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A very warm welcome to the Sixteenth Worces-ter CAMRA Beer, Cider and Perry Festival, broughtto you by the Worcester branch of the Campaignfor Real Ale. If youve been to the festival beforeyoull be familiar with the site layout and thestrike-off card with which to pay for your drinks.If this is your first visit its worth taking a fewminutes to look through the Festival Informationsection of the programme to acquaint yourselfwith whats where and how it all works.As usual weve got a wonderful array of beer,cider and perry from near and far, with oldfavourites, brand new brews and some youve almost certainly never heard of. Make a plan, trysomething different, you may just like it ! For thenon-beer, cider and perry drinkers amongst youweve also got a range of fruit and grape wines,both still and sparkling, and fresh apple juice. Soft drinks are available from the food conces-sions, and theres drinking water at the far end of the beer tent. Youll see from your glass thatTicker, our favourite beer drinking horse, hasdonned his rugby kit this year, anticipating therugby World Cup next month, and, more impor-tantly, celebrating the return of Worcester Warriors to the Premiership!At the end of your day please think about puttingsome or all of your unused strike cards into thecharity box. Our nominated charities this yearare the Midlands Air Ambulance, the male cancercharity GYSO, and WARS, the Worcester AnimalRescue Centre. Last year, thanks to the generosityof the drinking public we raised more than2,700 to split between our three charities.Please try to remember that this festival is organ-ised and run wholly by unpaid volunteers whodevote huge amounts of their own time to puton what has become probably Worcesters mosteagerly anticipated social event. If we sometimesdont reach the highest levels of professionalismits because were not professionals. We alwaysneed more help, so if you would like to get involved or just have a point you would like tomake then we would love to hear from you. Contact us through the website, email me at organiser@worcesterbeerfest.org.uk, or just comeand find me at the festival.Most importantly we hope the sun shines, andyou have a great day. Have a few drinks, listen tosome music, enjoy the range of food we have foryou and make a date to come back next year.Steve Chase Festival Organiser At the BarThe ales, ciders and perries on the bars will bearranged in alphabetical order of the makersname. You will have to hand over your strikecard(s) to the bar person who will strike out theappropriate cost amount (shown on the cask/tublabel). Please make sure you have enough on yourcard prior to ordering your drink. More cards can be purchased, and cards with an amount remainingon them can be cashed in or donated to charity, bythe entrance desk.Choosing your BeverageYou may be overwhelmed with the options and unsure what to have. To help you out you can eitheruse this programme, the information on thecasks/tubs or if its not busy, ask one of the bar stafffor advice, who will be more than happy to help.Festival Information3Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Continued overleaf...We are proud to produce this festival guide on behalf of Worcester CAMRA.www.orchardhousemedia.co.uk5Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015The ProgrammeDescriptions of the ales can be found in the programme. The ales are also colour coded both inthe programme and on the front of the casks toshow the style. All beers from within 30 miles ofthe racecourse are identified by There will be about a dozen that will only beavailable on the Saturday. The Saturday onlybeers are clearly identified, Sat Only, in this programme and on the cask label.Ale Cask LabelsIn addition to the colour coding the casks are la-belled with a description of the ale and its ABVpercentage. There will also be some cask labelswith a LOCALe logo identifying those ales thathave come from local breweries.AllergensAllergen information for the beers, ciders and perries is available at the CAMRA Membershipstand. Please enquire there if you have any spe-cific request about allergens. The food vendors willeach display their own allergen information.Strike Card Getting Low?Additional strike cards can be purchased at thestrike card point near the marquee entrance.Joining CAMRAIf you are not already a CAMRA member pleaseconsider joining at the Fullers CAMRA membershipstand. Not only will you be joining the largest inde-pendent voluntary consumer campaigning organisation in the country with over 100,000members and helping to protect breweries, pubsand drinkers rights you will receive a token for afree half pint to use at the festival bars, 20sworth of Wetherspoons vouchers (sent in the post),a monthly newsletter, reduced admission chargesto most CAMRA festivals, up to 52% off Merlin at-tractions and 10% off National Express amongst agood deal of other offers and access to many socialtrips to pubs and breweries around the country. Leaving the FestivalWhen leaving please support this years charities(see page 32) by putting unfinished strike cardsinto the charity box by the exit. Alternatively, youcan cash your strike cards in at the strike cardpoint by the entrance desk. Carrier bags will beavailable at the exit for you to put your souvenirglass in to take home. Please respect the local resi-dents by leaving quietly and in an orderly manner.MildBitter (up to 5%)Strong (over 5%)Stout/PorterGolden ales & LagerSpeciality (unusual ingredients e.g. fruit)Festival Info - continuedThursday from 5.30pmDaddies Girls5.30pm to 6.30pmBest described as a FootStomping, Folk and Countryband, The Haunted Soulshave been wowing audiencesacross the UK since theyformed in 2013! The band ismade up of long term friends which can easilybe seen by their onstage chemistry and banter.Laura McPhee6.45pm to 7.30pmThe 22 year old landlady of The Bell Inn wholikes to sing through the years from CelineDion,Bryan Adams, Allannah Myles up to Jessiej, Kings of Leon and train.The Haunted Souls7.30pm to 8.30pmBest described as aFoot Stomping, Folkand Country band, TheHaunted Souls havingbeen wowing audi-ences across the UKsince they formed in2013! The band ismade up of long term friends which can easilybe seen by their onstage chemistry and banter.Friday from 5.00pmDavey Rocks5pm to 6pmDavey started performing live at15 at various open mics andmusic nights, writing the songsthat would eventually form thedemos on Stripped, released in2012. His live highlight came in2011 when he shared a stagewith Ryan Roxie of Alice Cooper on his 2011 UKtour.Underground Ocean6.15pm to 7.15pmUnderground Ocean is one band that hope for abig future in rock. Their sound has been described as Manics merged with Foo Fightersand are known for creating a huge impact andatmosphere with their driving wall of sound.The band are from Worcester and were formedearly part of 2014. They are a four piece consist-ing of members Stuart McDonnell, Matt Bed-does, Lee Evans and George Parker. Influencesinclude, Foo Fighters, Police Manic StreetPreachers, Stereophonics, Fleetwood Mac andmany more.Two Men & a Piano7.30pm to 8.30pmLoretta Hale8.30pm to 9.30pmThis act is back again with us, when one thinksof all the great performers of soul and rhythm& blues music, one doesnt usually associate itwith a young man from Northern Ontario until they meet Andre Bisson. The award win-ning composer, arranger, guitar player and vo-calist is one of the hardest working musiciansaround. Soulful, talented and sharp Bisson wasclearly born with a passion for music and per-6 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Music sponsored by Nicol & Co Estate AgentsFestival Entertainmentforming, as well as the smarts and talent to pull itall together and build a large following in South-ern Ontario and beyond.Rewind 80s9.45pm to 11pmA meeting upamongst friends ofSteve Bennett,meant he got thebug and needed toget back in to themusic scene in 2015...added some old friends,some new friends, and good friends and Rewind80's was born...to play festivals, clubs, parties, ho-tels, corporate venues, with over 30 years tributeband history amongst them... this is something tobehold!Saturday Afternoon from 12.30pmBlack Tie12.30pm to 1.30pmA new pop punk band consisting of 4 members,Drummer (Sam Hennerly), Guitarist(FrazerCassling), Bassist (Luke Rhodes) and a singer (Ben Taylor). We're all 17 so quiteyoung.Underclass12.30pm to 1.30pmThey are from Birmingham and formed in 2011.They playa fusion of Ska, Reggae and Indie andare influenced by Radiohead, The Specials, PinkFloyd, The Beat, The Police, Burning Spear, EasyStar All Stars, Muse, The Jam and Paul Weller.Chicago Bytes3pm to 4pmGet the night afternoon moving with the 'hypnotic' Rhythm and Blues grooves of ChicagoBytes Blues Band. 'Slidin' Steve' on guitars, man-dolin and vocals, the legendary Steve James onroving "harp", Terry (the) Common bass man andthe (Mersey) beat of Mike 'The Don' on drums.Music from Rory Gallagher, Dr Feelgood, Spring-steen, Muddy Waters and the Stones.Jennifer Ludlow4.15pm to 5pmA musician and songwriterfrom Pershore, Worcestershirewho will be performing coversand original material.Tinks5.15pm to 5.45pmSaturday Evening from 6:00pmPaul Winstanley6pm to 7pmPaul has been singing since2009, first appearing inWorcesters Got Talent atthe Sin Bar. He regularly appeared in singing competitions in the followingyears. His influences vary from Robbie Williams toPrince, whose songs, amongst others, he will beperforming today.Mike Skilbeck7.15pm to 8.15pmMike has been a solo artist forseven years. He has a soulfulvoice and showcases songs fromall eras and genre including soul,motown, pop, rock, swing and much more!Come Together8.30pm to 10pmClosing Friday night is the band Come Togetherwho are apparently Worcesters second oldestboy band, a band formed in 2000 that performhits from the 60s to the current day.This will be agreat set to bring the festival to a finish.ENTERTAINMENT7Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015The ales are colour coded both in the programmeand on the front of the casks to show the type ofbeer.MildBitter (up to 5%)Strong (over 5%)Stout/PorterGolden ales & LagerSpeciality (unusual ingredients e.g. fruit)All beers with SAT ONLY will only be availableon...yep you guessed it...saturday.360 degree Sheffield Park, E. SussexSussex 4.2%Traditional, copper-coloured best bitter. Brewedwith Kentish hops to produce an aromatic ale with aclean bitterness.Pacific Pale 4.9%Full of hops from the USA and Australia. Chest-nut-coloured, modern pale ale with fruit and floralflavours and crisp bitterness.Abbeydale Sheffield, S. YorksSummit 4.1%Wonderfully crisp and refreshing this dry-hoppedpale ale. Subtle fruit flavours coupled with a pleasantbitter finish from the American hops Comet and (obviously) Summit.Acorn Wombwell, S. YorksBelma IPA 5.0%Rich golden coloured beer. Flavours of juicy straw-berry, melon and peach with an aroma to match.Old Moor Porter 6.0%Victorian style porter with hints of liquorice. Ini-tial bitterness gives way to a smooth, mellow finish.Adnams Southwold, SuffolkLighthouse 3.4%Golden beer with a light fragrance, lovely maltyflavours and a long hoppy finish. Brewed with Pale Aleand Crystal malt, it has a hint of caramel and toffee.Mosaic 4.1%Single hop beer made with Mosaic hops at eachof the four stages of the brew process, impartingbold hop characteristics, including peach, mango,lemon and pine flavours and aromas.Explorer 4.8%Fruity bitter taste with very delicate sweet aftertaste.Amber Ales Ripley, DerbysImperial IPA 6.5%Substantial malty base but triple hopped using a unique blend of four different hop profiles: Nugget,Syrian Goldings, Cascade and Goldings.Ambridge Inkberrow, Worcs Sticky Dog 4.0%Cricket inspired pale ale. Very smooth and easydrinking, citrus hop aroma with a refreshing not tobitter finish.Jester 4.8%Single hop beer using a brand new British hop.Punchy aroma of grapefruit and tropical fruits.B&T Shefford, BedsShefford Mild 3.8%Dark beer. Sweetish, roast malt aftertaste.Bad Seed Malton, N. YorksSummer Pale 3.8%Pale hopped and dry hopped with Summer (acracking hop from Australia).Bespoke Mitcheldean, GlosGoing Off Half Cocked 4.6%Generously hopped golden pale ale, with spiceflavours and bitterness provided by Challenger andGolding hops, and fresh citrus aromas and finish pro-vided by Cascade.9Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Continued overleaf...The Beer ListALLERGY WARNINGAllergen information for the beers is available at theCAMRA Membership stand. Please enquire there ifyou have any specific request about allergens.Big Hand Wrexham, ClywdKings Bane (Sat only) 3.9%Clean-tasting malty bitter with a fruity aroma andpeppery hops evident in the full, smooth mouthfeel.Binghams Ruscombe, BerksPacific Jade 4.1%Extra pale ale. Triple hopped with Pacific Jadehops from New Zealand for a herbal hop characterwith hints of lemon zest and black pepper.Birds Bromsgrove, WorcsBurlesque 5.9%Tawny ale brewed with Worcestershire FirstGold hops augmented with Nelson Sauvin hopsfrom New Zealand to give a dry citrus undertone tobalance the maltiness from the floor maltedWarminster Maris Otter Pale Malt.Black Hole Burton-on-Trent, StaffsSupa Nova 4.8%Golden beer, brewed with Pilsner and Crystalmalts and Styrian, Goldings, Bobek and Cascadehops which infuse subtle passion fruit and citrusflavours, whilst retaining a wonderful malty balance.Blackedge Horwich, LancsBlack Port 4.9%Full bodied stout, roasted coffee, chocolate andliquorice dominate with a dry port finish.Bluestone Newport, PembrokeElderflower Blonde 4.0%Straw coloured, delicately hopped with Czechand German varieties, and finished with a delicatehint of elderflower.Brewsters Grantham, LincsArtemis 4.8%Part of the Wicked Women series of beers.Copper coloured ale brewed with four malts andthree hops. Full bodied and fruity hop character.Bridestones Hebden Bridge, W. YorksKazbek 4.2%Latest in the Bridestones single hop series.Spicy lemon aroma. Kazbek is the highest peakwithin the middle Caucasus mountain range in theCzech Republic.Bridgehouse Oxenhope, W. YorksPorter 4.5%Strong toffee and malt flavours, dark rubycoloured with a very smooth and pleasant after-taste. Bridgnorth Bridgnorth, ShropsMonarchs Way 4.5%Smooth amber ale.Brunswick DerbyRailway Porter 4.3%Black and lightly hopped old style Englishporter, very easy drinking with coffee notes andslight spices flavours at the finish.Rocket 4.7%Pale IPA style beer, heavily dry hopped with amultitude of new world hops to give pleasant citrusand apricot flavours.Burning Sky Firle, E. SussexAurora 5.6%Premium strength pale ale, with a blend ofmalts to provide a juicy backbone and a paleamber colour. An expansive blend of US hops give aresinous mouthfeel, big citrus & tropical fruitflavours, which are prominent, yet well balanced.Burton Bridge Burton-on-Trent, StaffsBramble Stout 5.0%Strong chocolatey aroma with a hint of fruit,smooth bitterness.Cannon Royall Uphampton, Worcs Comfortingly Stout 4.0%A stout like you've never had before. It's fruityfor a start. Arrowhead Extra 4.3%Fuggles hop punch leads to a smooth palateand pleasant finish with a good malt balance.Castle Rock NottinghamSherwood Reserve Coffee Stout 4.5%English stout brewed with fresh coffee beans.Smooth, balanced and decadent, with notes ofchocolate and coffee.Charnwood Loughbrough, LeicsVixen 4.0%Copper-coloured best bitter with subtle hints ofhoney, spice and hedgerow fruits. Late added Pa-cific Gem hops deliver a fruity nose and finish.White Fox 4.4%Light clear English style wheat beer with pine,lemon, coconut and floral notes. Coach House Warrington, CheshirePink Grapefruit Beer 5.0%Pale beer, tasting of, surprisingly... grapefruit.THE BEER LIST10 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Conwy Woodlands, ConwyHoney Fayre 4.5%Honey aromas, soft bitterness and clean tastingfinish.Surfin IPA (Sat only) 4.8%Golden American Pale Ale. Fruity hops on the nosewith full flavoured bitterness.Cotswold Spring Chipping Sodbury, GlosAmbler 3.8%Session beer with a lovely long palate.Aviator 5.0%Cool, crisp and refreshing Kolsch-style lager.Craddocks Stourbridge, W. MidsSaxon Gold 4.0%Golden ale.Crouch Vale South Woodham Ferrers, EssexYakima Gold 4.2%Very pale with delicious Amarillo hops, thereforeearthily aromatic and highly drinkable. Cullercoats Cullercoats, Tyne and WearDry Hop Project Series 4.8%No description available. Dark Star Haywards Heath, W. SussexHophead 3.8%Pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and el-derflower notes from the Cascade hops. Revelation 5.7%Delicate, lightly hopped with fresh fruitiness ofSouth Down elderflowers added after the boil.Drygate GlasgowReflex Red Ale 4.2%Red ale with a dry malty backbone giving way tohints of treacle and resinous pine flavours. Aromas oftoast and tropical fruit entice the nose.Seven Peaks IPA 5.0%Mosaic hop IPA with bold and incredibly complexhop aromatics and a crisp dry malt backbone. Elgoods Wisbech, CambsGolden Shuck 3.8%Maris Otter, Pale Ale malt and Sovereign hops.Honey flavour used in the recipe to prime the beer forsweetness.Elland Elland, W. Yorks1872 Porter 6.5%Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2015. Rich,complex and dark porter, with an old port nose andcoffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate. THE BEER LIST11Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Continued overleaf...The Bell-A proper pub with real food-Worcester County and WyreForest CAMRA Pub of the Year 201527 consecutiveyears in the Good Beer Guide!Tel. 01299 896677John & Trudy Greaves and Ian welcome you to The Bell at Pensax, Abberley, Worcs WR6 6AEOn the B4202 between Clows Top and AbberleyA warm welcome and six superbly kept real ales plus Robinsons, Old Rosie and Oldfields ciders.Group bookings & functions welcome Local Produce Home-made Food Sunday Lunch 9.50 Sandwiches from 4.50 Tues - Sat Lunch Specials 6.50 Closed Monday lunch(except Bank Holidays)Daily blackboard menu!Walter de Cantelupe Inn34 Main Road, Kempsey, WorcestershireTel: 01905 820572www.walterdecantelupe.co.ukCurrently serving Wye Valley Bitter,Timothy Taylors Landlord andchanging guest alesHidden Walled Garden Open Log Fire forWinter Serving local produce cooked in ourown kitchen.Opening HoursTuesday - Saturday 5.30pm - 11pmFriday - Saturday 12noon - 2.30pmSunday All day, from 12noon until 9pm - or later12Enville Stourbridge, W. Mids Cherry Blonde 4.2%Light blonde Belgian style fruit beer with essence ofcherries. Dry, hoppy and refreshing at the finish. Everards Narborough, LeicsStateside Rye Pale Ale 4.5%Bold beer, packed with hops and speciality malts giv-ing a mouthful of flavour. The substitution of rye in thebrew gives this russet brown ale a spicy flavour with asmooth caramel flavour and honey aroma. Exmoor Wiveliscombe, SomersetGold 4.5%Yellow/golden best bitter with a good balance of maltand fruity hop on the nose and the palate. The sweetnessfollows through an ultimately more bitter finish. Franklins ManchesterSmoked Porter 5.0%Rich, intense, satisfying porter made using a combi-nation of beech smoked malts, melanoidin and oatmealgiving it a smooth mouth feel and subtle chocolatenotes. We also added 1kg of chipotle chillies to accentu-ate the smokiness and provide a touch of heat on theafter taste.Friday Beer Co Malvern, Worcs Pinnacle 4.5%Based on a traditional British bitter this ale is deli-cious as we have given it a small twist. Our recipe com-bines a variety of hops with grain to produce first classale but a touch of Rye gives it a taste like no other.Gold 5.6%Golden ale with a rich malty flavours that are sup-ported by the earthy English Fuggles hops. The additionof American hops blended with the malted wheat pro-duces a citrus note.Fullers LondonGales Beachcomber 3.7%Light, golden ale that brings cool refreshment to awarm summers day.London Pride 4.1%Malt is complemented by the citrus hop character inthis well-balanced best bitter with a dry, bitter after-taste that grows on drinking. Develops pleasantcaramelised peel notes as beer ages. Special TBC 8.0%No description available.Geeves Cudworth, S. YorksRococo 3.6%Who says mild cant be tasty? This multi award-win-ning beer belies its low strength and packs loads ofWorcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015flavour. Expect cocoa and dark chocolate with dark,autumn fruits. Fully Laden 6.0%Deep golden coloured IPA with a rich and warm-ing body. On top of this, a blend of hops from aroundthe world creates flavours of sweet, juicy fruits andtart citrus. George Wright Rainford, MerseysideGeorge Wrights Mild 4.0%Dark creamy mild.Goldmark Arundel, W. SussexEbony Mild 3.5%Inspired black mild. Spicy hints counter the darkmalt flavours and a light crisp taste makes this a realsurprise. Vertigo Craft Lager 4.8%Authentic German pilsner using the best Germanmalt and hops.Grafton Worksop, NottsFramboise Raspberry Beer 4.0%Pale yellow coloured ale brewed with the PolishMarykna hop. The beer is then infused with freshraspberries to give a gentle flavour.Great Yorkshire Pickering, N. YorksPale Ale 3.8%New World Pale. Light and smooth with thejuicy, tropical fruit flavours of mango & pineapple.An exotic beer to tantalise your taste buds - thegaffer's favourite.Green Jack Lowestoft, SuffolkOrange Wheat Beer 4.2%Light golden wheat beer with grainy citrus andmarmalade flavours.Pickup 7.5%Golden strong ale. Orange, tangerine and clementinefrom the hops, lemon and lime in bittersweet finish.Greyhawk Skipton, N. Yorks1492 New World 4.2%Golden blonde with citrus notes from US hops.Hadrian and Border Newcastle-upon-TyneGinger Beer 4.0%Amber coloured beer, slightly sweet with refreshing ginger tones.Harviestoun Alva, ClacksAfterglow 3.5%Light, refreshing Summer ale. Grassy and tropi-cal fruit tones on the nose with the same tropicalfruit on the palate with a nice hint of citrus. Schiehallion 4.8%Scottish cask lager, brewed using a lager yeastand Hersbrucker hops. A hoppy aroma, with fruitand malt, leads to a malty, bitter taste with floralhoppiness and a bitter finish. Hastings Hastings, E. SussexMosaic Pale 4.8%A beer created from the ground up to showcase theMosaic hop. Everything else takes a back-seat to itsabundant citrus, peach, melon, and blueberry flavours.Highland Swanney, OrkneyThe Standard 3.0%Punching way above its low strength. Full of well-utilised hops that give flavour without the alcohol.Hogs Back Salisbury, WiltsSurrey Nirvana 4.0%Golden brew with Cascade, Centennial and locally grown Fuggles hops.TEA 4.2%Pale brown with a hoppy, and slightly fruityaroma supported by malt in the taste. Bittersweetwith a long dry finish.Holdens Dudley, W. Mids Shag Boss 4.2%Bling in colour with a positive aromatic nose, the combination of Wye Northdown hops and MarisOtter malt gives a dominant fruity sweetness.Hop Studio Elvington, YorkObsidian 5.0%Black IPA with notes of grapefruit, dark but unexpectedly refreshing. Hop Stu LondonRenegade IPA 5.6%Named after the Feeders song Renegades having brewed the first batch in the same location asthe music video was filmed this is a bold, hoppy IPA.Inveralmond PerthFair Maid 3.6%Pale straw. Citrus and spicy go hand in glove withfruity pears and currants in the mouth. The finish issilky smooth yet eminently thirst-quenching. THE BEER LIST13Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Continued overleaf...Rascal London Porter (Sat only) 5.6%Piquant with spicy aroma and sumptuous mochaflavours silky on the palate with a complex, mellowfinish. Itchen Valley Alresford, HantsBelgarum 3.8%The hops flavours are full and juicy but the keyto Belgarum is the sweetest of Hampshire honey, offset by elderflower.Kelburn GlasgowRegnitz 4.4%Subtle blend of German malts, infused with amighty whack of US whole hops which combine toproduce a red tinted beer.Dark Moor (Sat only) 4.5%Dark and robust, the aftertones of liquorice andblackcurrant make this an ale of complex character.Champion Beer of Scotland 2014.Kelham Island SheffieldAtomic Blondie 6.0%Strong full flavoured IPA brewed with a renegadeblend of hops from the UK, USA, Germany and NewZealand for a massive, explosive hop aroma.Wickedly juicy, mouth watering and satisfyingly aromatic.Kings Horsham, W. SussexNorthern Lights 4.2%No description available.Kinver Kinver, Staffs Graduation Ale 4.2%No description available.Maybug 4.8%German style cask conditioned lager style beerbrewed with Tettnang hops.Langham Lodsworth, W. SussexSaison 3.9%Auburn/chestnut colour. Balance of crisp biscuitymalt and citrus and fruit hops. Hint of bitterness inthe finish.Leyden Bury, LancsBlack Pudding Mild 4.0%Dark brown, creamy mild with a malty flavour,followed by a balanced finish.Little Valley Hebden Bridge, W. YorksVanilla Porter 4.5%Dark coloured but lightly roasted with subtlehints of vanilla.Python IPA 6.0%Light brown IPA. Powerful floral, minty and grassyaroma with a straw like latter and long bitter finish. Loch Ness Drumnadrochit, InvernessCaith Ness (Sat only) 4.0%Golden ale brewed with porridge oats and Caithnesshoney. Made with maris otter pale malt, crystal malt andmalted wheat and hopped with Admiral and Fuggles.Lytham Lytham, LancsGinger Nut 4.2%Golden ale combined with subtle hints of gingerand hazelnut.Golden Mild 4.3%Golden ale brewed with a pinch of dark chocolateale to impart a sweet chocolate and caramel undertoneto the beer, lightly hopped to give a spicy hop finish.Malvern Hills Malvern, Worcs Arty Pharty 4.1%Exceptionally pale. The light aroma doesnt prepare you for the smack of Nelson Sauvin hops tofollow. Dry aftertaste. Priessnitz Plsen 4.3%Mix of soft fruit and citrus give this straw-coloured brew its quaffability, making it ideal forquenching summer thirsts.Milestone Newark, NottsRaspberry Wheat Beer 5.6%Continental style fruit beer, Mouth filling fruit,with zingy finish. Moorhouses Burnley, LancsBohemia Pilsner 4.8%Based on Czech style lagers. Crisp clean tastewith aromas of spice and citrus.Mordue North Shields, Tyne and WearSummer Tyne 4.6%Very pale, lager style beer, to be drunk on hotnights. Complex hop aroma. Be warned, easy to drink!Newark Newark, NottsBLH 4.4%Palest of malts, oodles of Amarillo & Willamettehops. Phoenix 4.8%Amber/russet. Mountains of hops lift this deepmalt sweetness without being overly bitter. THE BEER LIST14 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Newby Wyke Grantham, LincsOrsino 4.0%Pale in colour. Made with eight varieties of American hops giving a tasty complex beer.Nine Standards Kirkby Stephen, CumbriaNo1 Golden Ale 4.1%Flavoursome golden ale with a hint of blackcur-rant. Crisp, fruity, fresh finish.Nottingham NottinghamBullion 4.7%Light coloured, exceptionally well balancedsmooth ale with a light fragrant hop finish.Oakham Peterborough, CambsGreen Devil IPA 6.0%Amazing hop harvest aroma with tropical fruitbursting through. Smooth and fruity starting withpassion fruit, pineapple, and mango developing intolemon, limes and a citrusy bitterness. Finishes with a crisp refreshing dry aftertaste. Tranquility 6.5%Golden beer which blasts off with powerfulgrapefruit/citrus aromas and flavours, touching downwith an intense and satisfying bitter finish. Oates Halifax, W. YorksWild Oates 4.3%Rich malty beer with complex fruit and bitternotes followed by a clean light satisfying finish.Old School Warton, LancsTruant APA 6.2%Easy drinking American Pale Ale with sweetstart and dry citrus finish created by its combinationof Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook Hops.Ossett Ossett, W. YorksRai 4.3%Easy drinking mellow pale ale is full bodied andwith low bitterness. Wakatu hops impart floral andcitrus aromas. Otley Pontypridd, S. WalesThai-Bo 4.6%Clear wheat beer flavoured with Sorachi Acehops, lime peel, lime leaf, lemongrass and galangal.Beer of the Festival at Worcester 2012.Pheasantry Newark, NottsSingle Hop 4.4%No description available.THE BEER LISTContinued overleaf...Phipps NBC NorthamptonMidsummer Meadow 3.9%Fresh interpretation of the classic Phipps style of sweet, amber-gold ales but using modern aromatic Amarillo hops.Ratliffes Celebrated Stout 4.3%Satisfyingly rich with distinct caramel and coffeenotes. A combination of crystal and roasted maltsgive the stout its deep, dark flavour topped of witha creamy, thick tan head.Pictish Rochdale, LancsSingle Hop - Admiral 4.2%Pale, very hoppy beer brewed using Admiral hops.Pin Up Brighton, E. SussexSummer Pale 4.1%Fresh and light summer pale ale. Citra andcentennial hops enhance the aroma, to give a perfectly balanced finish.Plassey Wrexham, ClywdMidnight Mild 4.2%Medium strength mild with a real fullness ofcharacter and flavour. Dark and subtle.Poachers Hykeham, LincsTrembling Rabbit (mild) 3.4%Rich dark mild, smooth malty flavour with aslightly bitter finish. Local honey is used.Popes Worcester Hop of the Morning 3.8%Light and fruity. Brewed in collaboration withElliot and Toni from BBC Hereford & Worcester,this breakfast pale ale boasts orange and oats inthe recipe to start the day right, all balanced withthe newest hop on the market Olicana.Hop Market 3.8%Light and hoppy. Hops take centre stage withbig additions of Cascade and Dana, all contributingto pine, lemon and grapefruit notes. A simple maltbill makes this a clean drinking crisp session ale.Summer Holiday(Sat only) 4.5%Fruity and golden. This summer ale combines Calypso and Simcoe hops to add a super fruityflavour and subtle bitterness. We add Simcoe hopsinto the barrels to give a delicious tropical noseworthy of Sir Cliff himself!THE BEER LISTPrescott Cheltenham, Glos Grand Prix 5.2%Dark strong ale, brewed with pale and crystalmalts, together with Fuggles, Goldings and North-down hops to produce an intense sweet, maltyflavour with a hoppy aftertaste. Suggestabeer 2015from Russel Price.Privateer ManchesterRoebuck 3.8%Amber ale with a hint of citrus in the aroma fromAmerican hops.Dainty Blonde 4.2%Delicate blonde ale with floral notes, temperedwith a refreshing spicy finish.Prospect Standish, LancsOre-some 3.8%Pale golden yellow bitter made with real lemons.Purity Great Alne, Warwicks Pure Ubu 4.5%Amber coloured, brewed with Challenger andCascade hops, giving sweet and dry flavours.Revolutions Castleford, W. YorksPretender Blonde 4.5%Blonde ale with medium levels of bitterness andwith pine, lemon & lime hop notes.Debaser (Sat only) 6.0%Pale and full of fruity American and Australianhops.Roosters Knaresborough, N. YorksHigh Tea 6.5%Brewed in collaboration with Taylors of Harro-gate. Simpsons Golden Promise pale malt plus ablend of four hops, jasmine flowers and TaylorsGreen Tea with Jasmine, creates a mixed-fruit andfloral aroma, with a balanced bitterness and greentea finish. Rudgate Tockwith, N. YorksKafir Lime Wheat Beer 3.8%Citrus hopped cloudy wheat beer infused withKafir lime leaves.Saltaire Shipley, W. YorksCitra Pale 4.2%Single hopped pale ale showcasing the mangoand rich tropical fruit flavours of the Citra hop balanced against a sweet malt base enhanced withMunich malt.Blackberry Cascade 4.8%American style pale ale hopped with Cascade andCentennial hops, infused with a hint of blackberries. Sarah Hughes Dudley, W. Mids Dark Ruby 6.0%Dark ruby strong ale with a good balance of fruitand hops, leading to a pleasant, lingering hops andmalt finish. Six Bells Bishops Castle, ShropsNoggin 3.8%Pleasing, faintly grassy aroma leads to a dry,fruity hop flavour and a refreshing dry finish.Spikey Blonde 4.0%Lush, spicy, tropical fruit flavours combined withsubtle malt characteristics and a citrus finish.Skinners Truro, CornwallRiver Cottage EPA (Sat only) 4.0%English Pale Ale made with the exceptional Cascadehop, produced for the first time by UK growers - andcombined with the finest Cornish malted barley.High in complex aromatics with floral, cedar and cit-rus notes. Long, bitter-sweet finish.Heligan Honey 4.0%Slightly sweet amber bitter, brewed with WestCountry malt and Heligan Garden honey.Skye Uig, SkyeYoung Pretender (Sat only) 4.0%Dry, hoppy ale. Shimmering gold and refreshinglyfull-flavoured.Slaters StaffordQueen Bee 4.0%Golden beer brewed using local Staffordshirehoney, the sweet taste is balanced by an abundanceof English Challenger, WGV and Cascade hops togive a spicy hoppy aroma leading to a gentle bitterfinish on the tongue.Western 4.9%American hops and Californian ale yeast givesheady hop aroma. Chewy aromatic finish.Slightly Foxed Sowerby Bridge, W. YorksPrairie Fox 5.2%Blend of part lager malt for extra pale colour,with Columbus, Summitt and Cascade hops fromUSA to give a mildly spicy, fruity and predominantlycitrus palate and a dry finish.THE BEER LIST17Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Continued overleaf...Sonnet 43 Coxhoe, DurhamMoments Around You 4.0%Gold in colour, bursting with citrus aromas andtastes. Mix of premium hops contribute a palatablebittering and powerful punch of aroma and hoppyflavour, with subtle background notes of floral spiceand grapefruit.St Georges Callow End, Worcs Lazy Days 4.1%Light golden coloured ale brewed using Englishmalt. The use of traditional hops give the beer amellow floral hop aroma followed by a distinctivehoppy taste.Worcester Wobbler 5.0%Light golden in colour, brewed using a largeamount of American hops for a bitter start and afruity finish.Stewart EdinburghPentland IPA 3.9%Golden dry ale, with slight fruit tones and a mod-erate bitterness. Suggestabeer 2015 from MartynClarke.Teme Valley Knightwick, Worcs TOther 3.5%Pale beer brewed using only Mathon Goldingshops to give a delicate aroma and a gentle bitter-ness. Amber malt contributes a light biscuit flavour.Martley Rock 3.9%Light golden with Cascade hops.Tewkesbury Tewkesbury, Glos Yorkist 5.3%Six different malts and four classic English hopscreate a rich and multi-layered porter. Tones of roastedchocolate lead to a satisfying traditional finish.The Fool (Sat only) 5.8%Smooth body of crme brulee, clean floral aromapf spiced fruit and green hops. Dry finish and quaffa-ble character conceal a strength that makes a fool ofthe unwary drinker.Thornbridge Thornbridge, DerbysBrock 4.1%Velvety dark, exceptionally smooth and creamystout. With a soft treacle, smokey flavour and a fullbody.Jaipur IPA 5.9%Complex, well-balanced IPA with a lovely blendof citrus and fruit flavours mixed with a slight sweet-ness and ending with a lingering, bitter finish. Three Bs Blackburn, LancsHoney Bee 3.7%Golden honey beer. Honey is apparent in botharoma and taste but does not overwhelm.Three Shires WorcesterHafren 4.0%Roasted chestnut coloured traditional bitter. Floral earthy notes on the nose, initial taste of thickcreamy caramel leading to a bitter but smooth aftertaste,Three Tuns Bishop's Castle, ShropsRantipole 3.6%Light and hoppy.Steampunk (Sat only) 6.5%Blackstrap molasses with ginger.Timothy Taylor Keighley, W. YorksBoltmaker (Sat only) 4.0%Genuine Yorkshire Bitter, with a full measure ofmaltiness and hoppy aroma - Boltmaker is firstchoice for the discerning drinker - on both sides ofthe Pennines.Tiny Rebel Newport, S. WalesCereal Killer 3.0%Light, hoppy, golden beer retaining malty balancethrough careful brewing techniques with heaps ofrolled oats. With a trio of hops, including the superfloral Mosaic for that juicy hit, this is what refresh-ment is all about.Tring Tring, HertsDeath or Glory 7.2%Dark aromatic and estery strong ale.Triple FFF Alton, HantsCitra Sonic 4.1%Copper coloured and single hopped with Citrahops. Super aromatic grapefruit and pine aroma withsome sweet malt followed by the flavour of pineapplemore grapefruit and tropical fruits. Big and pungentwith a robust bitterness.Turners Ringmer, E. SussexRuby Mild 4.6%Stunning fruity body with smooth and subtlechocolaty finish. Wheat and Munich Malt provide afull depth of body and flavour. White Park Cranfield, BedsMoonshine 5.2%Strong pale ale, slightly peppery continentallager style beer.THE BEER LIST19Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Continued on page 22...20 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 201521Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015If youre visiting Worcester for the festival, make sure you come again to trythe many great pubs in the City Centre, some of which are shown on this map.THE BEER LIST22 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Winning Post Worcester Tully Bitter 4.2%No description available.Wold Top Driffield, E. YorksAnglers Reward 4.0%Golden pale ale with a fruity bitterness and lingering aftertaste. Certainly a beer to help createthose one that got away stories!Wolf Attleborough, NorfolkLavender Honey 3.7%Honey from The Norfolk Lavender Company isadded during the brewing process to give this beera delicate yet moreish flavour.Woild Moild 4.8%Rich and fruity traditional Norfolk mild. Goodbalance of malt with liquorice bitterness and lotsof chocolate malt. Dark ruby-red with a long last-ing finish.Woodfordes NorwichBure Gold 4.3%Classic aromatic golden ale brewed using care-fully selected pale and lightly roasted malts, incombination with American and Slovenian aromahops to tantalise the palate.Worcester Brewing Co. Worcs1651 5.1%Strong light amber ale with a subtle fruity maltbackbone, crisp bitterness and a hoppy sweet fin-ish. Named after the date of the last Civil war.Worcestershire Brewing Co. Hartlebury, WorcsNectar Bitter 4.2%Light golden bitter with a gentle sweetnessthat balances the North Down and Fuggles hops.Wye Valley Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire Vibe of 85 4.5%Burnished copper coloured ale featuring Jesterhops (one of the latest varieties to be grown inHerefordshire).Wylam Heddon-on-the-Wall, NorthumberlandJakehead IPA 6.3%Amber/bronze with lots of American hoparoma. Distinctly bittersweet on the palate with amassive hop complexity fashioned deep within theIPA tradition.XT Thame, OxonTwo 4.2%Golden ale made with English Pale and MunichMalts, combined with Bohemian and Americanhops to give a real international flavour. Suggestabeer 2015 from Neil Young.XT 14 Saison 4.5%Golden Pale Ale, brewed with a semi-wild Belgian Saison yeast. Zesty fruity refreshing alewith a natural haze.Yates Wigton, CumbriaSolway Gold 4.4%Pale gold, perhaps resembling a lager with lightfruit in the taste.Yorkshire Heart Nun Monkton, N. YorksLightheart Pale Ale 3.3%Wonderful golden pale ale that really punchesabove its weight when it comes to flavoursRhu Bar Beer 3.7%Dark in colour with deliciously fruity rhubarbflavours complete with a crisp aroma and refresh-ing tartness aftertaste.Notes23Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015SITE MAP AND SPONSORS24 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015YOUTHANKThis years sponsors:Day Sponsors & Staff T-shirts: Thursday: DJD Architects, Friday: HallmarkHulme Solicitors, Saturday: Westlands Hyundai & ToyotaGlass Sponsor: Popes Brewing CompanyMusic Tent: Nicol & Co Estate AgentsBeermat Sponsor: Stock N Lock Self StorageCAMRA Membership Stand: Fullers BreweryeTickets: Stock N Lock Self Storage & King Charles IIStrike Cards: Wye ValleyBar Sponsors: A44 Tyres, Adnams, BGe Ltd, Barbourne Cider, Birds, Bury Associates ltd ,Cardinals Hat, Cricketers, Chris Jones, Eagle Vaults, Farriers Arms, Fire Fly, Fullers, Hand inGlove, Kitchen World, Tom Oilver, Premier Lets, Roots, Purity, Phonezone, Paul Pry, Plough, Sutcliffe, Talbot Barbourne, Three Kings, Teme Valley Brewery, Three Kings Pub,Whitehouse Hotel.25Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015The Hop PoleFriar Street, DroitwichOpen 12noon - 11pmSunday 12noon - 10.30pmGreat Value Lunches - 3.75Wye Valley HPA and Butty Bachplus guest ales.A traditional pub that offers a friendly atmosphere and staff who are alwayspleased to see you. Enjoy the rustic oakbeams and the charm that comes with abuilding that is over 300 years old.01905 770155 77 Friar Street, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 8EQ01905 770754 www.oldcockinn.co.ukAward winning community pub and Pieminister Pie and Ale House, winner ofCAMRA pub of the season Spring 2015 forRedditch & Bromsgrove region.Food Service TimesMonday & Sunday: No food servedTuesday to Saturday: 12noon - 2pm & 6pm - 9pm10% OFFour real ales forCAMRA members(Membership cards must be shown)Rear Garden Drinking AreaFunction and Event Rooms Open Fires (November - March)Traditional Bar Dog FriendlySnug Seating areas PerryBarbourne WorcsWorcestershire 6.0% MedPainted Lady 5.0% MedBarkers WorcsUp-Sy-Daisy 6.0% Med/dryBroadoak SomersetPerry 7.5% MedButtford HerefordPerry 0.0% MedChiblers Gloucs.Oldfields 6.0% SweetThorn 6.0% DryDouble Vision KentImpeared Vision perry 7.4% MedFarmer Jims DevonPerry 4.5% SweetGwatkins HerefordFarmhouse 7.0% MedSqueally Pig 4.5% MedGwynt y Ddraig WalesTwo Trees 4.5% MedPyder 6.0% MedHecks SomersetMedium 6.5% MedHogans WorcsVintage 6.0% MedHurst Veiw StaffsPuckerd Pear 0.0%MedLilleys Cider Barn SomersetBee Sting Still 6.6% DryMalvern Magic HerefordBlakney Red 6.0% MedOld Field 6.0% MedHendree Hufflap 6.0% MedMarches HerefordSweet Fanny Adams 6.5% MedMarcher 6.0% MedMoores Gloucs.Perry MedMr Whiteheads HampshirePear Light 3.8% SweetMidnight Special 5.0% MedNovo Pyrus 7.0% MedOlivers HerefordSV Thorn 6.0% MedTraditional 6.0% DryClassic 6.0% MedRoss-on-Wye HerefordAlpaca 6.5% MedStockmoor Farm HerefordPerry 5.5% MedWatkins WalesLazy Daze 5.6% SweetWestons HerefordCountry Perry 4.5% SweetCiderAbrahalls WorcsLily The Pink 4.5% MedSlack Alice 4.6% MedThurndering Molly 5.2% MedAmpleforth YorkshireAmpleforth Abbey 6.5% DryAshover Derbyshire Poets Pippin 6.0% MedBarbourne WorcsRum Cask 7.0% DryCrimson King 6.0% MedGolden Drop 5.0% MedSweet Kernal 4.5% SweetHopped Cider 4.0% SweetBarkers WorcsBBC 6.0% SweetBBC 6.0% MedBiddenden KentStrong Cider 7.0% MedBushels 6.0% MedBoston Farm WorcsKnee Knocker 6.0% MedKnee Knocker 6.0% SweetBroadoak SomersetBristol port 6.0% MedScrumpy 6.0% DryMoonshine 7.5% MedKingston Black 7.5% MedCIDER AND PERRY27Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015This list of cider & perry was accurate at the time of going to press. Any changes from the programme will be displayed on the bar.Continued overleaf...Celtic Marches WalesThundering Molly 5.2% DryChants SomersetBadger Spit 7.5% MedSinging Cider 7.5% MedChiblers Gloucs.Rock Kernal 6.0% MedCircle Cider WiltshireButchersboy 6.5% SweetRoundabout 6.5% MedCats Tongue 6.0% DryCrossman SomersetDry 6.0% DryMedium 6.0% MedSweet 6.0% SweetDunkertons HerefordDry 7.0% DryMedium 6.0% MedSweet 6.2% SweetFarmer Jims DevonApple Sweet 5.0% SweetCopper Top 7.4% DryGwatkins HerefordOld Rats Tail 6.0% MedKingstone Black 4.5% MedNo Bull 4.5% DryGamecock 4.5% SweetStoke Red 7.5% SweetGwynt y Ddraig WalesCeltic Warrior sweet 5.5%SweetBlack Dragon 7.3% MedHecks SomersetKingston Black 6.5% MedPort Wine 6.5% MedHurst View StaffsJibber Jabber 7.5% Med / DryCider 5.5% MedLilleys DevonCrazy Goat 6.5% SweetPigswill 7.5% MedLyme Bay DevonJack Rat Scrumpy 6.0% MedJack Rat Vintage 7.4% DryMalvern Magic Hereford Eary Norman 6.0% MedHarry Masters Jersey 6.0%MediumKingstone Black 6.0% MedMarches HerefordKinston Black 4.0% SweetMarcher Man 7.5% MedBig Colin 6.0% MedMays HerefordCider 5.5% SweetMr Whiteheads HampshireHeart of Hampshire 6.0% MedCirrus minor 5.0% MedBoxing Dog 7.5% MedThe Devils Device 8.4% MedEquinox 4.5% MedNewtons HerefordNewtons cider 6.0% MedOlivers HerefordTraditional 6.0% MedMaking Hay 6.0% MedYarlington Mill 6.0% SweetShezam 6.0% MedOrchard Pig SomersetHogfather 7.4% MedExplorer 4.5% MedMarmalade 3.9% SweetParsons Choice SomersetDry 6.0% DryMedium 6.0% MedSweet 6.0% SweetPerrys SomersetVintage sweet 6.0% SweetCider 6% MedPurenorth YorkshireValley Gold 6.0% MedSweet Union 5.5% SweetReal Cider YorkshireBramley Swiggins 5.5% MedRichs SomersetLegbender Dry 6.0% DryFarmhouse 6.0% MedLegbender 6.0% MedRoger Wilkins SomersetMedium 6.0% MedRosies DenbeighshireBlack Rat 6.0% DryTriple D 7.2% MedWicked Wasp 6.0% MedRoss On Wye HerefordOakcast Dry 6.0% DryOakcast Medium 6.0% MedOakcast Sweet 6.0% SweetSandford Orchard DevonScrumpy 6.0% DryPearshaped 7.5% DrySarahs HerefordCider 6.0% SweetSheppy SomersetDry 6.0% DryMedium 6.0% MedSweet 6.0% SweetSnailsbank HerefordTumbledown 5.2% SweetStockmoor Farm HerefordGilly 5.0% MedEarly Bird 5.0% MedLate Drop 5.5% MedStoke Red 4.0% SweetThree Cats DerbyshireCider 6.0% MedTricky DevonTraditional Sweet 5.6% SweetTraditional Dry 6.0% SweetWatkins WalesTwisted Oak 7.5% DrySunset 7.5% MedWest Croft SomersetJanets Jungle Juice 6.0% SweetWestons HerefordRosies Pig 4.8% MedFamily Reserve 5.0% MedOld Rosie 7.3% Med28 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015CIDER AND PERRY29Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Wilkins SomersetDry 6.0% DryMedium 6.0% MedSweet 6.0% SweetWinkleigh DevonMedium/Dry Autumn Scrumpy7.4% Med sweetMedium/Sweet Autumn Scrumpy7.4% SweetSams dry 6.0% DrySams med 6.0% MedSams sweet 6.0% SweetAlcholic AppleJuiceBarbourne WorcsStrawberry Cup 4.0% SweetTumbledown Summer Fruits 4.0% SweetWestons Twist Raspberry 4.0% SweetCountry WinesApricotBlackberryBlackcurrantCherryCranberryDamsonDandelionElderflowerGooseberryNettlePeachWest Country MeadTraditional MeadSparkling WineProsecco Soffio no.3Apple and pear flavours predomi-nate, while subtle notes of freshlycut flowers lift the nose.Soffio no.3 RosA gentle rose colour with salmonpink hues.White WineGarganega Pinot Grigio 2013 AlbinoniLight in colour, refreshing, andcrisp and with aromas of limes,grapefruits and lemons makingthis well balanced wine very easyto drink.Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc 2014Crisp and refreshing, this wine offers an abundance of grapefruitand lemon fruit flavours, deliv-ered in a softer, more tropicalfruit texture.Red WineSilver Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon 2014A medium-bodied, fruit-drivenstyle of Cabernet that offersrounded, ripe red berry fruit witha plummy and easy-going feel.Hints of green pepper and subtleoak notes on the nose.Ros WinePied Tanqu RosA pale and delicate ros, offeringa straightforward nose of ripe redberry aromas and a light, gentlyoff-dry palate that is rounded andsoft in texture.CIDER, PERRY & COUNTRY WINESCraft Cidermeans cider thats pressed at ourfarm by a master cider maker. It means making ciderout of proper apples. It means a cidery surrounded by orchards, not industrial equipment. It means people covered in mud and apple peels, not people in suits. Buying craft cider supports localbusiness, the heritage of brewing and the countryside. But most of all, craft cider tastes much, much better.For more information and stockists please visitnewtoncourtcider.comNEWTON COURTCIDERtel. 07971 88613paul.newtonscider@gmail.com Newton Court CiderEvery Autumn we press individual varieties oftraditional cider apples such as Knotted Kerneland Sweet Coppin. They are grown to Soil Association Organic Standards in Herefordshire. Enjoy Dunkertons Cider after the festival too!!Look out for our Black Fox Cider, medium dry, lightlysparkling 500ml bottles available nationally and locally through andy@cyderstore.comCAMRA TOP CIDER CAMPAIGNERS 2013DUNKERTONS CIDER COMPANYPembridge, Herefordshire HR6 9EDTel: 01544 388653 www.dunkertons.co.ukemail: enquiries@dunkertons.co.ukCome to our Shop!Open Mon-Sat 10am to 5pm, well signposted just 1 mile from centre of Pembridge (do not follow postcode for SatNav!)Go to any local Beer and Cider Festival and youare sure to see Barkers, Best Cider and UpsyDaisy Perry on the shelf.Johns family have been at the Green Street farmsince 1919 and it is still in the family to thispresent day. John has documentation that datesback to 1850 when the orchards were plantedJohn has states that he is related to the SheppysCider maker through his Grandmother whosesurname was Sheppy.In the restored orchard of 6 acres John has 20Perry pear trees and 24 cider apple trees, withnames like Blakeney Red Gin Pear, Butt Pear Huff-cap, Kingstone Black, Red streak, and DowntonPippin and many others unidentified.There are 13perry trees on the farm planted in 1850 whichare still producing most of the perry pears In 1990 John started a programme to restoreone of the orchards in the traditional mannerwith 6ftl standard trees 13 yards apart so thatlivestock can graze under them. Since than heand his cousin Henry have planted another 26trees and grafted 15 from old trees with nameslike Fill Barrel, Harry Masters, Jersey and HangyDown. He puts his unique flavour down to thelocal micro climate and the clay soil. In lateFebruary each year John and cousin Henry aretasked with the pruning of the trees. John Started to produce his own cider in 1996due to difficulties over delivery of small loads tothe Hereford Cider maker who he had suppliedfor many years. Worcester college of Agriculturewere running a cider making course so he de-cided to have a go and start producing his own.He admits it was a slow start but has not lookedback and is still learning the art .With a bronzeNational award from CAMRA and several otherhigh recommendations he is happy its goingthe right way.John produces up to 4000 litres a year. The ciderand perry is from his own fruit (having had nosprays or artificial fertilizer). 100% pure freshpressed juice fermented and matured in thelarge cool 17th century farmhouse cellar our secret weapon. Fruit is washed, crushed andpressed then allowed to ferment with only itsown natural yeast over the winter as it has always been done in Worcestershire.Having spent the morning with John his friendsthen turned up for a wassail planning meeting ( I think an excuse to taste Johns cider) bearingcheese, bread and pickles to assist in the tasting.Most are CAMRA members and enjoy helpingout in the autumn. In January John has a wassailaround his orchard and has Morris men dancingand raises money for a local charity. Last year heraised over 500 which went to the McMillanCancer Trust.John sells his Cider and Perry wholesale to manylocal pubs and suppliers formore information contactJohn on 01905 640697 or ciderjohnb@gmail.comThanks John and all thebest for this year. An Insight into aLocal Cider Producer31Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 201517th Annual Bewdley Beer Festival 27th 30th AugustSt. Georges Hall, Bewdley(in small car park off Load St)www.bewdleybeerfestival.co.ukSearch: Bewdley Beer FestivalThis year we are raising more for the Midlands Air Ambulance, the Royal British Legionand Cancer Research UK. Please help us by putting your unfinished strike cards into thecharity box on the festival entrance desk when you leave the festival.Midlands Air Ambulance The Worcester festival has been helping raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance for several years and once again we areplease to have the Air Ambulance merchandise store on site.From just one helicopter flying out of a temporary air base tothree helicopters serving a population of over 5.5 million people, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity has come a long way in since1991. The dedicated flight crews have responded to over 38,000incidents, saving countless lives, making them the busiest air ambulance organisation in the UK. What is not widely known is that Midlands Air Ambulance receives no Government or National Lottery funding. 6 million is needed each year to keep itsthree Air Ambulances operational, which is donated entirely by the public and local businesses.GYSOMarch 2014 saw the revolutionary craze of the 'no make up selfie' swarm our social media outlets asa way for women to raise both awareness and funds for breast cancer research. This led to what hasnow become an international campaign founded by James Brown, named Cock in a Sock. With twopeople close to him fighting the battle of both testicular and prostate cancer, James saw the oppor-tunity to create a unique way for funds to be raised to research the diseases, as well as awarenessand education to be brought to men regarding this very serious subject. He did this by uploading aphotograph of his naked self, with only his prized male possession covered by a sock! At the time ofuploading, he hashtagged 'Cock in a Sock' and uploaded a side photo of the screen shot where he donated to cancer research. What happened next was an international phenomenon. Hundreds ofthousands of people from across the world reached out to James and followed suit by uploadingtheir own photos and donations.National and international press contacted him to write articles in support of the campaign, as well ascelebrities showing support with uploads and hash tags. Facebook HQ reached out to show their support, and Cancer Research UK thanked James's campaign for helping raise 8 million in conjunctionwith the separate campaign of the no make up selfies. James is now in the process of registering anofficial charity 'Get Your Sock Out.The charity intends to now create an ongoing way for funds to be raised to help both medical profes-sionals researching ways to prevent/treat the disease of testicular and prostate cancer, awareness tobe brought to the subject, and education given regarding ways for men to check their bodies regularly.gyso.org.32 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Festival CharitiesWorcestershire Animal Rescue ShelterThe shelter, with beautiful views of the Malvern Hills, is now home to abouttwenty seven dogs in a purpose-built kennel block and has now completed acattery unit with 12 pens.The dedicated staff and their team of enthusiasticvolunteers ensure that all the dogs and cats are given individual attention withlots of exercise and love. The Shelter officially opened its doors to abandoned and stray animals on 9 April 2001, 18 years after the Charity was setup. Their task is enormous - now they are operational it is essential they sustaintheir income to meet running costs and, most importantly, the welfare of the animals in their care.They need to continue with the building programme for housing the animals. Their last project wasthe completion of a cattery. This has 10 cat pens and 2 isolation pens to house cats and kittensfrom the local area.The Shelter is run by dedicated people wanting to ease the distress of animalswho through no fault of their own have been left abandoned or suffering.FESTIVAL CHARITIES33Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015,QIRUPDWLRQXSGDWHGE\WKRXVDQGVRI&$05$YROXQWHHUVThousands of pubs at your fingertips!whatpub.com Featuring over 35,000 real ale pubs2YHURI%ULWDLQVUHDODOHSXEVIHDWXUHG&UHDWHGE\&$05$ZKRSURGXFHWKH8.VEHVWEHHUSXEJXLGH35Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Beer factsThe beer belly is a myth. Scientists at the University of Londonshowed that moderate beer drinkers areno more prone to developing a belly thananyone else. But many beer drinkers eattoo much fatty food (a packet of peanuts con-tains over three times more calories than a pint ofbeer!) and take insufficient exercise...orthey simply drink too much.Beer is Art. The distinctive red triangle associatedwith Bass Ale is the oldest trademark inBritain. Adorned on a bottle, it can beseen in Edouard Manets 1882 paintingBar at the Folies-Bergre as well as morethan 40 Cubist paintings by Picasso.Ale Economy. In Ancient Egypt, two containers of beerwere the minimum wage for a dayslabour. Egyptians used beer as a currencyto pay slaves, tradesmen, priests, andpublic officials alike, which means thatevery Egyptian was entitled to a certainamount of daily beer. If you thought the British Governmentwere tough on pubs, check this: Inancient Meso-potamia (Iraq in newmoney), tavern owners found guilty ofovercharging patrons for beer wereput to death by drowning.To prevent a beer mat sticking tothe bottom of your beer glass,sprinkle a little salt on it. Thebeer mat that is, not the beer.The reason that European beersteins traditionally have lidsdates back to the days of theplague. Drinkers didnt want thedeadly bugs to fall in their beer.The WeihenstephanBrewery in Bavaria,brewing since 1040,is the worlds oldestrunning brewery.36 Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival Programme 2015Some other festivals in the area to enjoy in the next few months:8 - 9 August Summer Ale and Steam, Winchcombe www.northcotswoldcamra.org.uk27 - 30 August Bewdley www.bewdleybeerfestival.co.uk4 - 5 September Bridgenorth www.bridgnorthcamra.org.uk3 - 5 September Tamworth www.lstcamra.org.uk 11 - 12 September Moreton-in-Marsh Festival www.northcotswoldcamra.org.uk11 - 12 September Weighbridge, Alvechurch www.the-weighbridge.co.uk/events.html 9 - 11 October Talbot, Green Hop Festival www.temevalleybrewery.co.uk7 - 10 October Nottingham www.beerfestival.nottinghamcamra.org28 October 31 October Birmingham www.birminghambeerfestival.org.ukThree Kings, Hanley Castle Unknown at time of going to print.Other Local Festivals


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