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Magnetic MAYHEM . Magnetic madness- thinking questions . Question. W hat are magnets? What happens when two magnets are placed close together ? What are some of the materials that stick to magnets ? What are some of the materials that do not stick to magnets?. What to do? (method) . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Magnetic MAYHEM Magnetic madness- thinking questions Question.What are magnets?

What happens when two magnets are placed close together?

What are some of the materials that stick to magnets?

What are some of the materials that do not stick to magnets?

What to do? (method) In your buckets you will have a variety of materials, you are to required to test all of the materials and determine which ones are magnetic and which ones are not. You then are required to have manipulate the magnets that are in the box, do they always stick together? How to write an aim?? How to write an aim and equipment list? An aim-A sentence or two explaining why you are doing the experiment, it must include a verb such as to identify to observer to determine The aim must be written in third person, that is, there is to be no I or we

Equipment list- Includes all of the equipment or materials that you used if you used more than 1 of the same thing than you must state that, if you used liquids you must state how much of the liquid you used.Results MaterialMagnetic or non-magnetic? Paperclips Aluminium foil Blue tac Steel woolCoins Paper rubbercork MarblesStaples How to write a conclusion? The purpose of the conclusion is to briefly state what you did and what you observed. It is to be written in third person. E.g. This experiment was/was not successful because It was seen that Magnets part 2Using the bar magnets that are in your container, observe what the magnets are inscribed on the side of it?

If we told you that the other end of the magnet is labeled S what could that possibly stand for?

Try and push 2 Ns together. What happens? Try and push 2 Ss together. What happens?

Magnetic Poles- what are they? Magnets are stronger at their ends. These are known as poles. Just like earth, magnets have a north pole and a south pole. Two of the same poles will repel each other (push away) e.g. N with N and S with S. Two different poles will attract each other (pull together) i.e. N and S. Personal reflection..So year 7 think about what you learnt today? Are you able to answer all the questions that were asked at the beginning of the lesson? Write down your thoughts. summary of yesterdays lesson So after yesterdays lesson you should know:Not all materials are magnetic.Not all parts of magnets attract each other.N stands for the North pole and S stands for the South pole.We use the term poles NOT ends or directions. Unlike poles (N and S) attract each other and Stick.Like poles (N and N or S and S) repel each other, that is push away.Todays lesson Suggest reasons why you think magnets have the ability to repel and attract other magnets?

Magnetic fields experiment 1.Place bar magnet into plastic bag in tray2.Place piece of paper over magnet3. Pour iron filings on paper 4.Spread out iron filings on paper and draw observations5. Repeat 1-4 for horse shoe magnet

NOTE: Do NOT open the plastic bag with the magnets in them when you are using the iron fillings. The iron fillings are extremely difficult to remove when the iron filings are on them.

Pictures of magnetic fields

Magnetic fields in motion

Lets put on our thinking caps! Where else have you heard of the north and south pole?Why do you think that the earth have a poles and not ends or directions?

The earths magnetic field The Earth has a magnetic field that behaves a lot like a magnet. This is caused by the movement of the mantle of the earth. The earth has its own magnetic poles similar to the geographical north and south poles of the earth. Compasses. Compasses contain magnetic needles inside of them. The needle is free to spin and follows the magnetic field of the earth. This allows us to use them to determine which way the north direction is. Task: You will each be given a compass, you must use them to determine where north is.

Magnets in space. Magnets seem to have many good properties that make them very useful in space where there is no __________. Your task is to create an object or item which will help astronauts function while they are in space. You will be given sheets of paper and pencils or textas, you work in groups and present back to the class.

An example: Magnetic boots

Magnetic boots were created for astronauts tobe able to walk when in space.