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Features of Jelly Bean


  • 1. Jelly Bean

2. Accessibility Accessibility Gesture Mode Text traversal TalkBack Android Beam Audio Accessories 3. Browser and WebView CPU and memory efficiency Animations HTML5 canvases HTML5 video HTML5 Media Capture 4. Calendar Smoother Paging/Swiping Quick email Event Notification 5. Camera and Gallery 6. Face Unlock Faster and Smoother Improved accuracy Blink 7. Internationalization 18 new input languages Bi-directional text 8. Keyboard Switch languages quickly Custom keyboard QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, PC styles 9. Messaging and Talk View full SMS in Notification View full MMS in Notification New UI for collects recipients 10. Notifications Pinch notifications to expand orcollapse Turn-off Individual applicationnotifications 11. Settings All Accounts are now displayed in theprimary Settings. Access all Google Privacy Settings 12. Widgets Personalize your home screen Widgets resize Faster and smoother 13. Google Search 14. Google Now Weather card Traffic card Transit card Places card Flight card Sports card Currency card Translation card 15. Google Apps Google+ Gmail YouTube Chrome Maps 16. Google Play Google Play Books Google Play Music Google Play Movies and TV Shows