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<ul><li><p>A very warm welcome to the Sixteenth Worces-ter CAMRA Beer, Cider and Perry Festival, broughtto you by the Worcester branch of the Campaignfor Real Ale. If youve been to the festival beforeyoull be familiar with the site layout and thestrike-off card with which to pay for your drinks.If this is your first visit its worth taking a fewminutes to look through the Festival Informationsection of the programme to acquaint yourselfwith whats where and how it all works.</p><p>As usual weve got a wonderful array of beer,cider and perry from near and far, with oldfavourites, brand new brews and some youve almost certainly never heard of. Make a plan, trysomething different, you may just like it ! For thenon-beer, cider and perry drinkers amongst youweve also got a range of fruit and grape wines,both still and sparkling, and fresh apple juice. Soft drinks are available from the food conces-sions, and theres drinking water at the far end of the beer tent. Youll see from your glass thatTicker, our favourite beer drinking horse, hasdonned his rugby kit this year, anticipating therugby World Cup next month, and, more impor-tantly, celebrating the return of Worcester Warriors to the Premiership!</p><p>At the end of your day please think about puttingsome or all of your unused strike cards into thecharity box. Our nominated charities this yearare the Midlands Air Ambulance, the male cancercharity GYSO, and WARS, the Worcester AnimalRescue Centre. Last year, thanks to the generosityof the drinking public we raised more than2,700 to split between our three charities.</p><p>Please try to remember that this festival is organ-ised and run wholly by unpaid volunteers whodevote huge amounts of their own time to puton what has become probably Worcesters mosteagerly anticipated social event. If we sometimes</p><p>dont reach the highest levels of professionalismits because were not professionals. We alwaysneed more help, so if you would like to get involved or just have a point you would like tomake then we would love to hear from you. Contact us through the website, email me at organiser@worcesterbeerfest.org.uk, or just comeand find me at the festival.</p><p>Most importantly we hope the sun shines, andyou have a great day. Have a few drinks, listen tosome music, enjoy the range of food we have foryou and make a date to come back next year.</p><p>Steve Chase Festival Organiser </p><p>At the BarThe ales, ciders and perries on the bars will bearranged in alphabetical order of the makersname. You will have to hand over your strikecard(s) to the bar person who will strike out theappropriate cost amount (shown on the cask/tublabel). Please make sure you have enough on yourcard prior to ordering your drink. More cards can be purchased, and cards with an amount remainingon them can be cashed in or donated to charity, bythe entrance desk.</p><p>Choosing your BeverageYou may be overwhelmed with the options and unsure what to have. To help you out you can eitheruse this programme, the information on thecasks/tubs or if its not busy, ask one of the bar stafffor advice, who will be more than happy to help.</p><p>Festival Information</p><p>3Worcester Beer, Cider &amp; Perry Festival Programme 2015</p><p>Continued overleaf...</p><p>We are proud to produce this festival guide on behalf of Worcester CAMRA.www.orchardhousemedia.co.uk</p></li><li><p>5Worcester Beer, Cider &amp; Perry Festival Programme 2015</p><p>The ProgrammeDescriptions of the ales can be found in the programme. The ales are also colour coded both inthe programme and on the front of the casks toshow the style. All beers from within 30 miles ofthe racecourse are identified by </p><p>There will be about a dozen that will only beavailable on the Saturday. The Saturday onlybeers are clearly identified, Sat Only, in this programme and on the cask label.</p><p>Ale Cask LabelsIn addition to the colour coding the casks are la-belled with a description of the ale and its ABVpercentage. There will also be some cask labelswith a LOCALe logo identifying those ales thathave come from local breweries.</p><p>AllergensAllergen information for the beers, ciders and perries is available at the CAMRA Membershipstand. Please enquire there if you have any spe-cific request about allergens. The food vendors willeach display their own allergen information.</p><p>Strike Card Getting Low?Additional strike cards can be purchased at thestrike card point near the marquee entrance.</p><p>Joining CAMRAIf you are not already a CAMRA member pleaseconsider joining at the Fullers CAMRA membershipstand. Not only will you be joining the largest inde-pendent voluntary consumer campaigning </p><p>organisation in the country with over 100,000members and helping to protect breweries, pubsand drinkers rights you will receive a token for afree half pint to use at the festival bars, 20sworth of Wetherspoons vouchers (sent in the post),a monthly newsletter, reduced admission chargesto most CAMRA festivals, up to 52% off Merlin at-tractions and 10% off National Express amongst agood deal of other offers and access to many socialtrips to pubs and breweries around the country. </p><p>Leaving the FestivalWhen leaving please support this years charities(see page 32) by putting unfinished strike cardsinto the charity box by the exit. Alternatively, youcan cash your strike cards in at the strike cardpoint by the entrance desk. Carrier bags will beavailable at the exit for you to put your souvenirglass in to take home. Please respect the local resi-dents by leaving quietly and in an orderly manner.</p><p>Mild</p><p>Bitter (up to 5%)</p><p>Strong (over 5%)</p><p>Stout/Porter</p><p>Golden ales &amp; Lager</p><p>Speciality (unusual ingredients e.g. fruit)</p><p>Festival Info - continued</p></li><li><p>Thursday from 5.30pmDaddies Girls5.30pm to 6.30pmBest described as a FootStomping, Folk and Countryband, The Haunted Soulshave been wowing audiencesacross the UK since theyformed in 2013! The band is</p><p>made up of long term friends which can easilybe seen by their onstage chemistry and banter.</p><p>Laura McPhee6.45pm to 7.30pmThe 22 year old landlady of The Bell Inn wholikes to sing through the years from CelineDion,Bryan Adams, Allannah Myles up to Jessiej, Kings of Leon and train.</p><p>The Haunted Souls7.30pm to 8.30pmBest described as aFoot Stomping, Folkand Country band, TheHaunted Souls havingbeen wowing audi-ences across the UKsince they formed in2013! The band ismade up of long term friends which can easilybe seen by their onstage chemistry and banter.</p><p>Friday from 5.00pmDavey Rocks5pm to 6pmDavey started performing live at15 at various open mics andmusic nights, writing the songsthat would eventually form thedemos on Stripped, released in2012. His live highlight came in2011 when he shared a stage</p><p>with Ryan Roxie of Alice Cooper on his 2011 UKtour.</p><p>Underground Ocean6.15pm to 7.15pm</p><p>Underground Ocean is one band that hope for abig future in rock. Their sound has been described as Manics merged with Foo Fightersand are known for creating a huge impact andatmosphere with their driving wall of sound.The band are from Worcester and were formedearly part of 2014. They are a four piece consist-ing of members Stuart McDonnell, Matt Bed-does, Lee Evans and George Parker. Influencesinclude, Foo Fighters, Police Manic StreetPreachers, Stereophonics, Fleetwood Mac andmany more.</p><p>Two Men &amp; a Piano7.30pm to 8.30pm</p><p>Loretta Hale8.30pm to 9.30pmThis act is back again with us, when one thinksof all the great performers of soul and rhythm&amp; blues music, one doesnt usually associate itwith a young man from Northern Ontario until they meet Andre Bisson. The award win-ning composer, arranger, guitar player and vo-calist is one of the hardest working musiciansaround. Soulful, talented and sharp Bisson wasclearly born with a passion for music and per-</p><p>6 Worcester Beer, Cider &amp; Perry Festival Programme 2015</p><p>Music sponsored by Nicol &amp; Co Estate Agents</p><p>Festival Entertainment</p></li><li><p>forming, as well as the smarts and talent to pull itall together and build a large following in South-ern Ontario and beyond.</p><p>Rewind 80s9.45pm to 11pmA meeting upamongst friends ofSteve Bennett,meant he got thebug and needed toget back in to themusic scene in 2015...added some old friends,some new friends, and good friends and Rewind80's was born...to play festivals, clubs, parties, ho-tels, corporate venues, with over 30 years tributeband history amongst them... this is something tobehold!</p><p>Saturday Afternoon from 12.30pmBlack Tie12.30pm to 1.30pmA new pop punk band consisting of 4 members,Drummer (Sam Hennerly), Guitarist(FrazerCassling), Bassist (Luke Rhodes) and a singer (Ben Taylor). We're all 17 so quiteyoung.</p><p>Underclass12.30pm to 1.30pmThey are from Birmingham and formed in 2011.They playa fusion of Ska, Reggae and Indie andare influenced by Radiohead, The Specials, PinkFloyd, The Beat, The Police, Burning Spear, EasyStar All Stars, Muse, The Jam and Paul Weller.</p><p>Chicago Bytes3pm to 4pmGet the night afternoon moving with the 'hypnotic' Rhythm and Blues grooves of ChicagoBytes Blues Band. 'Slidin' Steve' on guitars, man-dolin and vocals, the legendary Steve James onroving "harp", Terry (the) Common bass man andthe (Mersey) beat of Mike 'The Don' on drums.Music from Rory Gallagher, Dr Feelgood, Spring-steen, Muddy Waters and the Stones.</p><p>Jennifer Ludlow4.15pm to 5pmA musician and songwriterfrom Pershore, Worcestershirewho will be performing covers</p><p>and original material.</p><p>Tinks5.15pm to 5.45pm</p><p>Saturday Evening from 6:00pmPaul Winstanley6pm to 7pmPaul has been singing since2009, first appearing inWorcesters Got Talent atthe Sin Bar. He regularly appeared in singing competitions in the followingyears. His influences vary from Robbie Williams toPrince, whose songs, amongst others, he will beperforming today.</p><p>Mike Skilbeck7.15pm to 8.15pmMike has been a solo artist forseven years. He has a soulfulvoice and showcases songs fromall eras and genre including soul,</p><p>motown, pop, rock, swing and much more!</p><p>Come Together8.30pm to 10pmClosing Friday night is the band Come Togetherwho are apparently Worcesters second oldestboy band, a band formed in 2000 that performhits from the 60s to the current day.This will be agreat set to bring the festival to a finish.</p><p>ENTERTAINMENT</p><p>7Worcester Beer, Cider &amp; Perry Festival Programme 2015</p></li><li><p>The ales are colour coded both in the programmeand on the front of the casks to show the type ofbeer.</p><p>Mild</p><p>Bitter (up to 5%)</p><p>Strong (over 5%)</p><p>Stout/Porter</p><p>Golden ales &amp; Lager</p><p>Speciality (unusual ingredients e.g. fruit)</p><p>All beers with SAT ONLY will only be availableon...yep you guessed it...saturday.</p><p>360 degree Sheffield Park, E. SussexSussex 4.2%Traditional, copper-coloured best bitter. Brewed</p><p>with Kentish hops to produce an aromatic ale with aclean bitterness.</p><p>Pacific Pale 4.9%Full of hops from the USA and Australia. Chest-</p><p>nut-coloured, modern pale ale with fruit and floralflavours and crisp bitterness.</p><p>Abbeydale Sheffield, S. YorksSummit 4.1%Wonderfully crisp and refreshing this dry-hopped</p><p>pale ale. Subtle fruit flavours coupled with a pleasantbitter finish from the American hops Comet and (obviously) Summit.</p><p>Acorn Wombwell, S. YorksBelma IPA 5.0%Rich golden coloured beer. Flavours of juicy straw-</p><p>berry, melon and peach with an aroma to match.</p><p>Old Moor Porter 6.0%Victorian style porter with hints of liquorice. Ini-</p><p>tial bitterness gives way to a smooth, mellow finish.</p><p>Adnams Southwold, SuffolkLighthouse 3.4%Golden beer with a light fragrance, lovely malty</p><p>flavours and a long hoppy finish. Brewed with Pale Aleand Crystal malt, it has a hint of caramel and toffee.</p><p>Mosaic 4.1%Single hop beer made with Mosaic hops at each</p><p>of the four stages of the brew process, impartingbold hop characteristics, including peach, mango,lemon and pine flavours and aromas.</p><p>Explorer 4.8%Fruity bitter taste with very delicate sweet </p><p>aftertaste.</p><p>Amber Ales Ripley, DerbysImperial IPA 6.5%Substantial malty base but triple hopped using </p><p>a unique blend of four different hop profiles: Nugget,Syrian Goldings, Cascade and Goldings.</p><p>Ambridge Inkberrow, Worcs Sticky Dog 4.0%Cricket inspired pale ale. Very smooth and easy</p><p>drinking, citrus hop aroma with a refreshing not tobitter finish.</p><p>Jester 4.8%Single hop beer using a brand new British hop.</p><p>Punchy aroma of grapefruit and tropical fruits.</p><p>B&amp;T Shefford, BedsShefford Mild 3.8%Dark beer. Sweetish, roast malt aftertaste.</p><p>Bad Seed Malton, N. YorksSummer Pale 3.8%Pale hopped and dry hopped with Summer (a</p><p>cracking hop from Australia).</p><p>Bespoke Mitcheldean, GlosGoing Off Half Cocked 4.6%Generously hopped golden pale ale, with spice</p><p>flavours and bitterness provided by Challenger andGolding hops, and fresh citrus aromas and finish pro-vided by Cascade.</p><p>9Worcester Beer, Cider &amp; Perry Festival Programme 2015</p><p>Continued overleaf...</p><p>The Beer List</p><p>ALLERGY WARNINGAllergen information for the beers is available at theCAMRA Membership stand. Please enquire there ifyou have any specific request about allergens.</p></li><li><p>Big Hand Wrexham, ClywdKings Bane (Sat only) 3.9%Clean-tasting malty bitter with a fruity aroma and</p><p>peppery hops evident in the full, smooth mouthfeel.</p><p>Binghams Ruscombe, BerksPacific Jade 4.1%Extra pale ale. Triple hopped with Pacific Jade</p><p>hops from New Zealand for a herbal hop characterwith hints of lemon zest and black pepper.</p><p>Birds Bromsgrove, WorcsBurlesque 5.9%Tawny ale brewed with Worcestershire First</p><p>Gold hops augmented with Nelson Sauvin hopsfrom New Zealand to give a dry citrus undertone tobalance the maltiness from the floor maltedWarminster Maris Otter Pale Malt.</p><p>Black Hole Burton-on-Trent, StaffsSupa Nova 4.8%Golden beer, brewed with Pilsner and Crystal</p><p>malts and Styrian, Goldings, Bobek and Cascadehops which infuse subtle passion fruit and citrusflavours, whilst retaining a wonderful malty balance.</p><p>Blackedge Horwich, LancsBlack Port 4.9%Full bodied stout, roasted coffee, chocolate and</p><p>liquorice dominate with a dry port finish.</p><p>Bluestone Newport, PembrokeElderflower Blonde 4.0%Straw coloured, delicately hopped with Czech</p><p>and German varieties, and finished with a delicatehint of elderflower.</p><p>Brewsters Grantham, LincsArtemis 4.8%Part of the Wicked Women series of beers.</p><p>Copper coloured ale brewed with four malts andthree hops. Full bodied and fruity hop character.</p><p>Bridestones Hebden Bridge, W. YorksKazbek 4.2%Latest in the Bridestones single hop series.</p><p>Spicy lemon aroma. Kazbek is the highest peakwithin the middle Caucasus mountain range in theCzech Republic.</p><p>Bridgehouse Oxenhope, W. YorksPorter 4.5%Strong toffee and malt flavours, dark ruby</p><p>coloured with a very smooth and pleasant after-taste. </p><p>Bridgnorth Bridgnorth, ShropsMonarchs Way 4.5%Smooth amber ale.</p><p>Brunswick DerbyRailway Porter 4.3%Black and lightly hopped old style English</p><p>porter, very easy drinking with coffee notes andslight spices flavours at the finish.</p><p>Rocket 4.7%Pale IPA style beer, heavily dry hopped with a</p><p>multitude of new world hops to give pleasant citrusand apricot flavours.</p><p>Burning Sky Firle, E. SussexAurora 5.6%Premium strength pale ale, with a blend of</p><p>malts to provide a juicy backbone and a paleamber colour. An expansive blend of US hops give aresinous mouthfeel, big citrus &amp; tropical fruitfla...</p></li></ul>