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The Next Generation of Recruiter

Demo + less obvious tips and tricks

Welcome to a product demo and overview of the next generation of Recruiter

With your host:Customer Success ManagerLinkedInZack Andresen

Sourcing talent can take time, especially when relying on long, complex Boolean strings

Find more people like creates a search based on ideal candidates you may know

The guided search bar seamlessly walks you through your initial searchNow you can easily structure your search to find qualified talent, faster

Understanding the talent marketplace takes research, and the landscape is always shifting

New smart suggestions help you intelligently refine your search to uncover hidden talent

Smart suggestions tap into LinkedIns unique data and insights to surface relevant and trending terms you may have missed.

With hundreds, or thousands, of search results where should you even start?

Spotlights show you where to focus your energy, by quickly prioritizing warm leadsSpotlights let you easily filter results for candidates who are more likely to engage


Introducing the Next Generation of Recruiter


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A closer look at SpotlightsEngaged with your Talent BrandPeople who have public activity on your Talent Brand: sharing, liking, or commenting on company updates, job posts, or Sponsored Updates, or following your company pageHave recruiting activityPeople who have had some action taken on them by recruiters at your company using LinkedIn RecruiterPast applicantsPeople who have applied to your company before via LinkedIn Job Posts and Job Slots.Company connectionsPeople who are 1st degree connections of employees at your company.Competitors talent poolsPeople from the top 10 companies and schools that companies similar to yours tend to source fromHavent changed roles in a few yearsPeople who have been in their current role for 1-5 years