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cara install jelly bean pada PC, run android for PC


Jelly Bean For PC Emulator Android + Tutorials

Hello, today I teach this android emulator (which for me is the best) you have android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, these are the features that I found:

? Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean? Access to ROOT? You can choose the size of the SD Card from 9 MB to 1023GB? can choose multiple screen resolutions? Flash Memory (Fat32) can be used as SD Card? Is very fluid and not be Lage? You can create contacts (in the Bluestacks and the Youwave were created but not appeared)? Is 100% free

It takes a while to boot, 3 to 5 minutes but then served normally, I think that at speed of the emulator depends on your computer (video card and RAM)Catch


These are tutorials facts and discovered by me, at the end of each tutorial there are images that explains more easily, each number in the image is a number of each tutorial:

If you would like to install Jar Of Beans?

1. Open the fileJar Of Beans 4.7.5. exe2 Choose the Sears where they want to install3.-click onExtract(expect to remove)4. Once installed open thejar of beans.exe5. If he asks drivers to install them (Next, accept, next, next, install, finish)

If you would like to configure Jar Of Beans?

1. Open the Jar Of beans.exe from the directory where you installed it2.-Click on Add User3. Write any name, and OK4.-Go to settings5. where it saysShared with physical usb drive storage FAT32selectOFF6RAMselect the value that you want to7. InResolutionselect what want (no longer than your screen resolution)8 Make click inCreate SD Card for (the name put)9.-Put any number from 9 MB to 1023GB (put in MB and only numbers)10.-we click onOK11. thenApply/ > 12 click onRestart Now13.-ThenStart Android

Can now start to use the Jar of Beats, if you leave themEmulator-x86.exe stopped workingcambienle the RAM to a minor, cambienle to512or768, repeat point 6

How to install applications or games in Jar Of Beans?

Open theJar Of Beans.exe1.-Make click onStart Android, they wait until it starts2. Go toADB, Install APK other...3.-ThenInstall APK4.-Look for the application or game that want to install and selectOpen, then they expect a little

Then they will leave one so square and click onOK

If you would like pass Jar Of Beans to PC games and applications?

Open theJar Of Beans.exe1.-Make click onStart Android, they wait until it starts2. Go toADB, Install APK other...3 Click inBackup My APK4. I will leavea small square that will say that applications were made backup, they clickOK5.-The APK files will be in the folder where you installed the Jar Of Beans inadb/app_backup / (the selected user name)

How to use a Flash Memory such as SD Card in Jar Of Beans?This I recommend that they do so because you may pass application program to PC, PC to the program

They inserted a Flash Memory and open theJar of Beans.exe

1.-Go toSettings2. Where it saysShared with physical usb drive storage FAT32select ON3. Click onApply4.-Click onRestart Now5.-Click onStart Android6 Select our flash memory (this in Bytes, which is the number 17.-Click inPhysical disk/ubs storage Click me to accept


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