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<ul><li> 1. Android Application DevelopmentwithJelly Bean</li></ul> <p> 2. Android 4.1 Google announced its latest version of Android mobile operating system 4.1 Jelly bean After a great success of ice-cream sandwich OS. Jellybean is successor of current ice-cream sandwich operating system. Google made improvementsthroughout the platform and added some newfeatures also. 3. Android 4.1 Jelly bean bring lots of new feature and alsoimproves speed and smoothness of androidinterface Moving between home screen and apps is noweffortless Now everything would run in 16 millisecondsheartbeat vsync -- application rendering, touchevents, screen composition, and display refresh 4. What is new in jelly bean?Accessibility With Jelly Bean, blind users can use GestureMode to reliably navigate the UI using touchand swipe gestures in combination with speechoutput. Jelly Bean also adds support foraccessibility plug ins to enable external Brailleinput and output devices via USB and Bluetooth 5. What is new in jelly bean?Android Beam Sharing of Photos and videos are more easythrough Android beam. Now no more syncing and searching requiredone can instantly pair up Android phone ortablet to Blue tooth device that support theSimple Secure Pairing standard by just tappingthem together. 6. Audio AccessibilityVoice Search Android 4.1jelly bean let you search the webwith your voice, and its convenient for gettingquick answers on the fly. It speaks back to youand is powered by the Knowledge Graph,bringing you a precise answer if it knows it, andprecisely ranked search results, so you canalways find out more. 7. Browser and Web view Browser now has better HTML5 video support,and has a new user experience. Just touch thevideo to play, and smoothly transition into andout of full screen mode. Web view now supports vertical text,IncludingRuby text and other vertical text glyphs. 8. Widgets Android 4.1 added an improved re sizable appwidget that can automatically re size the app.Widget works like magic. With jelly bean android app development it isnow easier to customize your home screen andcontrol your whole screen according to you. A widget could display large &amp; rich fonts;graphics and other functionality are also added.App widget can be displayed in third partylaunchers and other host apps through newbind intent. 9. Google Now BringsGoogle now brings the right information at theright time. Cards appear throughout the day at themoment you need them, and appear as anotification when they are importantWeather cardTraffic cardTransit cardPlaces cardFlight card 10. Google BringsSports cardCurrency cardTranslation card 11. A-1 with Android Application DevelopmentA-1 Technology, Inc being a global leader intechnology and IT consulting is well known fordelivering the best, cost-effective services andsolutions. We are your right source for deliveringyour Custom Android Applications. We specializein Android Applications development with aproven record. 12. Our Android Services Offshore Mobile Apps Development Professional Android Apps Development Android Games Development Social Networking Apps GPS Enabled Apps Technical Expertise Android Launch and Optimization Android Staffing Augmentation 13. Our ServicesProviding best quality technology based solution for all your Android apps development. We have excelled programmers Who can develop your thoughts in more practical manner. 14. A-1 Technology, Inc.Android Software Programming.115 Broadway, 13th Floor,New York, NY 10006Toll Free: 888-276-4064Phone : 212-397-7481Fax. 212-931-8530, :</p>