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National Jelly Bean Day

National Jelly Bean Day April 22nd

- Sent 55 Influencer kits to people across the UK and Ireland

- Each kit contained a personalized letter, 8 products and a brand book

- Goal: Raise awareness off online store and as a cool, young adult confectionary brand

Influencer Kits

Social Media Shout Outs Instagram Stories

Faces By Grace 98k followers

Holly Carpenter 81k followers

Suzanne Jackson 198k followers

Jenni Falconer 60.4k followers

Corinna Tolan 6k followers

Aideen Murphy 50k

Back To You Beauty

Tara Make-Up 87k

Vicki Notaro 6k

Social Media Snapchat

Social Media Snapchat


Learnings Personalize

Particularly important if not paying them to post. It must be engaging.

When reaching out use their language as to why they would like your product.

Be Exclusive

Do not send to everyone and anyone.

It is better to engage 5 influencers with a genuine interest than 50 whos values dont align with your brand.

Follow Up

After the campaign 3 bloggers contacted us to work with them.

Thank every person individually who posts and offer a discount code.