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  • Welcome to Your Demo of the Next Generation

    of LinkedIn Recruiter

    With your host:

    Customer Success Manager


    Nadia Afaneh

  • Find great talent faster

    Discover new talent

    Identify warm leads

    Helping you become even more productive & successful at hiring

    top talent

  • Find great talent faster

    A new search bar

    seamlessly guides you

    through the initial

    search, providing

    suggestions along the


    Find more people

    like lets you create a

    search based on ideal

    candidates you may

    know (and shows you

    how Recruiter did it!).

    2015 LinkedIn Confidential All Rights Reserved

  • Discover new talent

    Smart suggestions tap

    into LinkedIns unique

    data and insights to

    surface relevant terms

    you may have missed.

    Recruiter even learns

    as you go,

    dynamically adjusting

    the suggestions as

    you add new terms.

    2015 LinkedIn Confidential All Rights Reserved

  • Identify warm leads

    Spotlights allow you to

    easily filter results by

    candidates who are

    more likely to engage,

    based on relationships

    and interactions on

    LinkedIn, including:

    Company connections

    Past applicants

    Engaged with your talent brand

    In your competitors talent pool

    And more to come!

    2015 LinkedIn Confidential All Rights Reserved

  • Live Demo: Introducing the Next

    Generation of Recruiter

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