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Mad MartigansMayhem MiniaturesThe story of a family, as told by Terry Martigan. Redecorated per request of pleading, puppy-eyed narrator.

My first memories are of my fathers toy store. Mad Martigans Mayhem Toys, it was called. I knew I wasnt all that important from early on, but I did spend a lot of time with several different children, all answering to the name Phantasma.

The first clue I had that my family had a chance to survive the test of time and the boredom of the Great Plumbob was my younger sisters. Both of them were born in the shop, and spent their earliest years bringing in customers with the help of my dog, Vlad.

Vlad was a breeding dog. I think now that he may have been the most important one among the family. Between Vlad and my sisters Daisy and Delilah, I made it safely to my teen years. By luck of the draw, I met a young woman named Miri Hatfield. She was beautiful. She was of the Phantasma blood.

Miri and I went to college that winter. We rented a little house together and continued the romance from our early years. We kissed in the snow, made snow angels, and did all sorts of cute couples interactions in the snow.

I resolved that winter to do my best to give Miri, and the children I knew we both wanted, the same kind of home that both of us had grown up in. A home bustling with friendly faces, and endless shelves of fun things. A home over a shopa toy shop. Maybe even with a dog.

The year seemed to fly by. After winter came spring, and then summer. Miri and I got engaged, and I knew that graduation would bring a wedding and the little ones both of us longed for. There would be new challenges, and new struggles.

With fall came both celebration and preparation. We were getting married, and I had a down payment on the most perfect house I could find, with a large front room to sell toys out of and a nursery upstairs for the prospective little ones.

Graduation was a sweet taste of freedom and possibility. My party, with my family, was first; then Miris with hers. Both of us were ready to meet the world head-on and see what it had to offer.

We moved into the house over the shop; a shop we decided to call Visions of Sugarplums. Both house and shop were christened with a dinner party and the arrival of a small, furry gift; Callie, the daughter of my own beloved Vlad, a gift from Miris grandfather Erik.

Miri and I were married in the backyard of our home, and Miri Hatfield came to be known as Miri Martigan. The ceremony was only family, but what a family! It seems the both of us have quite a variety of relations.

Honeymoon in the Mountains!

Miri was soon carrying a child. Both of us were thrilled; as was her mother, who was eagerly awaiting a fifth (logically, not really chronologically) grandchild. I wondered, with Miris family history, if we might have twins, but decided not to dwell on it. The nursery was fitted out for one babyour precious first.

My daughter Julianna was born in the shop one evening in early fall. She has my pale skin and grey eyes, and her mothers brown hair. My perfect firstborn; always to have a special place in my heart through the challenges of an ever-growing family.

Julianna grew faster than I could believe, and was soon a charming young lady as much as an adorable baby. Her features seemed to fit well on her face; a trait that seems not always to bless the little ones. So many could be so beautiful with one eye a little more to the left, or a smaller nose.

Julianna learned fast, and I was already looking forward to the day that I could bring her down to the shop as more than just an advertisement for the toys. Such a pretty child would surely bring home lots of little friends, to buy toys and play with the dog.

Snow came with the winter, and the promise of another child. Business slowed down a little; Miri was too tired to help in the shop, I was often occupied with Julianna, and customers were scarce to come through the deep winter snow just to buy toys. Still, life was good.

Julianna grew into a charming child that winter, and my second daughter Carli was born on a morning of bright white sunlight on snow. To pay for the extra child while the snows continued, I took up a side job in law, promising myself to return to the shop when spring came.

This is where I myself shall make an appearance. Julianna was gorgeous, right up there with one Elizabeth Hatfield. Plans began formingtwas going to be an interesting spring for childhood bonding, if I had anything to do with it.

Project Carter had another child.

The nursery got a few improvements for my angelic oldest; a bed as well as the crib, and a desk for schoolwork. The nursery remains plenty large enough for two girls, and would take three without an issuesomething I hoped to discuss with Miri come spring.20

Birthday time for my littlest! Solid Carli landed in my arms in a heap of confetti, the same as Julianna had done, and every child in history born.

Colors make a difference. Julianna, with her ivory skin and grey eyes, pulls off the look my wife and I create with elegant grace. Carli, with her toasted skin and brown eyes, just doesnt have quite the same effect.

Carli did enjoy meeting Great-Grandma Faustina and Great-Grandfather Erik at her party, though.

That pup we got when the shop opened grew up, the same as my daughters. Cobie, loyal shop dog and protector of my precious little ones, purebred Shopwulf*, and daughter of my childhood companion Vlad.*Shopwulf being the official breed name of the large, white, fluffy, Samoyed-spin-offs that haunt the Sim-run businesses around the island.

Spring came in with a silent whisper of melting snow. Julianna, a bit stir-crazy from her winter in the nursery, was thrilled to be able to play outside for the first time in her short life without a heavy coat. (I bought her a lemonade stand to celebrate, and help promote the family shop).

Spring also brought the promise of a new member of the family. As much as I love my daughters, I do admit to hoping for a sonor maybe one with my auburn hair. Julianna and Carli were clearly HatfieldsI wanted a little Martigan.

Still, I didnt have the heart to be disappointed when my third daughter Emma was laid in my arms; another perfect, brunette Hatfield girl.

Carli grew into a child just in time; Emma needed the crib. Charming child; perfectly average beauty, creative the same as her sister and multitude of cousins. Unobtrusivea good middle child.

Emma grew up, as well. Just as darling as her sisters, but a bit unfortunate in the looks departmentmy facial structure apparently doesnt always mix well. Emma was still an adorable and precocious toddler.

Carli and Julianna continued to get on remarkably well into childhood. I had moved out before my young siblings had gotten up to much, but I heard horror stories from Miris various drop-by relatives of fights and rivalries that only got nastier as the little ones grew.

They grow up so fast; and my little Emma became a child on the same night that Julianna became a teenalso the same night I discovered that I had a fourth on the way. Emma and Carli also became fast friends.Not another word. Youve gone far enough. Spoilers, Terry, spoilers. Think of the children. Think of the readers!

The next chapter, Project Carter, is coming to a laptop screen near you. Sometime. Maybe next week. Hopefully sooner. Stay tuned!