mirrored images photoshop cs5 tutorial

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Open your image into Photoshop

Crop it down so that you do not have any messy bits or objects partly poking in to your image these will look messy when reflected.

Duplicate your image so that you have 2 layers that are the same.

Go to Image and select Canvas Size make sure your icon box shows the below settings:

Click onto your top layer and select your move icon.

Click on the left hand edge of your image and drag your image to the right this will flip it so that you get the mirror image on the right hand size.

Now that you have your first mirror image, you need to merge your layers. Right click on your top layer, and select Merge Down. This will flatten your image back in to one layer

Duplicate your image again.

You need to enlarge your Canvas again, like you did before, but this time you need to enlarge it by height match the shown settings.

Once again, you are going to flip your top layer by using the move icon to click and drag your image into the white space.


Right click onto your top layer

HOLD DOWN THE ALT KEY and select Merge Visible

This will merge your image into one NEW layer so that your layer panel looks like this:

Go to edit transform rotate 90 CW. This will spin your new layer 90 degrees

You now need to crop your layer down so that you loose the extra bits on either side of your rotated image.

You can now adjust the blending mode of your top layer so that you can see information from the underneath layers.

I have used the lighten mode, but this may not be the best fit for your image click through the modes to see what looks the most effective and blends seamlessly.

Right click onto your top layer

HOLD DOWN ALT and select Merge Visible to create a new layer which shows your above image

Go to edit transform rotate

Along the top dialogue bar, click on the below icon and set the figure to 45.00 degrees. This will rotate your image by 45 degrees exactly. Click ok when done

Set the blending mode of this rotated layer to a mode that looks effective - I have used darken colour this time.

Repeat this alt, merge visible, rotate, blend mode process as many times as you need to create a dynamic and interesting image.

You can also add finishing touches by using your mask layers to adjust tones and colours like I have below.