher than the value of the requisition, at which time it continue on the rest of the workflow. Slide 12 12 Roles determine a users authority Roles describe users by functional area within the procurement process Permissions are assigned to roles Permissions describe specific functionality in the system Permissions control access to parts of the system and access to system data Roles and permissions provide security by allowing a system user to see/do only what their job requires Workflow Roles and Permissions Slide 13 13 Each user in the system needs at least one role (e.g. Approver) Users can have multiple roles One role may have many permissions Workflow Roles and Permissions Slide 14 14 Workflow Mapping Permissions to Roles What eProcurement functions can users perform? Sample Only Slide 15 15 Workflow Assigning Roles for System Users Sample Only Slide 16 16 Workflow Types of Approvals Deputy Secretary approves all requisitions over $25,000 CIO approves all technology purchases (IRR) Fixed Capital Outlay CSA Finance and Accounting and Purchasing office has approval on all requisitions Comptroller approves all leases over Category 2. DFS approves all payment requests >$1000 1. Management Levels 2. Special (Commodity Code) 3. Administrative4. Inter-Agency Primary Drivers: Division, $ amount Primary Drivers: agency-wide requirements Primary Drivers: type of item requested Primary Drivers: statewide purchasing rules, item requested, $ threshold Slide 17 17 Workflow Examples of Inter-Agency Approvals DFS Advanced Payments > Category 2 STO Voice related goods and services > Category 2 STO IT purchases over Category 2 STO Single source IT purchases above Category 4 DMS State Maintenance Office and Fleet Mgmt vehicle purchases outside of initial allocations DFS/Comptroller Leases on office equipment (e.g. copiers) DMS Insurance all insurance purchases DMS Facilities all construction/remodeling bids (except DOT and DOE) Slide 18 18 Workflow for Statewide or Agency Term Contract (Catalog) Purchases Examples: $400 worth of office supplies that are on term contract. $8000 in term contract computer equipment. Slide 19 19 Workflow for Open Market (Non-Contract) Purchases Examples: $450 worth of specialty fire equipment that isnt on term contract. $12,000 in digital video equipment that isnt on term contract. Slide 20 20 Workflow for Receiving Receiving Only goods will require a receipt Slide 21 21 Workflow for Invoice Matching & Exception Handling Slide 22 22 Project Team Timeline The agency workflow process will begin 2-5 months prior to your agency go-live date Your Agency Liaison will contact you to set up a time to discuss your workflows in that timeframe Slide 23 23 Agency Next Steps Compile list of internal and/or external special approvals Understand the approval flow needs of all divisions/offices as needed Dont miss opportunity to standardize and streamline your agencys workflow Be prepared to make decisions on how workflows will be used for your agency Slide 24 24 Welcome Contracts Management Overview Workflow Future Topics CRP Requirements Status 2/19 Roundtable Agenda Slide 25 25 Future CRP Topics Vendor Registration Integration with FLAIR Training Agency Technical Preparedness/Networking Agency Rollout Schedule User Acceptance Testing Security Administration Fee Reluctant Vendor Policy Changes to Policy/Rules Slide 26 26 Welcome Contracts Management Overview Workflow Future Topics CRP Requirements Status 2/19 Roundtable Agenda Slide 27 27 Questions?? Next Meeting: Tuesday, 2/25 10 a.m 12 a.m. DEP Twin Towers Building, Room 609