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The official festival guide to Kent CAMRA's summer event. Contains beer and cider lists.


<ul><li><p>Follow us on: CAMRA Kent Beer Festival @CAMRA_KBF</p></li><li><p>41st Kent Beer Festival 3</p><p>A very warm welcome to The Kent Beer Festival2015. The UKs second oldest CAMRA beerfestival this year is our 41st year and if last years40th anniversary celebrations are anything to goby, Im hoping that I can continue Gill Keaysfantastic work in keeping the Kent Beer Festivalas good as ever.</p><p>We have our usual mix of great ales and cideralong with fantastic food and great entertainment.Our feature bar this year is The dark and fruitybar. As the name suggests I have attempted tosource a wide variety of dark milds, porters andstouts along with beer with added flavours. Thishad been done following feedback from previousyears, so I hope the range will be just the rightmix. If these beers are not to your preferencethen there are plenty of others to tempt you onour Kent bar (only beers sourced from the 32different Kent breweries) or from the Long barat the end of the barn, which has beers from allover the UK. Couple this with our fantastic Kentcider bar and our Foreign beer bar and this willgive you an unrivalled choice. Hopefully you willfind something new and interesting.I would like to thank all the volunteer staff fortheir support and assistance with helping me to</p><p>run this festival, as without them there would beno festival. This goes for the organisingcommittee and the sponsors as well.</p><p>Finally, a huge thank you to you! Our beer/ciderloving festival goers! I hope the 2015 festivalmeets and exceeds your expectations, and thatyou will come back again for many years to come.</p><p>One sad piece of news is that this year we markthe passing of one of our most avid supportersand volunteers, Colin Soane. Colin worked onthe Kent bar as cellar man for many years andalways carried out his role without fuss and withgreat humour. He will be very sadly missed by usall. If you knew Colin then please join with us inraising a glass in his memory.</p><p>Acknowledgements Thanks to Molly Clelandfor the Logo design and NattyMItchphotography for the photos used of last yearsfestival.</p><p>Andy MitchellFestival Organiser</p><p>Welcome</p><p>to the 41st Kent Beer festival</p></li><li><p>Thursday July 23rd6.30pm to 8.15pmBreezersBlues BandBlues</p><p>9.15-11.00pmThe Fabulous GrandadsCovers</p><p>Friday July 24th6.45-8.45pmGypskazz Folk, Gypsy, Scar</p><p>9.15pm to 11.00pmLost inMusic Covers party band</p><p>Saturday July 25th12.30pm - 2pmStringendo String quartet</p><p>2pm - 5pmJuggle It All Childrens Entertainment </p><p>2.15pm to 3pm &amp; 3.45pm to 4.30pmGreen Diesel Folk Rock</p><p>5 to 7pmLandslide Country &amp; Western</p><p>7.15 to 9.00pmStraight Eight Jazz</p><p>4 41st Kent Beer Festival</p><p>Festival Entertainment</p><p>Thursday 23rd July18.30 - 23.005 (pay on the door or online)</p><p>Friday 24th July12.00 - 16.00 Free Entry 18.30 - 23.00 8.00 (advance tickets only) </p><p>Saturday 25th July12.00 - 21.00 5 (pay on the door)</p><p>Admission Times &amp; prices</p></li><li><p>The terms beer, lager, ale and bitter are oftenconfused. To help you understand what theyactually mean and how varieties of beer differfrom one another, we have described how beer isproduced and the ingredients used.</p><p>Water, grain, yeast and hopsWater is the main component of beer. Itnaturally contains dissolved salts that can affect abeers flavour: Soft London water makes goodstouts and the sulphur-rich waters of Burtonupon Trent are ideal for bitters.</p><p>The usual grain for brewing is malted barley.Malting involves allowing the grain to just beginto germinate, starting the process of convertingthe starch into sugar. The germination isstopped by heat. By changing the temperatureand duration of the heat, a maltster can producelight malts, medium-dark malts with caramelflavour, or dark roasted malts. Other grains canbe used, such as wheat, oats, rye or rice.Variation in the grains and malts used will alterthe colour and flavour of the finished beer.</p><p>Yeast is a single-celled organism that convertssugar to ethanol and carbon dioxide gas. In realale, this fermentation is the only source of gas inthe beer. The strain of yeast used can alsoinfluence the beers flavour profile, and manybreweries will guard their particular strain ofyeast carefully.</p><p>Hops are the flowers of a climbing plant and areused in almost all beers made today. They</p><p>provide both bitterness and flavour. There aredozens of varieties of hops and the way they areused contributes to the beer's flavour.</p><p>What is the difference between ale,beer and lager?These days, beer can refer to any style of ale or lager. In the past, ale meant a brew without hops,and beer one with hops. Now that hops arealmost universal, ale generally refers to beerproduced by 'top fermentation'. This isfermentation with a yeast that floats on top of theliquid, at temperatures up to 22C this createsthe rich variety of flavours. After primaryfermentation, the ale undergoes a slow secondaryfermentation in a cask. As it matures, the beerdevelops its flavour and a light natural carbonation. </p><p>Lager is produced by bottom fermentation at lowertemperatures (614C). It is then stored for severalweeks or months at close to freezing, during whichtime the lager matures. Most mass-produced UKlagers are matured for very short periods.</p><p>What is real ale?Real ale is a beer brewed from traditionalingredients (malted barley, hops, water andyeast), matured by secondary fermentation inthe container from which it is dispensed, andserved without the use of extraneous carbondioxide gas.</p><p>Real ale should be served at cellar temperature(1114C), so the flavour of the beer can be best</p><p>6 41st Kent Beer Festival</p><p>What is</p></li><li><p>appreciated. You can recognise real ale in a pubas it is usually served using a handpump,although a number of pubs sell the beer straightfrom the cask using nothing but gravity as atthis festival.</p><p>Real ale is also known as cask conditioned beer,real cask ale, real beer and naturally conditionedbeer. The term real ale and the above definitionwere coined by CAMRA in the early 1970s.</p><p>What is the difference between realale and keg beer?Keg beer undergoes the same primaryfermentation as real ale but after that stage it isfiltered and/or pasteurised. No furtherconditioning takes place. The beer lacks anynatural carbonation that would have beenproduced by the secondary fermentation and socarbon dioxide has to be added artificially. Thiscan lead to an overly gassy product.</p><p>What is craft beer?There is no definition of craft beer. Generally itimplies a beer from a smaller brewery with anemphasis on flavour, rather than a bland mass-market product. Craft beer has its origins in theUS microbrewery world our foreign beer barhas some fine examples from that side of theAtlantic. Many real ales are craft beer. </p><p>What are bitter, mild, stout and porter?Ale style beers can be broken down further intovarious styles, although many beers are hard tofit into one of these categories. Weve chosen afew examples for each style.</p><p>Milds are not very bitter and may be dark orlight. Although generally of a lower strength(less than 4%) they can also be strong. Flavourcomes from the malt so there is often a littlesweetness.</p><p>Bitter is the most common beer style. Usuallybrown, tawny, copper or amber coloured, withmedium to strong bitterness. Light to medium</p><p>malt character may be present. Bitters arenormally up to 4% alcohol, whereas best bittersare above 4%.</p><p>Golden ales are a relative newcomer, havingfirst appeared in the 1980s. These are paleamber, gold, yellow or straw coloured beers withlight to strong bitterness and a strong hopcharacter that creates a refreshing taste. Thestrength is generally less than 5.5%.</p><p>India pale ale (IPA) originally appeared in theearly 19th century, and has enjoyed a resurgencein the past few years. First brewed in Londonand Burton upon Trent for the colonial market,IPAs were strong in alcohol and high in hops.So-called IPAs with strengths of around 3.5% arenot true IPAs. Look for juicy malt, citrus fruitand a big spicy, peppery bitter hop character,with strengths of 5% to much more. The recentappearance of Black IPAs has confused many,since they are definitely not pale.</p><p>Porters and stouts are complex in flavour andtypically black or dark brown. The darknesscomes from the use of dark malts. These fullbodied beers generally have a pronounced bitterfinish. Historically a stout would have been anystronger beer, but the term evolved to mean astrong porter beer. In modern usage, the twoterms are used almost interchangeably, althoughstouts tend to have a roast character and be lesssweet than porters. They are usually 48% instrength.</p><p>Barley wines range in colour from copper totawny and dark brown. They may have a highsweetness due to residual sugars although somebarley wines are fermented right out to give a dryfinish. They have an almost vinous appearance inthe glass and may have a strength of up to 12%.The fruity characteristics are balanced by amedium to assertive bitterness.</p><p>What is beer?</p><p>41st Kent Beer Festival 7</p></li><li><p>8 41st Kent Beer Festival</p><p>Dark &amp; Fruity BarKey for beer colour : Golden Pale Brown Dark </p><p>Bexley Brewery ErithBlack Prince Porter 4.6%</p><p>A rich dark ale with roasted vanilla aroma andchocolate /coffee flavours</p><p>Binghams BerkshireGinger Doodle Stout 5.0%</p><p>A rich dark stout infused with root ginger</p><p>Hot Dog chilli Stout 5.0%A rich dark stout with accompanied with the warmafterglow of chilli</p><p>Coffee Stout 5.0%Coffee compliment this rich stout to give a tasty mellowbeer </p><p>Bristol Beer Factory BristolMilk Stout 4.5%</p><p>Smooth chocolatey sweetness and bitter coffee with hints of berries</p><p>Burton Bridge Burton upon TrentDamson Porter 4.5%</p><p>Damsons give this a good sweetness to bitter balance </p><p>Canterbury Ales CharthamThe Merchants Ale 4.0%</p><p>A smooth mild with gentle roast malts gives way to afruity finish</p><p>Caveman Brewery SwanscombeShatkora 5.5%</p><p>Made using the shatkora fruit (of Indian origin)grapefruit/lime flavours</p><p>Coach House WarringtonBanoffee 4.2%</p><p>Lightly hopped beer with caramel and banana flavours </p><p>Elland Yorkshire1872 Porter 6.5%</p><p>A rich dark strong porter full of dark fruits and robustflavours</p><p>Goachers MaidstoneMild 3.4%</p><p>Brewed with chocolate and black malts hopped withKent Fuggles</p><p>Goody Ales HerneGood Lord Porter 5.0%</p><p>A rich full bodied Porter with a smooth coffee tingeand silky bitter finish</p><p>Grafton WorksopMarmalady Orange 4.8%</p><p>A deep golden ale infused with zingy marmalade </p><p>Apricot jungle 4.8%Made with Beata Hops giving the ale its apricothoney/ almond taste</p><p>Humpty Dumpty NorwichLemon and Ginger 4.0%</p><p>A crisp amber pale ale with a refreshing ginger andlemon tang</p><p>Kent Brewery West MallingZingiber 4.1%</p><p>A light American hopped Ale with highlights of ginger</p><p>Berry Mild Porter 4.8%A cross between a mild and a porter with more than ahint of berries</p><p>Mad Cat Brewery BrogdaleMild Disobedience 4.0%</p><p>A naughty little mild with fruits of the forest flavoursand mild bitter tones</p><p>Millis Brewing South DarenthKentish Dark Mild 3.5%</p><p>A roasted malty dark mild with a smooth finish</p><p>Theives n' Fakirs Porter 4.3%A Fruity full bodied dark porter</p><p>Musket Brewery MaidstoneCock and Stock 4.0%</p><p>A dark red ruby ale. Great malty flavours with goodlong bitter notes</p></li><li><p>41st Kent Beer Festival 9</p><p>Nelson Brewey Chatham DockyardBlackcurrant Mild 4.0%</p><p>A dark mild brewed wil mild malts and freshblackcurrants</p><p>Pursers Pussy Porter 4.8%A traditional London style porter hopped with Fugglesand Goldings</p><p>Old Dairy Brewery TenterdenDark side of the Moo 7.0%</p><p>A formidable Imperial stout from the dark side. </p><p>Silver Top 4.5%A smooth creamy stout with flavours of chocolatecoffee and liquorice</p><p>Pig and Porter Tunbridge WellsSummer Stout 4.2%</p><p>Black and roasty with American hops to give an easydrinking beer</p><p>Swan on the Green West PeckhamGinger Swan 3.6%</p><p>A pale session beer with added root ginger for a nicespicy finish</p><p>Tir Dhn Dhlas DoverReal Irish Porter 6.1%</p><p>Made from an old Irish recipe . This punchy stout isvery more-ish</p><p>Titanic Brewery StaffordshireChocolate and </p><p>Vanilla Stout 4.5%An rich opulent stout with added chocolate andMadagascan vanilla</p><p>Cherry Dark 4.4%A black bitter infused with cherries to give a longpleasing after taste</p><p>Tonbridge Brewery East PeckhamEbony Moon 4.2%</p><p>A quaffable porter with a pronounced rich maltiness</p><p>Wantsum Brewery HersdenBlack Prince Mild 3.9%</p><p>A rich full bodied kent mild, smooth on the pallet with subtle hop notes</p><p>Galgotha Stout 5.5%A broad malt base leads to hints of blackcurrant,liquorice and cedar</p><p>Whitstable Brewery Graft GreenBlack Lager 4.7%</p><p>Combines the depth of a stout with the lightness of aCzech lager</p><p>Oyster Stout 4.5%A classic stout with chocolate /mocha flavours and avelvety finish</p><p>Raspberry Wheat Beer 5.2%A deep red and naturally cloudy beer. Just burstingwith raspberries!</p><p>Rockin Robin MaidstoneMildly Rockin 3.7%</p><p>Using a blend of Kentish hops delivering a beautifulrounded bitterness</p><p>Shepherd Neame FavershamRed Sails Cherry Porter 4.0%</p><p>This rich dark smooth porter is packed full of KentishMorello cherries</p><p>Dark &amp; Fruity Bar</p></li><li><p>Attwells St Nicholas-at WadeBitter Sweet Mosaic 4.2%</p><p>American Style Pale ale has strong bitterness, sweetaromas and grapefruit taste</p><p>Hoodeners 4.3%a very easy drinking Amber Ale with berry like flavoursfloral aromas and good depth</p><p>Bexley ErithBob 4.2%</p><p>Bexley's Own Beer- Gentle bittering and a softsweetness gives this a great balance</p><p>Canterbury Ales CharthamWife of Bath Ale 3.9%</p><p>A crisp spicy golden bitter. With Citrus hops and along dry finish</p><p>Canterbury Brewers CanterburyCanterbury Pale 4.0%</p><p>A refreshing pale ale with good bitterness and wellbalanced with good hopping</p><p>Galaxy 3.5%Heavily hopped using Galaxy hops with subtle bitterness</p><p>Loco IPA 3.9%A Tongue ripper hoppy: session IPA</p><p>Caveman Brewery SwanscombeNeanderthal 4.4%</p><p>Full of roast and caramel malt flavours and traditionalKent hops</p><p>Romney Marsh Brewery New RomneyRomney Golden 3.9%</p><p>Spicy and citrus notes from Challenger and Pilot hops</p><p>Romney Amber 4.4%The brewery's "flagship ale" citrus and tropical flavourswith a hint of caramel</p><p>G2 AshfordOtava 5.7%</p><p>A well hopped fragrant beer with lovely malty overtones.</p><p>Vela 4.2%A refreshing pale golden beer with spicy hop and citrusnotes</p><p>Goachers MaidstoneSilver Star 4.2%</p><p>Hopped with choice Kent Fuggles. Crisp and clean onthe palate with a dry finish</p><p>Fine Light Ale 3.7%A pale amber light bitter with floral hop character andsatisfying finish </p><p>Goodey Ales HerneGenesis 3.5%</p><p>Award winning ruby red single hopped beer, with fullflavour a good bitter finish</p><p>Hopdaemon NewnhamGolden Braid 3.7%</p><p>A refreshing golden ale with hint of citrus andmarmalade leads to a clean crisp finish</p><p>Green Daemon 5.0%A golden Helles beer with lush tropical fruit andcrisp finish</p><p>Skrimshander IPA 4.5%This copper coloured pale Ale is fruity with a hint ofspicy hop. A smashing pint!</p><p>Hop Fuzz West HytheMartellp 3.8%</p><p>A hoppy copper ale brewed with the fruitiest cascadehops and rich caramel malts</p><p>Old American Pale Ale 4.2%Notes of tangerine and grapefruit followed up with anice rounded bitterness</p><p>Isla Vale Ale Smiths MargateGolding delicious 3.8%</p><p>A light copper ale. Slight malty sweetness and plentyof East Kent Golding Hops</p><p>Cock a sno...</p></li></ul>