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  • 1. Some say Judaism is not a religion Some Jewish people are not religious at all Some Jewish people are athe5sts Some say Judaism is a race Some say Judaism is a culture

2. Why do some say Judaism is neither a race nor a culture? Race must have gene5c similari5es. Jews can convert and thus not be gene5cally related. Not a culture because there are many cultures represented in Judaism. 3. Why should the Jewish people not be considered a na5on? Nega5ve connota5on to the word na5on. Not true that Jews will force their agenda on the rest of the world as some na5ons do. 4. Why consider Judaism a family? A family does not have to agree on everything. When one person hurts in the family, they all hurt. Families take pride in one anothers achievements. Families are not the same people, but they are s5ll joined together. 5. What are four rela5onships that Judaism focuses on? God and mankind God and the Jewish people The Jewish people and the land of Israel Between human beings 6. Dierence between Jewish concept of messiah and Chris5an concept of savior Messiah Will be human, not divine Poten5al to come at any age. One always on earth. Will lead people back to Israel and establish kingdom of peace Savior Not human, divine Sacrice (or subs5tu5on) for sins Not poli5cal leader 7. What has been suggested about the world to come aSer the messiah? World will be peaceful Lion and lamb will be happy together Temple in Jerusalem will be restored There will be one world government and all will follow it by choice 8. What are some points that orthodox and reconstruc5onist Jews might disagree about? Orthodox Reconstruc5onist God exists God does not Jewish people exist chosen by God Judaism is Law is s5ll mainly a culture authorita5ve No authority to scripture 9. Most agnos5c Jews consider themselves what type of Jew and why? Reformed because this type of Judaism is the most liberal and generally allows the widest range of acceptable beliefs among Judaism 10. How do Jews feel toward Chris5ans and Muslims? Jews believe Chris5ans and Muslims worship the same God as they do They believe Chris5ans and Muslims can be righteous if they follow the law that has been revealed to them (Chris5ans and Muslims) S5ll the Jews believe they have been chosen by God in a way that the Chris5ans and Muslims have not been 11. Why must Jews live up to a higher standard than non-Jews? They have been chosen by God and have special status. They have received special revela5on from God. 12. Why must Jews live up to a higher standard than non-Jews? They have been chosen by God and have special status. They have received special revela5on from God. 13. What is a rabbi and what is a cantor? Not a priest Rabbi A teacher Leads prayer Cantor Ordained Chants Torah 14. Why do Reform Jews use the word temple instead of synagogue? Reformed Jews do not believe the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt; therefore, they do not reserve the word temple for a building that is s5ll to come. They think that the synagogue has replaced by the temple. 15. List ve roles the synagogue can play A center of the Jewish religious community A place of prayer A place of study A place of educa5on A place of social work A place of charitable work 16. Where are the Torah scrolls kept? The scrolls are kept in a cabinet in the synagogue called an "ark," as in Ark of the Covenant, not as in Noahs Ark 17. Explain two ideas about the temple It is a physical place that will be rebuilt in the age to come aSer the messiah comes. At that 5me, there will be thanks sacrices again at the temple. The temple is no longer a physical place. It will not be rebuilt in Jerusalem. The synagogue has now taken its place. 18. This concludes the ques5ons that I want you to be familiar with for a test.