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SXSW Interactive 2014 overview, digital trends and tech innovations.



SXSW Interactive 2014 overview, digital trends and tech innovations.

About SXSW

The world's leading music

industry event

Started in 1987

700 -> 2000 registrants

New directing talents,

ideas, filmmakers

Started in 1994

Breeding ground for new ideas

and creative technologies

Started in 1999

74 countries in 2014

~30 000 attendees

About SXSW

Key takeaways from SXSW film and music in 2014

Top premiers at SXSW Film Headline act by Lady Gaga at

SXSW Music

SXSW Interactive: whats happening

Sessions Networking events

Evening events

SXSW Accelerator

SXSW Gaming Expo

SXSW Trade Show

Digital creative job market




SXSW top learnings, trends, innovations

No new twitter

A crossroads for privacy

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks

Edward Snowden, NSA leaker Glenn Greenwald, journalist

Entrepreneurs and

marketers at SXSW were

discussing the best ways

to make money off their

users' data.

Meanwhile,Online talks from top online

privacy ambassadors with

request to create products

that help web users hide

their activity from prying


Companies are learning how to apply big data

Data is not enough -> large companies require

actionable insights, individualized data,

decision making driving data.

Future of big data is big data and clean data

Enhanced analytics, hyper personalized

customer service (Kindle's SOS Mayday

button), notification strategy (ESPN's app),

quick-glance status (Fuelband, FitBit) and

precise geo-location.

Startups remain red-hot and theyre not something people will lose interest in anytime soon

Wearable tech is Hot categories:- Sport

- Health

- Fashion

Forget Google Glass, its just a player in the game

Startup of SXSW 2014: Skully helmet

Top startup in health category: ThriveOn

Personalized online programs coached by experienced

professionals to strengthen your mental health.

The winner of the one minute pitch: Glyph by Avegant

People also talked about:

Nymi by BionymWearable solar by

Poline van Dongen

Top startup in entertainment and content: Waygo

Waygo is a service that enhances travel

experience by easily translating printed


With Waygo, you need to simply point your

smart-phone camera and translate images

instantly without a data connection.

Top startup in enterprise and big data category

Trustevs platform fights fraud on three fronts: social, behavioral and transactional.

Top social app:

Best Bootstraped Company: My Sensible Baby

Revolutionizing Infant Wearable Technology: monitor childs position, temperature, movement on smartphone or tablet

The most innovative company: The Eye Tribe

The acquisition spree to be continued

Top companies lookout for startupts who can

be addictive to their core business

Non-tech companies snapping up tech

companies: Stappes acquisition of Runa

Business intelligence: top brands at startup

village to learn about new technologies to

present back to the C-suite

Trade show stars: 3D printers

Digital vapor cigarettes*

3D printed chocolate candies

* Never say e-cigarette, its so 2013


Gaming comes of age

Microsoft: Xbox platform to own

the living room

South Park will launch a game

that's been three years in the


Assassin's Creed will soon be

brought to the big screen, starring

Michael Fassbender.Oculus Rift

Robots and the singularity once again

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will soon

overtake human intelligence

Early birds: Google's autonomous

vehicles to Amazon's commercial use of

drone technology for distribution.

They dovs.

we do

Comparison to Ukrainian digital processes

Digital marketing strategy is done just the same

Set business

objectivesCreate program

or campaignDeploy to


including social


and analyze

Optimize and improve

1 2 3 4

Digital marketing trend: personalized experience


(data mgmt platforms)


(real time







Real Time


Rise of mobile



Content marketing turns to content experience story

Experience eco system -> Consumer experience story -> 360-day a year

Mobile is 00s web-site

Mobile is not a new thing anymore.

Mashable claimed that no self-

respecting ad exec would be thinking

about Mobile at SXSW this year. Who's

interested in hearing about more

iPhone apps?

Mobile is the dominant screen now, and

so the assumption is that everyone will

be designing for Mobile first.

SMM seems to be hot only in Twitter

Hashtags. Use them creatively.

Thats all.

Short re-cap to remember

Startups are hot

Everyone wants to make millions with another breakthrough

technology. This industry really needs Steve Jobs

Wearables drive the market

Privacy is new problem to think about

Not everyone is sure there is a problem

Analytics big data -- is hot too

Nobody talks of social media and mobile

Nobody is interested in another mobile app. Everybody is interested

in consumer experience story where SMM and mobile is part of story

But content marketing, consumer experience story is really top interest

What else

Selfies IS a trend

People love to take photosPhoto can be sent to Fb, Twitter, or email

Most of times printed photo is given out as well

Gif photos are popular as hell

If you want to gather a crowd use memes

Seriously. Memes in any

implementation work 100%

As interactive installation

or as banner

SXSW learnings1. Ukraine is not so far behind global marketing trends, really. In terms of crisis

management in SMM we are even better Probably the only exceptions are mobile and wearables here the gap is the biggest.

2. As for SXSW:

Dont go alone

Plan schedule:

Either choose speakers

Or sessions with one speaker. Dual/trio conversations are mostly loss of


Meet people at networking events. Its ok to be awkward

Startupers most of times are ready to talk business. But be ready to stand in line.

Free meals A lot. Wow.

* To increase chances it is specifically recommended to attend SXSW Interactive


Thank you!