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  • 1. Murder Mayhem Class 5 have been workingout who murdered Dougal. By Jay, Kasey

2. The Clues Dougal had enough time toleave some clues. We shaded the clues in andthey said. Help me, scarf too tight, cantbreathe, murderer is . 3. Microscope Dougal was strangled with a scarf. Dougal had some strands of the scarf. We looked at the strands through microscopes and then we had to identify which material it was. We got to choose 1 out of 5 materials most people thought it was C. 4. Hair We found one hair in his hand and we had to identify whosehair it was. Most people thought it was Jamies hair. 5. Finger Prints We found finger prints. We had to guess whosefinger print it was. Some people thought itwas Jamies finger prints,others thought it wasConrad 6. Arrested Jamie gets busted Everyone knows itsJamie so MrsMcRae arrested him 7. CPR Jamie does some CPR Dougle LIVES!