the story of bob the jelly bean by thayer mccollum

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  • The Story of Bob the Jelly Bean By Thayer McCollum
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  • This is Bob the Jelly Bean and this is his amazing story. Bob
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  • One day Bob was sold from his loft in the Jelly Bean factory to local candy store. Let me out!
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  • After being stuck in the jelly bean jar for days Bob escaped and was able to explore the whole store. Im free as a bird.
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  • Then Bob meet another jelly bean. He was an orange jelly bean from the other side of the store and his name was Joe. Bob Joe
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  • That night Bob and Joe were able to release the rest of the jelly beans and created a Jelly Bean Army! Go Joe! Freedom! Ya Bob! O yeah. Uh hun!
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  • All the jelly beans went into hiding in different pockets around the store as they made plans for the next night. Psst
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  • They freed the rest of the gummy candies that were in the shape of animals. And over threw the store keeper. Gummy Worm leader Gummy Bear leader
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  • They had a party in the candy shop and anyone that entered the candy shop would be bound and carried away by the candies.
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  • Bob and his candy army spent the rest of their days breaking into other candy stores and freeing all the candies.