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This was one of my talks for goto; conference in Zurich When delivering mobile solutions, many people often try to bring a 1-to-1 mind-set of analytics to mobile from their desktop-web experiences; however, mobile is too young. Although not in its infancy, it's still much like the wild west. Before planting analytic hooks into our mobile applications we must understand the story first before mining for data — there's more besides just focusing on the physical limitations. This session will present 6 mobile metric categories that will help you make decisions on how to forecast what features to cut, expand or attract more attention with.


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2. MobileAnalyticsMaking sense from datayour users give youPresentation by:Vincent Baskerville | @whoisvince 3. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 4. realizeyour brand nationproveguide the business valuelisten engagethe conversationon existing networks to understandunderstand thetap into existingharness the power totransform the overall create an owned hubsocial customer social networksdrive business impact customer experiencevince baskerville | @whoisvince 5. realizeprove your brand nation enterprisesuitethe business value integrationguideemployee solutions participation the conversation KPI dashboards social marketingengage community social commerceon existing networks listenwidgets social support mobilesocial innovationto understand level upsocial media monitoring 6. questions &votevince baskerville | @whoisvince 7. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 8. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 9. web metrics hover entry / exit clicks page views above / below fold browsers heat maps operating systems page load network speed time on page ... etcvince baskerville | @whoisvince 10. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 11. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 12. understand the story 1st before mining for data Textvince baskerville | @whoisvince 13. whats so specialabout mobile over 1 billion smartphones in useworldwide it took us 16+ years to pass 1 billion, butonly 3 yrs to the next bill. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 14. whats so specialabout mobile 3.2 billion people (46% ofactive cell phonebillion) have *at-least* 1 population of 7 800 million without includefew zombiesunemployed, babies and aelderly, disabled,vince baskerville | @whoisvince 15. mobile web mobile app Session tracking done primarily through Session tracking done primarily through cookies & JavaScript UDID / adertisingIdentifier (iOS6)Measurement model centered around page Measurements focused more on deep views, referrals, search & visits engagements, nav funnels, up-chargesUnique visitors are tied to server IPCan track anonymous users 100% with addresses or loginsaccuracyThings get really, really complicated if usingcan break down per device; +/- for media queriesAndroid heavy fragmentation vince baskerville | @whoisvince 16. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 17. Its impossible to get real time data from a phone thats notalways on or in range of a cell tower vince baskerville | @whoisvince 18. Flurry.comvince baskerville | @whoisvince 19. ApplicationDelegate #import "Flurry.h"- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication*)application{ [Flurry startSession:@"YOUR_API_KEY"]; //your code} vince baskerville | @whoisvince 20. MixPanel.comvince baskerville | @whoisvince 21. how engagedare your users vince baskerville | @whoisvince 22. mobile metricscategories content biz funnels user behavior technical people / location elements / ui vince baskerville | @whoisvince 23. content screens ads unique visitors in-app purchases page / layout views funnels vince baskerville | @whoisvince 24. contentvince baskerville | @whoisvince 25. contentvince baskerville | @whoisvince 26. contentvince baskerville | @whoisvince 27. user behavior user paths frequency exits / bounce rate touch events vince baskerville | @whoisvince 28. user behaviorvince baskerville | @whoisvince 29. people / location new / active users geographic usage user segments session length demographicsvince baskerville | @whoisvince 30. people / location vince baskerville | @whoisvince 31. engagement frequency of visit duration depth of visit lifecycle metricsvince baskerville | @whoisvince 32. technical devices benchmarks carriers / speed version adoption errors / bugs os / firmware cross-app usagevince baskerville | @whoisvince 33. elements / ui a/b tests e-commerce cta conversionsvince baskerville | @whoisvince 34. 3 engagementload types Cognitive VisualMotorvince baskerville | @whoisvince 35. Cognitivein relation to thinkingand the users memory;high human energy &attentionvince baskerville | @whoisvince 36. Visualpertaining to the usersperceiving, noticing theui / ux flow vince baskerville | @whoisvince 37. Motorphysical actions; usingthe keyboard, scrolling,pinching, zooming, etc vince baskerville | @whoisvince 38. cognitive loads are the *mostexpensive* take lots of humanenergywhile motor loads are leastexpensivevince baskerville | @whoisvince 39. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 40. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 41. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 42. when you lower all the loads you are also lowering engagement andentertainment.vince baskerville | @whoisvince 43. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 44. AU REVOIRSTAYCLASSY