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35th Derby City Charter Summer Beer Festival Beer list for Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby DE1 3AHWednesday 11th July to Sunday 15th July 2012


AS S EMBLY ROOMSFIVE DAYS OF LIVE MUSICBRITISH and CONTINENTAL BEERS, CIDERS and MEADCel ebrat i ng 5 0years of DerbyshireWildlife Trust 2012Thirty FifthDERBY CAMRACITY CHARTERBEER FESTIVALA warm welcome to Derby CAMRAs 35thCity Charter Summer Beer Festival. I sin-cerely hope you enjoy your visit to our Festi-val, to the extent that you will visit us again.We have provided you with a tremendouschoice of beers and a variety of entertain-ment. Please let me know your opinions -your feedback is important The Festival is organised and staffed byvolunteers and without their time and hard work it would not takeplace. Please consider joining us and help to continue to stage thisfine event. So go along to the Membership stand for more details. Id like to thank the Assembly Rooms staff who have been veryhelpful and played their part in making sure this event takes place.And I want to thank you, the visitors, who will ensure the festival isa success.Cheers - Russ Gilbert, Festival ChairmanLastly many thanks to my hard working committee: Beer Orders - Martin Roden Secretary - Janie Marshall& Mark Fletcher Health & Safety - Treasurer - Carl Brett Membership - Konrad MachejBeer King - Les Baynton Posters - Martin RodenCellar - Julian Hough Programme - John ArguileCider - Chris & Sue Rogers Publicity - Carla Johnson Continental - Jackie Sales - Mike Ainsley& Melvin Poyser Security - Kath Lilley & Team TANGOEntertainment - Terry Morton Sponsorship - Russ GilbertGreen Room - Chris Gale Staffing - Julian Tubbs& Jane Whitaker Support Mgr - John Roden AcknowledgmentsThe Festival Committee would like to thank all our sponsors, suppliers and helpersSpecial thanks to our 2012 sponsors :Main Everards Ltd; sponsors Fuller, Smith & Turner plc;Marstons plc, Other Amber Ales, Ambergate Caravans, Babington sponsors Arms, Dancing Duck Brewery, Derby Brewing, Derventio Brewery; Genting Casinos,Middle Earth Brewery, RAW Brewing,Thornbridge Brewery and Tollgate BreweryCHAIRMANSWELCOMEDerbyshire Wildlife Trusts 50th AnniversaryIn 1962 the world stood on the brink of war due to theCuban Missile Crisis; nuclear testing was taking place andfolk music was becoming protest music as young peoplevoiced their disquiet And in the countryside of Derbyshire, local people werealso coming together. Two years beforehand volunteershad successfully fought an Electricity Board application tofly tip ash at Ticknall Limeyards. Following this successthey decided to form a charitable organisation to deal withlike issues in the future; a trust was formed in 1962, whichtoday is the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.At its heart are the nature reserves. Throughout thecounty we own and look after areas of land to ensure thatwildlife can thrive. The first of these was TicknallLimeyards, now part of the National Trusts CalkeAbbey Estate. Since then, the Trust has taken on a totalof 41 reserves, from bird-rich wetlands in the Trent Valleyto heather-clad moorland and beautiful limestone grass-land full of orchids and other wildflowers further north. In2011 we purchased more than 70 hectares of land atShi pl ey near I l kest on t o f or m t he l argest nat urereserve in Derbyshire outside the Peak National Park.But wildlife doesnt just exist on nature reserves. Parks,gardens and allotments across the city and beyond aregreat places to encounter nature. And in the heart of Derby, wework with the cathedral, city council and Cathedral Quarter onthe Derby Cathedral Peregrines Project. The falcons havenested there since the project installed a nest platformi n 2006. Over t he years t hei r vari ed successes inraising young have been watched by people near and farthanks to the web cameras and blog. These beautiful birds of prey are the fastest creatureson the planet and were once brought to the brink ofextinction due to persecution and the use of certainpesticides. Now, thankfully, they are once moregracing our skies in many cities as well as their moretraditional countryside haunts.Among the keen audiences for the peregrines arelocal school children. Getting the message aboutwildlife conservation across to young people is a crucialelement of the Trusts work. Our Wildlife DiscoveryRoom at Carsington Water and Whistlestop Centrein Matlock Bath cater for school visits and also organise arange of family-friendly events in the school holidays andat weekends, from bat watching to bushcrafts. If you donthave children, there are many guided walks and open dayevents throughout the year to give you an introduction tothe wildlife on your doorstep. You can help support the Trustswork on nature reserves during our50th anniversary year by donating toour appeal. Were aiming to raise50, 000 t hi s year. Or why notbecome a member? Find out more bytalking to our staff at the beer festivalor by visiting our website: PRESS: Red Instead 4.3% ABV beerwith a citrus hop start and a fruity finish, brewed especially for Trent Barton by Derby Bry and served from the Main Hall stageCHOOSING A BEER and BEER STYLESWith over 200 beers to choose from you could getconfused, but finding a beer you like is part of thefun of a beer festival. The range includes fruity,hoppy, floral, and toffee notes, so browse around.Each beer has an individual character coming fromthe variety of hops, malt, and even water used.Use the beer list description as a guide and if youre stillnot sure about a beer, just ask the bar staff to give youa taste. In general it is best to work up from weakerbeers to the stronger brews. Beer strength is measuredas a percentage of the alcohol by volume (ABV). A guideto the most commonly found beer styles is given below.Mild AlesIt is a misconception that Mild ales must be weak anddark. This isnt so. The term mild indicates a lower hoprate; the ale is therefore less bitter than Bitter (seebelow). Modern milds though tending to be low in alco-hol (from 3.5% ABV upwards) are sweeter than bittersand porters and far from tasteless. They range in colourfrom pale gold (eg Taylors Golden Best) to black. Thecolour comes from the use of crystal, brown or blackmalts, the latter giving roast malt and chocolate aromas.BitterModern bitters are a commercial version of export paleor IPA ales (see below). They range from 3.5 to 5.5%ABV. The bitterness stems from their high hop rate. Insome cases they are also dry-hopped (where hopsare added to a cask immediately prior to delivery).They are generally copper-coloured due to the useBrunswickDerbys oldest BreweryBEERFESTIVAL3rd - 6th Oct50 beers - live musicBarbecue on Friday and Saturdaytel: 01332 290677two minutes walk from the railway stationCHOOSING A BEER and BEER STYLESof pale malts, but there has been a recent trend forlighter, or Golden, beers, especially for the summertrade. These tend to be light in taste with a clean palate(fresh). India Pale Ales (IPA) classically are stronger(c5.5%ABV) and well-hopped (eg Worthingtons WhiteShield). Porters and StoutsBoth porter and stout are dark, rich, bitter beers, the for-mer of London origin and the latter Irish. Both use darkmalts to provide the colour but the strongest-tasting(stoutest), hence the name, evolved into a distinctivestyle of its own, smoother, creamier head and less bitter(eg Guinness). Modern variations have blurred the dif-ferences. The colour ranges from mid-brown to jet-blackand the gravity from 4.5 to 7.0% ABV. Imperial (Russ-ian) stouts, developed for that market (eg P2 ImperialStout), are richer, fruitier and have a higher gravity (8.0to 10.0% ABV).Strong BeersMany strong beers are heavy and sweetish, and gettheir alcoholic strength from the use of higher levels ofbrewing sugar, usually 6.0% ABV range and above.Wheat beerBrewed using a blend of wheat and barley with a cloudyappearance, though a lot of golden beers are described as awheat beer and are clear. They are refreshingly sharpand slightly fruity. Seldom bitter, wheat beers are usually fra-grant and pale. Mr Grundys Tavern & theDerbyshire Brewing Collective12noon - 11.00 27th & 28th JULYLive Music Friday - Hot & Cold FoodCharity event for the Derby MerlinRound tables designated charityMr Grundys Ashbourne Road Derby DE23 3AD Tel: 01332 349806Charity Beer FestivalBateman -Cider & BowmanPerry Bowman -Brown Cow Upham Brunswick -Wentwell Castle RockCastle Rock - DerbyDerby - Dorset PiddleDouble Top -Fernandes Forge -Howard TownIlkley - Isle of PurbeckTripple fff Isle of Purbeck -MarlpoolTollgate - Middle Earth -Townes Mr GrundysSpire - Muirhouse -Thornbridge Ossett Revolutions Peakto MARSTON to Summerskills RAW Great Hall & Foyer planFULLERS MeadTo Darwin Room / City Bar Toilets down stairsWessex - Acorn - Whim Black IrisBEERLISTGreatHall&Foyer(Fullers&Mead)Beers by style and by brewery within style(subject to availability, noting that not all, albeit most, beers will be available all the time)Brewery ABV Taste notes/ Name % DARK & MILD - low hop charcterBateman 3.0 Red-brown caramel-infused brewDark MildBlack Iris 4.1 Dark ruby, mellow choc mild bittered Black Jack Mild with a fruity twist, but smooth Bottle Brook 6.0 Black Country style strong mildRaven delicately hoppedBrampton 4.3. Strong roasted coffee aroma, rich Impy Dark vine fruit & chocolate flavoursForge 3.6 Light brown and full-flavouredAmbrosiallkley 4.0 Mellow dark mild with a hint ofBlack liquorice in the finishMuirhouse 3.6 Strong mild with burnt roastMagnum Mild flavoursNutbrook 3.6 Golden mild, brewed traditionallyThe Mild Side with a sweet maltinessRevolutions 3.3 Light, summery pale sessionRavenscroft Pale - NEW beer. Full of flavourTriple fff 3.8 Dark, full bodied, blackcurrant hint,Pressed Rat & Warthog multi-award winnerBITTER - Medium to strong bitterness, light tomedium malt character traditionally brown / tawny or amber - 4.0% ABV or less.Blue Bee 4.0 Russet brown beer with lots of hopBees Knees Bitter characterBlue Monkey 4.0 Pale hoppy, brewed with BrewersBG Sips Gold hops, Very fruity and bitterCastle Rock 3.7 Amber session beer, hoppy aromaWild Angelica malt grain taste, lasting bitter finishCastle Rock 3.8 Champion Beer of Britain 2010Harvest Pale with golden with crisp hoppy finishForge 3.8 Light, citrussy ale, bitter finish. SIBA Discovery SW Overall Champion 2012Great Oakley 3.9 Golden session beer, bittersweetWots Occurring citrus mouth, subtle hop finishBITTER - ContinuedIlkley 4.0 Chestnut-coloured ale with spicyBest bitter finishMarlpool 4.0 Smooth amber aleOtters PocketMighty Hop 4.0 Medium bitterness with Golden Cap - NEW Cascade hop to give gentle finishMuirhouse 4.0 English brown to red bitterBuzzardPlain Ales 3.8 Amber session ale, sweet zesty startSheep Dip with a dry and fragrant hoppy finishProspect 3.8 Golden yelllow bitter, using real Oresome lemons, zesty tasteQuartz 3.6 Light straw coloured aleTorch RAW 3.8 Sweet malty base from Munich andSummer Solstice Caramalt, strong citrus aromaSummerskills 3.7 Mid brown, full of crystal malt & hopCellar Vee flavours, hint of malt / hop aromaTollgate 3.8 Golden brown, triple hopped, Stand & Deliver medium maltiness, smooth finishTriple fff 3.8 Brown, full bodied, floral hop aromaAltons Pride malty with citrus notes Upham 4.0 Rich ochre colour, hints of syrup &Punter roasted grain, dry hoppy finishBEST BITTER Colour as for bitter, but moreevident maltiness - strength 4.1% to 4.9% ABVBird Brain 4.4 Dark brown, full-bodied bitter, serious Eagle Owl hop finishBowman Ale 4.5 Golden bitter, strong hoppy aroma,Quiver bittersweet taste, hoppy finishBrampton 4.5 Amber coloured bitter brewed using Tramway Cascade and Boadicea hopsBuxton 4.9 Combines the most aromaticEnglish Pale Ale and flavoursome English hopsCastle Rock 4.4 Copper-colour, malt predominates,Preservation Fine Ale bitter with residual sweetnessDerby 4.1 Pale smooth, distinctively hoppy Triple Hop Derby 4.4 Well-rounded traditional amber beerBusiness As Usual - WEDDerby 4.6 Ruby brew crafted using double Double Mash mashing process (?)Dorset Piddle 4.1 A well-balanced bitter with a Piddle lingering bitter finishElland 4.5 Pale amber colour with fruit & maltCalderd Ale taste, dry hoppy finishFalstaff 4.5 Light amber colour, malty with hints Fist Full of hops smooth chocolate. Hops are spicyFullers 4.1 Premium classic, rich with a good London Pride malty tasteHoward Town 4.2 Light & hoppy award winner - SIBA Wrens Nest UK Supreme Champion Beer 2007Isle of Purbeck 4.1 Amber colour, complex aroma with Fossil Fuel a hint of pepper, rich malty tasteIsle of Purbeck 4.5 Deep caramel colour, rich malt and Wrecked caramel flavour, subtle spicy aromaIsle of Purbeck 4.8 Complex, well-balanced taste andIPA aroma, dry bitter, hoppy finishLincoln Green 4.2 Full rounded bitterness with gentleHood Best Bitter - NEW floral aromalLincoln Green 4.8 Amber in colour, bitter toffee malt Scarlett Amber - NEW flavour with a mild fruit hop finishMarston 4.5 Deep amber, hoppy, fruity tastePedigree dry bitter finish (touch of sulphur?)Middle Earth 4.5 Amber premium strength ale, smoothWitan - NEW on the palette with a bitter finishNutbrook 4.8 A golden-copper colour, withStarters orders bitter undertonesOldershaw 4.4 Straw-coloured, lager-style; strongRegal Blonde bitterness on the taste lingersPeak Ales 4.2 A robust and characterful copper-Bakewell Best Bitter orange bitterPlain Ales 4.2 Rounded bitter, vinous, woodland Claret berries taste, claret on the noseProspect 4.2 Pale ale with citrus and spicy notes Blinding Light Award winner Wigan Beer Festival Spire 4.8 Not AvailableDeepdale Pale Summerskills 4.3 Tawny-coloured with a fruity aromaTamar and hop finishTollgate 4.7 Dark bitter, smooth and malty High Street Bitter using English hopsTownes 4.3 Amber gold, faint banana aroma,Staveley Cross hoppy with bitterness throughoutTown Mill 4.5 A red / brown bitter with a maltyTown Mill Best fruit and nut flavourTriple fff 4.5 Amber, floral spicy aroma, passionRock Lobster fruit, apricot & orange flavoursTriple fff 4.6 Amber ale, fruit gum aroma, bitter-Dazed & Confused sweet, full bodied, hoppy finishUpham 4.8 Dark chestnut-colour, full flavouredStakes Ale with a hint of chocolate at finishBEST BITTER - ContinuedWentwell 4.4 Golden brown with a malty aromaBarrel Organ Blues - NEWWessex 4.5 Full-flavoured premium bitterWarminster WarriorSTRONG BITTER - Full bodied, assertive hopqualities. 4.9% ABV +Amber 5.0 Copper-coloured IPA to celebrate 50?? As a Newt years of the Derbyshire Wildlife TrustDancing Duck 5.0 Hints of spice & floral notes, hoppyDucks Courage bitterness leads to a dry finishDorset Piddle 4.9 Dark, reddish, smooth with roundedLittle Willie fruitiness, blackcurrant & toffee hintsDouble Top 5.0 Maris Otter malt & Cascade hopsBullseye produce a long dry bitter tasteForge 5.1 Light brown and hoppyHandsomeHavant 5.0 Conker-coloured, caramel andFinished malt flavoursHavant 6.5 Dark amber, malty, plenty of fruit, Havant Got a Clue green grassy notes. Slightly vineous Marston 5.1 Dark brown ale, complex balanceJennings Snecklifter of fruit, malt and full roast flavoursMarston 5.6 Copper-coloured full flavoured Ringwood Old Thumper ale. Ringwood flagship brewQuartz 5.0 Sparkling golden ale for the JubileeSolitairePALE / GOLDEN - Strong hop character, up to4.9% ABVAcorn 3.9 Balanced pale ale with clean finishBlonde Amber 4.0 Well-hopped golden ale with lots ofDerbyshire Gold flavour from high-alpha US hopsAshover 3.0 Packed with hop flavours from Oz Hay-Lo hops, drinks well above strength Bird Brain 4.0 Golden / straw with a long citrusGolden Bittern hop finishBlack Iris 4.6 Maris Otter malts provide smoothPeregrine Pale mouthfeel, citrus bitternessBlue Bee 4.0 Pale, brewed with New World hopsNectar PaleBrown Cow 4.1 Pale, brewed with lager malt, hoppedCelestial Light to give citrus fruit characterBrunswick 4.8 Dry, bitter with subtle spicy / citrusMagnum IPA hop notes and a slight biscuit finishCastle Rock 4.1 Pale and refreshingDiamond ReignCoppice Side 4.6 Light, full hop aroma,leading to aNinkasi fruity dry finishDancing Duck 3.9 Pale session ale, subtle malt andAy Up - WED floral notes, lemony, dry finishDark Tribe 4.2 Light Gold ale, award-winner using Sternwheeler Maris Otter malt and Cascade hops. Derventio 4.3 Deep Golden ale, sweet base, usesBoudicca Citra & Cascade hops, zesty finishDorset Piddle 4.7 Bright, light with a hoppy zing andCocky Hoop lasting bitternes Double Top 3.9 Light refreshng session aleGolden ArrowElland 4.6 Crisp lager style using lager malt + Yorkshire Lager Munich malt to give authenticityForge 4.3 Light with a citrus biteLitehouseFullers 3.6 Light, zesty ale made with Gales Gales Seafarers unique yeastFullers 4.5 Pale, using top US West Coast hops,Wild River spicy / fruity aroma, dry hopped Grafton 4.8 Citrus flavoured beer with a hoppy Blondie finish, that packs a punch.Great Oakley 4.1 A golden, clean-tasting beerMarching InIlkley 3.8 Dark golden colour, orange, citrus,Summer mango & vanilla flavours, dry finishlsca 3.8 Pale gold using 100% Citra hopsCitraIsle of Purbeck 4.0 Light straw colour, crisp and hoppyForce Four blonde beerLeadmill 4.8 Smooth IPA brewed with Stella hops,Golden Birdwing conditioned with Simcoe & ChinookLincoln Green 3.8 Full-bodied pale ale packed withMarion Pale Ale - NEW citrus hops and a hint of grapefruitLincoln Green 4.2 Gold using Challenger & First GoldTorch Light - NEW hops - as befits the London eventMarlpool 4.4 Pale ale, lightly hopped with dryScratty Ratty bitter finishMarston 4.0 Uses a Slovenian variety of Fuggles,Single Hop - Styrian hoppy aroma, floral / spicy characterMarston 4.2 Straw yellow, hoppy aroma with aRingwood Boon Doggle citrus punch, fruity Marston 4.6 Easy drinking citrus flavoured Jennings Cockerhoop refreshing golden aleMighty Hop 4.0 Crisp golden ale, citrus notes Champion - NEW with honey aromaPALE / GOLDEN - continuedMr Grundys 4.0 Honey-coloured beer with sharpGolden Dawn citrussy hoppy tasteNobbys 4.0 Golden ale with full-bodiedGuilsborough Gold traditional hop finishOffbeat 3.9 Burst of lemon hoppiness Outlandish Pale- NEW Ossett 4.0 Hoppy pale ale, moderately malty,Patriot Pale intensely aromatic citrus hop finishPlain Ales 3.9 Palest gold: grapefruit, melon and Arty Farty Sicilian lemon aroma, malty finishPot Belly 4.4 Light, golden ale, single hoppedPigs Do Fly with Styrian GoldingsProspect 3.8 Pale, intensely hopped, using four Whatever different hop varietiesQuartz 4.2 Copper colour, caramel aroma.Crystal Fruity tasting, short hoppy finishRat 4.0 Uses low colour malt and high alphaWhite Rat - NEW US hops, resinous finish. HoppyRAW 3.9 Pale, German hops, dry lager styleBlonde PaleRAW 4.4 Strong fruity hop aroma & flavour,Citra Pale lingering bitter finishRAW 4.7 Lager style, single hop, dry fruity Hop Pole herbal hop finishRevolutions 4.5 A pale, very hoppy, aleLe Freak - NEWRevolutions 4.5 Pale lager-style ale using PolishEntainment - NEW hopsRiverhead 3.6 Brewed with lager malt, very wellLeggers Light hopped with Centennial hopsSTOUT & PORTER - continuedRowditch 3.6 lllusive beer almost only to be had St Stephens at the Ditch. Pale, sharp & clean.Sherfield Village 4.3 Pale golden brew using the punchy Nelson Sauvin - NEW NZ hop, powerfully floral.Spire 4.0 Refreshing Pale ale with zingy Whiter Shade of Pale citrus hop notesSummerskills 4.1 Golden Amber colour, light fruit Hopscotch and hop aroma; zesty, fruity tasteSunny Republic 3.7 Straw coloured; mango, lychee andBeach Blonde - NEW grapefruit aroma; crisp, citrussy tasteThornbridge 3.5 White gold colour with aroma ofWild Swan lemon and spicesTriple fff 4.2 Amber coloured, well hopped, Moondance citrus tasteUpham 3.6 Sweet, golden and light, honeyClassic flavours, clean finishWentwell 4.0 Straw coloured, triple hopped, lotsLittle Tick - NEW of flavourWessex 4.8 A golden ale with subtle bitternessGolden Apostle and aromaWhim 3.6 Pale, sharp, clean and lots of hop Arbor Light character, delicate light aromaSTRONG PALE / STRONG GOLDENALES - Strength 5.0% plusAcorn 5.0 Rich, gold-coloured, slightly spicy,Bullion IPA with an intense blackcurrant aromaDancing Duck 5.5 A myriad of tropical fruit flavours, Abduction hoppily bitter and a very clean finishDerby 5.8 Rounded citrus & fruit flavoursQuintessential SIBA regional award winner 201Dorset Piddle 5.1 Blonde continental-style, floralSilent Slasher aroma & flavour, dry bitter finishFalstaff 5.9 Pale, but powerful and hoppy Angus Young green grassy notes. Slightly vineous Fernandes 5.1 Pale, citrussy, dry & extremely bitter Great Northern intense citrus aromaFullers 6.3 Twice CBOB Champion beer, now1845 in cask. Rich and StrongFullers 8.5 Rich Barley wine, orange & driedGolden Pride fruit notes. Intense lasting finishLincoln Green 5.5 Classic English pale strong aleSheriff IPA - NEW using English hopsMiddle Earth 5.0 Golden ale brewed with threeMerlin - NEW varieties of English hopsMighty Hop 5.0 Lager malt and Czech Saaz hops Lyme Brau - NEW give a continental tastePeak 6.0 Classic American style IPA. Big, boldJubilation citrus flavours and a bitter finishSherfield Village 5.6 IPA using Pilgrim, Northern Brewer & IPA 2012 - NEW Galena hops. Sweet with bitter finishThornbridge 5.9 Flavoursome IPA, citrus hoppynessJaipur underlying sweetness, fruit flavoursTown Mill 5.3 Pale amber IPA with a well-balanced Revenge IPA hop and spiced fruit flavourTriple fff 5.0 Spicy, bitter citrus fruits + sweet malt,Ramble Tamble with hints of biscuit and toffee, hoppyWhim 5.3 Very pale, flowery hop aroma. Citrus Flower Power & mild spice flavour, dry bitter finishSTOUT & PORTER - Dark, rich, bitter beers using dark malts Amber 4.0 Full flavoured & fruity. A Champion Chocolate Orange Beer of Britain - 2011.Ashover 5.0 Coffee & coffee flavours, slightlyCoffin Lane Stout bitter finish of Fuggles hopsBlue Bee 4.8 Black, full-bodied, roast malt Lustin for Stout flavoursBrunswick 4.5 Dark black chocolate and caramelRailway Porter with deep bitter undertonesDerby 4.6 Rich, dark, robust brew with finePennys Porter hop balanceDouble Top 4.5 Slightly bitter with a hint of chocolateTungsten and distinct coffee finishEllend 4.5 Mocha coffee flavoured porter, dryMidsummer Nights finish, sweet with bitter end- Elland 6.5 Blown - Not available1872 PorterFullers 5.4 Rich, dark with powerful depth of London Porter flavour from choc & brown maltsHoward Town 6.0 Dark black porter with a rum kickDark Peak very malty.Lincoln Green 4.7 Well rounded with a hint of bitter Tuck Porter - NEW chocolate, blackcurrant aromaMr Grundys 5.0 Meaty stout, roast barley in 1914 abundance, a hint of blackcurrantPlain Ales 4.8 Rich flavoured stout with a smoothInncognito finishProspect 4.8 Dark, smoky liquorice flavour with Big John a bitter alftertasteRevolutions 4.5 Classic London porter but usingClash London - NEW US hopsSherfield Village 5.0 Black packed with chocolate maltPioneer Stout- NEW and Pioneer hops, hint of vanillaSpire 5.5 Brewed with ground black pepperSgt Pepper Strong liquorice & pepper flavoursSPECIALITY BEERS - including wheat & fruitbeers. Former are sharp, slightly fruity, seldombitter and often cloudy, latter are mostly sweet. Bowman Ales 3.5 Straw coloured, citrus aroma withElderado fruity elderflower bitter tasteBowman Ales 3.8 TBASwift One Brunswick 6.0 Dark, strong mild with rich coffeeBlack Sabbath flavours and spicy hop characBuxton 7.5 Pale tan head, strong hop aromaImperial Black IPA zesty & fruity, firm malty baseCastle Rock 4.7 Vegan wheat, lightly spiced aroma,Chimney Sweeper with banana and roast malt tasteDerby 4.3 Speciality beer with a citrus hop startRed Instead and a fruity finish. Brewed especiallyfor Trent Barton and served from theMain Hall stageDerwentio 5.0 Fruity, using First Gold hops, hint ofCleopatra apricot, raspberry/cherry overtonesIsca 4.8 Cloudy wheat beer, Belgian StyleWheatLeatherbritches 3.8 Golden, citrusy, lemon and a hintLemongrass & Ginger of gingerMarstons 7.6 Rich and fruity barley wine, coffeeOwd Roger essence aroma, bitter-sweet finishMilestone 5.6 Golden wheat beer, continentalRaspberry Wheat style with a zingy finishOffbeat 4.5 Sweet orange peal and coriander Way out Wheat - NEW flavour, slight banana tasteOffbeat 4.5 Cloudy wheat beer + coriander &Raspberry Way Out sweet orange peel with a twist- NEW Small Pauls 4.7 Strong, Elderflower flavoured.Elder SarumSunny Republic 4.2 Red, brewed with Hibiscus flowers,Huna Red - NEW fruit & berry aromas, smooth & maltyThornbridge 5.2 Grapefruit, passion fruit flavoursKipling leading to long bitter aftertasteMeadBarMEAD or METHEGLIN (pronounced me-theg-lin) is a goodold-fashioned liquor, formerly homemade, of an artificiallyfermented mash of malt, water and honey. It is sweet, fairlypotent and often served combined with one or more spices.The choice is as follows:Traditional MeadHeather MeadSpiced MeadApple MeadRedcurrent MeadBlackcurrent MeadCONTINENTAL BEERSContinental beers are served in the Darwin Long Bar The best in World Beers, many are bottle-conditioned for extraflavour. Belgian beers are un-fined, and hence vegetarian, many arestrong but rich and rewarding to drink; savour these like wines. Austria Beer & style ABV %Eggenberger Urbock 23 9.6Strong, dark gold double bockBelgiumAchel Blond 8.0 Straw coloured trappist beerAffligem Blond 7.0Golden crisp tasting beerBavik Witterkerke Rose 4.3 Light pink fruit wheat beer Dubuisson Scaldis Amber (Bush) 12.0Walloon amber barley wine, very strongFloreffe Triple 7.5An Abbey golden beerGentse Strop 6.9Flemish blond beer John Martin Guinness Special Export 8.0Strong dark stoutLefebvre Barbar 8.0Honeyed, strong pale ale Blanche de Bruxelles 4.5 Cloudy sweet wheat, coriander & orange peel Newton Apple 3.5Wheat beer flavoured with apple juice Lindemans Pecheresse 2.5Peaches, hint of lambic aroma, sweet drink,Cassis 3.5Lambic with blackcurrant, Intensely fruity Framboise 2.5 Huge aroma, raspberry flavoured Kreik 3.5Selected lambic beers combined with cherries Orval Orval 6.2 Orangey, dry hopped, Beer of Fest at PboroOud Beersel Bersalis Triple 9.5Amber coloured blonde triple Bersalis Kadet 4.5Golden, fruity spiced beerOud Geuze 6.0 Crisp, dry with very citrus lemon flavourSt Feuillien Grand Cru 9.5Extra blond with a powerful personalitySlaapmutske Bruin 6.0Dark beer brewed at Melle near GhentBlond 6.4Crisp blond beer Val - Dieu Blond 6.0Well made with a good flavoured light crisp beer Van Celis White 5.0Steenberge A nice wheat beerPiraat 10.5CONTINENTAL BEERS (Darwin Long Bar)Keo Pils 4.5Golden colour lagerCzech Republic Regent Bohemia Dark 4.4Strong dark lager Bohemia Golden 5.0 Light crisp and golden GermanyErdinger Alkoholfrei 0.4 Alcohol free beer - that tastes like beer Flensberger Pilsener 4.8Blond lager Jever Jever Pils 4.9Intense hop bitterness and aroma, dry finish Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen 5.2Dark smoked beer, more wheaty than normal Schneider Schneider Weiss 5.4A golden wheat beerUSAAnchor Anchor Summer 4.5 Amber beer, lighter than normalBrooklyn EIPA 6.8 English malt and hops. Bitter, hints of grapefruit beeEcaussinnes Ultramour - BELGIUM 5.0Fruits of the forest flavours, Vimto for adults Kuppers Kolsch - GERMANY 4.8Golden with gentle floral hops and refreshing Van Sparta Pils - BELGIUM 5.0Steenberge Golden crisp lagerTwo Belgian classics to refresh and delightthe palateImported byBeer Directsuppliers of continental beers toDERBY BEER FESTIVALtrade enquiries:01782 303823 (Stoke-on-Trent)0116 2734408 (Leicester) on draughtCyprus Beer & style ABV %FurnaceAll pubs shown (except the Rowditch and Station) are open allday. The Falstaff, Brunswick, Exeter, Mr Grundys, Rowditch& Royal Standard / Greyhound brew their own beers. The Fal-staff is a 20 min walk along Normanton Rd, right into LyndhurstSt, then through a short alley into Society Place. Mr Grundysis a 10 min walk up Friargate onto Ashbourne Rd.The Row-ditch is a 10 min walk along Uttoxeter New Rd (and they onlyfeature their brews intermittently). The Horse & Groom is a 10min walk from the Seven Stars, turn left at the top of Garden Stdown West Avenue, then right into Parker St.Five LampsHorse &GroomMr GrundysGreyhoundRowditchOldSpaInneCromptonBabington ArmsFalstaffSilkMillFlowerpotRoyal Standard Olde DolphinSevenStarsStanding Order/ Thos LeaperPeacockAll pubs shown (except the Rowditch and Station) are open allday. The Falstaff, Brunswick, Exeter, Mr Grundys, Rowditch& Royal Standard / Greyhound brew their own beers. The Fal-staff is a 20 min walk along Normanton Rd, right into LyndhurstSt, then through a short alley into Society Place. Mr Grundysis a 10 min walk up Friargate onto Ashbourne Rd.The Row-ditch is a 10 min walk along Uttoxeter New Rd (and they onlyfeature their brews intermittently). The Horse & Groom is a 10min walk from the Seven Stars, turn left at the top of Garden Stdown West Avenue, then right into Parker St.Duke ofClarenceReal Ale TrailJune 2012Babington ArmsFalstaffStationBrunswickAlexandraExeterRoyal Standard Olde Dolphin*International Keg Ale Competition, Class 2 (ABV range 3.8% - 4.7%)** Category Ales 4.0% - 4.9% ABVWWW.EVERARDS.CO.UKGold Medallist, The Brewing Industry International Award 2011*Gold Medallist, The British Bottlers Institute Competition 2011**Join us on Follow us on everardstiger THEPUBS at JUNE 2012 (a selection)Alexandra Hotel 203 Siddals Rd. Castle Rock Harvest Pale + 9 guestsBabington Arms 11-13 Babington LanePedigree, Greene King Abbot, Ruddles Best +12 guestsBrunswick Inn 1 Railway Terrace (& BRY)Brunswick 2nd Brew, Father Mike/Black Sabbath, Railway Porter,Triple Hop, White Feather; Everard Beacon,Tiger; Taylor Landlord +8 guestsCrompton Crompton Street (off Green Lane)Marston Pedigree; Taylor Landlord + 3 guestsDuke of Clarence 87 Mansfield Rd - Draught Bass, TaylorLandlord + 4 guestsExeter Arms 13 Exeter PlaceDancing Duck 2 house beers; Marston Pedigree + 3 guests Falstaff 74 Society Place (& BRY) NB see footnoteFalstaff Fist full of hops, Smilin Assasin, Phoenix + guestFive Lamps 25 Duffield Rd Everard Tiger; Five Lamps Ale;Peak Chatsworth Gold; Buxton Blond, Whim Hartington + 9 guestsFlowerpot 19-25 King Street Blue Monkey PG Sips; Marston Pedigree; Oakham BishopsFarewell, JHB; Whim Arbor Light, Hartington IPA + guests (16 onhand pump, 24 on gravity)Furnace 9 Duke Street - Draught Bass + 8 guestsHorse & Groom 48 Elms / Parker St NB see footnoteDraught Bass and 3 guestsMr Grundys 34 Ashbourne Rd (& BRY) NB see footnoteBass; Pedigree; Speckled Hen; Derventio Cleopatra; + 4 MrGrundys beers + 4 guestsOlde Dolphin Inne 5a Queen St / Full StAdnams Bitter; Bass; Deuchars IPA; Dolphin Ale; GKAbbot; Pedi-gree (jug); Sharps Doom Bar + guestOld Spa Inne 204 Abbey StreetPedigree; Sharps Doom Bar; Taylor Landlord + guestPeacock 87 Old Notts Road. - Pedigree, Oakham Bishops Farewell; Peacock Pale; Whim Arbor Light, Hartington IPA + 4Rowditch 246 Uttoxeter New Rd (& BRY) NB see footnoteopen 7-11 Mon-Fri; 12-2, 7-11 Sat; 7-10.30 SunMarston Pedigree, Rowditch St Stephens + 2 guests Royal Standard / Greyhound 1Derwent St / 76 Friar GateDerby Business as Usual, Dashingly Dark / Pennys Porter, Hop tillyou drop / Triple Hop, Double Mash, Taylor Landlord + 5 guests Seven Stars 97 King St - Marston Pedigree + 2 guestsSilk Mill Full St - Bass (gravity); Sharps Doom Bar + 8 guestsStanding Order & Thomas Leaper 28-34 IrongateCourage Directors, Shepherd Neame Spitfire (both Standing Orderonly); GKAbbot; Marston Pedigree; Ruddles Best + 6 guestsStation Inn Midland RoadBass (jug); Deuchars IPA; Marston Pedigree; Wells Bombadier * Not on map, but are well worth a visitDERBY REAL ALE TRAIL KEYBEERLISTDarwinSuiteANDCityBar.Twenty beers only will be served from Wednesdaynight to Saturday night, one cask of each beer isavailable, except for Everards beers which will runthrough all sessions. CITY BAR entries follow themain list, the bar itself being just outside the entry. Brewery ABV style taste / Name % BITTER- Medium to strong bitterness, light tomedium malt character, traditionaly brown / tawny or amber - 4.0% ABV or less. Big Lamp 3.9 Clean tasting, full of malt & hops,Big Lamp Bitter hint of fruit, hoppy finishBurley Street 3.8 Pale session bitter with lemon aroma SPA Francorchamps and flavourEverards 3.8 Light summery pale session ale . Beacon Well-balanced and full of flavourHexhamshire 3.6 Amber brew, lots of hops and fruit,Devils Elbow bitter finishHexhamshire 3.8 Good hop balance, fruity overtonesShire Bitter make this a session bitterMighty Hop 3.9 Mid-dark beer using Green BulletFestival Special - NEW hops - enduring bitternessBEST BITTER - Colour as for bitter, more evident maltiness - strength 4.1% to 4.9% ABVEverards 4.2 Mid-brown bitter, well balanced,Tiger long bittersweet finishHexhamshire 4.1 Copper-coloured, slightly fruity,Devils Water with a hoppy finishMagic Rock 4.6 Red ale with five malts & six typesRapture - NEW of hop to give orange/citrus flavourNorthumberland 4.5 Blend of smooth toasted malt Festival Special balanced by three hop Northumberland 4.7 Old fashioned tawny beer, fruit &Sheepdog malt throughout.Ouseburn 4.1 Rich yellow colour, spicy aroma +Armstrong Bitter caramel overtones, bitter finishSTRONG BITTER - Full bodied, assertive hopqualities. 5.0% ABV +BEST BITTER - ContinuedTyne Bank 4.1 Berry fruit character, berry aromaMonument Bitter - NEW with a slight caramel undertoneWylam 4.4 Pale copper-coloured beer with Rocket a clean bitter finishDevilfish 5.5 Dark brown, rich and rare. Malty,Stingray - NEW fruity, strong aromas, deep finish.Everards 5.0 Full-bodied, with a pleasant, richOld Original grainy mouthfeel & long finish Hop Studio 5.5 Rich malty base, rounded bitterness,XS Strong Bitter - NEW floral, citrus aromas & flavourPALE / GOLDEN - Strong hop character, up to4.9% ABVBig Lamp 4.8 Golden, full of fruit & hops. Strong Prince Bishop bitterness with a spicy dry finishBlack Paw 4.0 Rich golden bitter, complex malt andPaws Gold - NEW taste, abundance of aroma hopsBurley Street 4.0 Full bodied with light grapefruit flavourLaguna Seca Blonde initially sweet but dry citrus finishDevil Fish 4.5 Silky, slight lemony backdrop andBombshell - NEW zingy aftertaste. Blonde. Everard 4.0 Sweet, lightly hopped with someSunchaser citrus notes, bitter finishEverard 4.5 Light golden ale, delicate malty toffeeAu body with peachy soft fruit character Fullstow 4.5 Light, citrussy, with fruity bitterness1962 & all That using Bowbeck and First Gold hopsHop Studio 4.0 Hoppy, hint of sauvignon. IntenseBlonde - NEW floral & gooseberry aroma & flavourKirkstall 4.5 Very pale. Three different hops giveThree Swords - NEW beer a marked citrus noseLeatherbritches 4.7 Golden ale, full of flavour, well Hairy Helmet hopped, sweet finisNorthumberland 4.0 Golden, citrus & passion fruit hintsFuggles Gold Northumberland 4.0 Golden, floral, hoppy withBucking Fastard surprising kickNorthumberland 4.1 Golden, hoppy, brewed with GermanFog on the Tyne US & English hops, crisp tasteTyne Bank 3.5 Slightly dry bitterness, vanilla / herbalSingle Blond - NEW flavours, floral fruit aromas.Tyne Bank 3.9 English hops give mellow bitternessCastle Gold - NEW and a subtle fruity aroma.STRONG PALE / STRONG GOLDEN ALES- Strength 5.0% plusBlack Paw 5.0 Amber ale with strong aroma and aBlack Paw IPA - NEW bitter finish. US recipe usedDevilfish 5.0 Max US hops for a zingy finish . APAApachi - NEW = Amer Pale Ale; Chi = Chinese devilKirkstall 5.0 Amber ale with a substantail hop kickDissolution IPA - NEWMagic Rock 5.5 Pale, mango,lychee & grapefruit High Wire - NEW flavours, malty, crisp bitter finishSpire 5.0 Amber, fruity, hoppy IPA with fullSovereigns Escort mouth body and long bitter finishTruefitt 5.0 Uses Columbus, Cluster & Cascade Mydilsburgh IPA - NEW hops in brew then is dry hopped further with Cluster and CascadeSTOUT & PORTER - Dark, rich, bitter beerusing dark malts Fulstow 8.0 Full flavoured stout, rich liquorice Sledgehammer flavours with fruit and raisins.Ouseburn 4.4 Traditionally dark, liquorice aroma,Milk Stout sweet liquorice & slight coffee tasteSpire 4.5 Full bodied smooth, hints of roastCoal Porter malt & liquoriceTruefitt 4.7 Classic stout using US MagnumIronoplis Stout - NEW Columbus & Willamette hopsSPECIALITY BEERS - including wheat & fruitbeers. Former are sharp, slightly fruity, seldombitter and often cloudy, latter are mostly sweet.Everards 4.0 Light golden ale, crisp dry bitter Whakutu finish. Hints of grapefruit & kiwi (pronounced Fak-a-tu)Mighty Hop 3.9 Real ginger beer in colour & taste, What Ho - NEW unsweetened, with orange.New-K-Ham 5.2 Cloudy wheat beer collaboration Flotsam& Jetsam - NEW between Newby Wyke & Oakham Ouseburn 4.1 Deep orange, flowery hop noseElderflower Gold sweet elderflower taste, bitter finishSaltaire 4.0 Blonde ale infused with raspberry Raspberry Blonde flavoursSaltaire 4.8 Black, roast malt stout flavours withCascadian Black bitterness & fruit from Cascade hopWylam 5.0 Pale, distinctive blackcurrant flavour , Silver Ghost bittering from Bramling Cross hopsCITYBarlocatedadjacenttoDarwinroomentryDARK & MILDDerby 4.5 Dark rich beer using eight malt Dashingly Dark varieties Dancing Duck 4.5 A rich oatmeal stoutDark DrakeBITTER + BEST & STRONG BITTERBrunswick 4.0 Straw coloured, very dry and bitterTriple HopDancing Duck 4.1 Coffee-coloured summer ale withNice Weather 4 ducks a white wine fruitiness Derventio 4.3 Reddish bitter, hoppy aftertaste, theirCenturion first ever brew and still going strongFalstaff 4.7 Tawny, smooth ale, lots of body andPhoenix subtle sweetness Falstaff 5.2 Copper-coloured with sweetSmiling Assassin malt flavours. Easy drinkingHartshorn 4.3 Smooth copper coloured, hint of Highgate - NEW blackcurrant, lasting bitter finish Middle Earth 5.9 Amber IPA using only British hopsIPA - NEW smooth with slight alcohol on finishWentwell 4.1 Rich copper colour, rounded Farm Hands Bitter - NEW taste, just enough bitternessPALE / GOLDEN Black Iris 4.2 Triple hopped pale ale, citrus flavoursWhite Fang with subtle bitterness to finishBlack Iris 6.2 All-US hopped IPA, complex flavoursWest Coast IPA of passion fruit & mango, bitter finishBrunswick 3.6 Crisp,very pale, full-bodied session White Feather ale, citrus nose hopDerventio 4.0 Light refreshing ginger-flavouredSummer Soltice aleFalstaff 4.7 Pale, delicious, dont miss this one.Johnny Cash Very hoppy even at the green stageMiddle Earth 5.0 Golden ale brewed with threeMerlin - NEW varieties of English hopsMr Grundys 3.8 English hops, straw coloured, sharpPasschaendale bitter with citrussy overtonesMr Grundys 5.5 A full bodied golden ale with richLord Kitchener flavour matching strengthWentwell 3.8 Straw-coloured bitter, hoppy withDerby Pale Ale - NEW slight overtones of ginger. Sharp.SShepherdStLittleoverDE236GAShow your CAMRA membeship card for 20p off a pint of | tel 01332 7664816locallybrewedales12handpumpsARealAleHavenintheHeartoftheCityonthebanksoftheRiverDerwentRoyal OakGreen Lane, Ockbrook DE72 3SEtel: Derby (01332) 662378Olive & staff welcome you to a traditional country pubwith one Bass permanent & other changing cask ales.We serve lunch time meals 7 days per week andevening meals 6 - 8 Mon to Fri (except Tuesdays)13th Beer FESTIVAL 18th - 21st Oct(Hereford & Worcestershire beers)Derby CAMRA Country Pub of the Year 2012In the Good Beer Guide since 1976email: royaloak_ockbrook@hotmail.com12th Derby CAMRAWINTER FESTIVAL20th to 23rd Feb 2013Wed: Trade only 2 pm. Public: 4 to 11Thursday, Friday andSaturday: 11 to 11 the ROUNDHOUSEbehind the Railway Station info email: Derby Winter Beer FestivalRIPLEY RAIL ALEFESTIVALaka THE AMBER VALLEY BEER & CIDER FESTIVALAt the Midland Railway - Butterley, Butterley Station, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3QZHoused in Railway Carriages & MarqueeOver 100 Beers, Ciders, Perries & Fruit WinesENTERTAINMENTThursday Evening: All Fired Up plus Whiskey Bob ShakerFriday Evening: The Jalapenos plus Pesky AlligatorsSaturday Lunch: The Ripley Morris MenSunday Lunch: No Entertainment - All beer remaining 2/pintFRI & SAT EVENING TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM: Butterley Station, Ripley The Talbot Taphouse, Ripley The Hunters Arms, Kilburn The Victoria Inn, Alfreton The Black Bulls Head, Openwoodgate, Belper Or online with credit or debit cards Or by phone on 01773 570140CAMRA members get concessions at all sessions, see website or Whats Brewing.A booking fee will be added to internet ticket purchases. R.O.A.R. All details may change without notice.See MR-B timetable for times & cost of train rides. Fares extra to admission. 18+ Only.Hot food, snacks & soft drinks on saleFor times & prices see flyers or go to: Evening:QUEENtributePLUSThe Fab TwoSteam Trains Running Sat & SunGREATHALL-CIDERSBiddenden Kentish Strong Ashford, Kent Med Sweet 8.0%Clear, very pale, made from local culinary fruitBurrow Hill Somerset Medium 6.0%Mid-brown fruity cider. 3rd in the CAMRA National Championship 2012 Charnwood Leicestershire Med Dry 6.5%A full flavoured cider from a very small, near local, producerCornish Orchards Liskeard Med Sweet 6.0%Clear, oak matured cider. 1st place in the National Championships 2012Farmers Fear, Leicestershire Medium 6.5%A pale,fruity cider with a slight sparkle. New to the festival Gwatkins Yarlington Mill Herefordshire Med Sweet 7.5%A single apple variety, dark brown, bursting with flavourHecks Kingston Black Somerset Med Sweet 7.0%Classic single apple variety cider. CAMRA Gold award 2008Hewitts Peterstow, Herefordshire Medium Dry 6.5%A small, traditional cider maker using local fruitNaish West Pennard, Somerset Dry 6.0%Somerset farm cider as it was 50 years ago, untouched by progressPerry Brothers Dowlish Wake, Somerset Med Sweet 6.0%Clear, smooth cider. 2nd in the National Championships 2012Rathays Old Goat Herefordshire Medium 7.0%Uses own orchard apples, planted by Bulmers in the 1960sRoss Cider & Perry Co Herefordshire Medium 6.5%Award- winning cider from a winner of CAMRAs Pomona AwardSheppys Bradford-on-Tone, Somerset Med Sweet 6.0%Pale, fruity, easy-drinking cider from producer on Devon Border Spencer & Haspel Ockbrook, Derbyshire Dry 8.4%New cider producer using all local fruit, fresh tasting with quite a biteSwallowfields Herefordshire Medium 6.5%Pale and fruity from a fast growing cider maker using local fruitThatchers Heritage Sandford, Somerset Med Sweet 4.9%Light and quaffable, from one of the biggest cider makers in the UKThree Cats Morley, Derbyshire Sweet 6.7%Pale, sweet and with a slight sparkle, made with 100% local applesTrickys Churchinford Somerset Medium 6.5%A mid-brown, well balanced cider.Welcome to the Festival Cider and Perry bar. The main bar is lo-cated in the Great Hall with a second bar (selling different cidersand perries) in the Darwin Suite. Ciders are labelled in green andthe perries in yellowAll have been tasted on scale from very dry through to very sweet, you maydisagree, but it gives you a good start when ordering. Any special features, suchas single apple / pear varieties or fermentation in spirit casks are also noted on thelabel. All the ciders and perries sold here are real in the sense that they are madefrom 100% apple juice (cider) or 100% pear juice (perry); they are neither artificiallycarbonated nor served under gas pressure. Bar staff will be happy to discuss the drinks with you and to give (small) tastesCIDERSandPERRIESCIDERSandPERRIESGREATHALL-CIDERS(cont)Westons Old Rosie Herefordshire Medium 7.3%Cloudy, ever popular cider from a very larger cider makerWinkleigh Sams Devon Sweet 6.0%A clear, easy drinking cider with a slight sparkleWiscombe Suicider Colyton, Devon Med Dry 8.0%A dark, full bodied cider fermented in a rum caskDARWINSUITE-CIDERSDouble Vision Maidstone, Kent Med Sweet 7.4%A clear, mellow Eastern Counties cider Gwynt y Ddraig Dog Dancer Glamorgan Medium 6.5%A light brown, full flavoured cider from Waless largest cider makerHecks Port Wine of Glastonbury Somerset Med Sweet 6.5%A single apple variety cider, pinkish and delicateMalvern Magic Ledbury, Herefordshire Med Dry 6.0%Mid-brown cider with a bit of bite and a strong finish Ralphs New Radnor, Mid Wales Med Sweet 7.0%Fruity cider made on a working farm on the Welsh borderRich Somerset Sweet 6.0%A smooth easy-drinking cider from a long established cider makerWestcroft Janets Jungle Juice Somerset Medium 6.0%A classic and highly popular Somerset farm ciderGREATHALL-PERRIESBroadoak Clutton, Somerset Sweet 7.5%A smooth, sweet and highly quaffable perry Butford Organics Herefordshire Med Dry 6.5%A rich, fruity perry. 2nd in the National Championships 2012Days Cottage Brookthorpe, Glos Medium 6.5%Perry from a fruit grower specializing in old apple / pear varietiesDouble Vision Impaired Vision Kent Med Sweet 7.4%Very pale, easy drinking and deceptively strongGwynt y Ddraig Pider Glamorgan Medium 5.5%A rare drink, apple and pear juice fermented togetherGwatkins Blakeney Red Herefordshire Med Sweet 7.5%Pale, hazy full-flavoured with a lingering aftertasteOlivers Herefordshire Medium 6.0%Crisp, clean perry with plenty of flavour and some biteRalphs New Radnor, Mid Wales Med Sweet 6.0%Golden perry, bursting with flavourDARWINSUITE-PERRIESNewton Court Herefordshire Med Sweet 6.0%Slightly hazy, flavoursome perry, made from locally grown organic fruitRoss Cider & Perry Co Herefordshire Med Dry 6.0%Traditional cider / perry maker just outside Ross. Uses all his own fruit.Swallowfields Painted Lady Herefordshire Med Sweet 5.5%Made from a single pear variety, fruity with a lingering finishWHATEVERYOU DO,TAKE PRIDE.If youre planning a beer festival or beer related special event this year why not promote the occassion with decoratedglasses? At Festival Glass we are the clear leaders when it comes to professionally branded glassware. With over 26 years experience were aspecialist independent supplier providing bespoke printedglass solutions to eventorganisers, pubs, breweries and CAMRA and SIBA members across the UK. We offer the following and more:G1-5 colour direct screen printGEmbossed, etch-effect and 4colour process hand decorationGIn-house design studio with on-site lining and CE marking GFull glassware range to suit all requirements and budgets GLow volume runs from just 250 unitsWhatever your requirement,Festival will deliver. Contact ourexperts today for your FREE quote.Planning a beer festival?Put your event name on everyones lips.BEER FESTIVAL GLASSES AT FACTORY PRICES Glass design shown for illustrative purposes only.Supply your own artwork design for 01422 382 696 Visit:!"#$%&'()*+),"(-)./00)123045)*678'9:";)0))0=00))/4704North End, Wirksworth. DE4 4FGWishing every success to the Derby Beer FestivalTel: 01629-823000Royal OakAvis and John welcome you to the Royal Oakwhere you will always find a friendly welcome.5 Real ales always available A locals localRunner-up Derby CAMRA Country pub of Year 2012BABINGTON La - DerbyALWAYS at LEAST18REAL ALES on tapDerby CAMRA PUB of the YEAR 2008Wetherspoons PUB of the YEAR 2006THE BABINGTON ARMSColourstreamadvert Visit our stand in the beer festival foyer or see our website, Visit our stand in the beer festival foyer or see our website, Registered Charity No 222212 Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Join us and help protect local wildlifeJoin us and help protect local wildlife TIME TO JOIN CAMRAProtect your pint, your pub and your pleasureDont take Real Ale and Traditional Pubsfor granted. Every week about 12 pubs inthe UK close and never re-open. CAMRA iscampaigning to protect pubs and to en-courage independent breweries. We needmembers today just as much as when theCampaign started in the early 70s.Get instant membership TODAY by joining atthis festival. Enjoy discounts in pubs andother benefits. The subscription is anexcellent investment, and concessions apply.CAMRA is a sociable Campaign. Join us today!The Membership Desk is at the top of the main staircase. Come and say hello!If youve enjoyed this beer and want morethen join CAMRA now ! The fight for better beer in better pubs goes on - help us to win itA P P L I C AT I O N F O R MI/We wish to join the Campaign for Real Ale Limited and agree to abide by the Memorandum & Articles of Association. I /We enclose a cheque for ........ ..... .Rates are: Single 25 ( Joint 30); Concessions * 17.50 (Joint 20.50)* Under 26, over 60, students (full-time, aged between 26 and 60),disabled, unemployed : only one concession can be claimed per member, a joint concession is available only if both members are eligible for the same concession. 2 off all rates if paid by direct debit.ALL applicants: date of Birth ........./........../..........Name(s):. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Post Code....................... .. Date................. Signed......................................................................................................OR, FOR 2 OFF THE ABOVE PRICES, JOIN BY DIRECTDEBIT USING THE FORM BELOW (UK BANKS ONLY)Note CAMRA HQ will automatically reduce the subscription whenthe member reaches 60. If HQ does not have that information some members over 60 could be paying the full rate Derby CAMRA City CharterBeer Festival 2012EnjoyingRealAleandPubsTHE FLOWERPOT KING STREET, DERBY DE1 3DZ 01332204955 '4$;5(+0'564'#.#.'27$9*'4';17will Find a warm friendly welcome Comprehensive range of quality ales Lovely sheltered beer garden & pergola Fresh food, with traditional Derbyshire &+5*'5X+.;52'%+#.5X2+