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So much info, so little time. Here's a quick breakdown of the most actionable insights from Content Marketing World 2014.


  • 1. Conference Overview Cleveland, Ohio - 2 days ofseminars Hosted by the Content MarketingInstitute 2500 attendees 33 companies with 7+ employees inattendance 36 Fortune 100 companiesrepresented

2. CMIResearchTakeawaysContent Marketing NEEDSstructure: a department, a processand a strategic plan that is writtendown.Great content marketers publishdaily or more frequently.Effective content marketers lookbeyond traffic and reach to visitorquality.Most effective content types: inperson events, webinars andvideos. 3. SPeople dont buy rawmeat, theyre inspiredto eat a steak.Our goal is to create moments of inspiration that trigger the urge to act. 4. SDont let the quest forengagement get in the wayof the ultimate goal asale.More isnt always better qualified is better. 5. SContent Marketing isnot Facebook.Period. 6. If you wont put moneybehind it, why do it?If youre content isnt good enough to be worthy of paid promotion, its not goodSenough. 7. SPersonalization is thekey to successfulcontent marketing.Its not genuine if its not personalized. 8. To create video on abudget, partner with thepeople already making theSvideos.REI partners with existing ski video creators to generate ski season content. 9. Let other people write yourSblog for you.The new corporate blog is a compilation of influencer content. 10. SIdeal content mix =65% original25% curated10% syndicated. 11. Your analytics are wrong.Facebook and Google Analytics usually dont agree, which means someone isSwrong. 12. 22 million page views per year1.13 page views per session27 seconds = avg. time on site (2 second sound byte) 13. SDont let data get in theway of good.Content is not a direct sales tool. 14. The best content marketersSare journalists at heart.The agency mindset is what does the client want to say, the journalist mindsetis what does the customer what to know. 15. SStrong attachments areformulated in the same part ofthe brain that processesemptions.Brand attachment has a high correlation to sales. 16. Facebook fans convert athigher rates than non-fanseven with the same targeting.SIts still valuable to have Facebook fans. 17. On Facebook you are interruptingSbabies and cat videos. OnLinkedIn and SlideShare peopleare seeking out business content. 18. SAdminister a group onLinkedIn to better engage withprospects. 19. On brand does not mean allSthe same.When it comes to content, brand standards should be treated as guidelines notrules. 20. Actionable ItemsCreate a strategic content marketing planand write it down.Gate coupons, giveaways and high valuecontent with email and preference info andstart creating buyer personas.Use retargeting and paid advertisingchannels to push relevant content to yourdifferent buyer personas.Scale company blogs by engaging industryinfluencers to blog for you.Repurpose existing content by slicing anddicing into smaller segments.Add UTM tags to all content links.Administer an industry group on LinkedIn,in addition to your brand page.Add your Twitter handle to business cards.