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<ul><li> JUDAISM<br />(THE SEVEN STEPS)<br />ANAND GHORPADEY<br /></li> <li> JEWISH STORIES OF ORIGIN<br />A story of origin is a story that brings together a large group of people. <br />The story of Abraham and Isaac is a Story of Origin.<br />3.Many important objects come from Stories of Origin, like the rams horn. In Hebrew it is called the Shofar.<br />Abraham and Isaac<br />DID YOU KNOW THAT ABRAHAM IS THE FATHER OF JUDAISM?<br />A Shofar<br />The Curse of the Bambino<br /></li> <li> SYMBOLS AND OBJECTS<br />A Kippah/A Yarmulke<br />DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL IMPORTANT SYMBOLS CAME INTO BEING FROM A STORY OF ORIGIN?<br />Star of David<br />The Menorah<br />The Western Wall<br /></li> <li> HOLY WRITINGS<br />A Torah Scroll<br />The Torah is the most important scripture in Judaism.<br />The Torah is also called the Hebrew testament.<br />The Hebrew testament is more commonly known as the Old testament.<br />The Talmud is a book of Jewish laws, philosophy, ethics and customs and history.<br />A Talmud<br />DID YOU KNOW EVERY TORAH IS HANDWRITTEN?<br />IT TAKES 9-12 MONTHS!<br />A Torah all dressed up<br /></li> <li> DID YOU KNOW THAT ISLAM, CHRISTIANITY AND JUDAISM ALL STEM OFF OF THE SAME PERSON?<br />CORE BELIEFS<br />Judaism is a monotheistic religion. That means that you can only believe in one god.<br />From Friday sun down too Saturday sun down is the Sabbath.<br />The Sabbath is a day of resting.You cannot do any work on the Sabbath.<br />Judaism and its fellow monotheistic religions<br />Judaism is a monotheistic religion<br />The Sabbath<br /></li> <li> HOLY PLACES &amp; PLACES OF WORSHIP<br />A SYNAGOGUE<br />The Great Synagogue Jerusalem<br />The Wailing Wall<br /></li> <li> RITES OF PASSAGE<br />A BAT MITZVAH<br />DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PHRASE MOZEL TOV MEANS CONGRATS IN HEBREW!!!!<br />A BAR MITZVAH<br />A JEWISH WEDDING<br />Notice how the groom is about to step on a glass.<br /></li> <li> HOLIDAYS<br />A DREIDEL<br />Lambs Blood on door post for Passover<br />Jewish Holidays commemorate important events in Jewish history.<br />The Dreidel is a toy used for a Chanukah game.<br />On Passover people put lambs blood on their door posts to show god that they are Jewish.<br />YOM KIPPUR<br /></li> <li> THANKS FOR LISTENING<br /></li> </ul>