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Speaker: David Babbitt, Technical Programs Manager, Spiceworks 10:15 - 11:00 Hair on fire? Lots of balls in the air? Some idioms were seemingly invented to describe IT pros managing their networks. But it doesn't have to be this way! Inventory isn't just a tool to discover what's on your network or to occasionally fish out some obscure detail. Learn how to use Spiceworks Inventory to get organized and manage the care and feeding of your network. Topics include: Utilizing best practices for getting everything into Inventory Following suggested workflows in the app to manage your network Learning to create your own workflows with custom groups and custom attributes Focusing your scans on devices that matter most


  • 1. Inventory Deep DiveDavid Babbitt

2. What matters most?What are yousupposed to do aboutit?How do you learnwhat you dont know? 3. A B 4. Software Inventory 5. Suggests whatmatters most Applications youshould considerremoving Applications youshould care the mostabout Product keys Mark verified License types Shared licenses Monitors and alerts Dashboard widgetSoftware InventoryA BFOCUS 6. Custom Device Groups 7. No suggestions (yet) DIY rules to matchattribute values Filters noise Dashboard Timeline Group as working set Tickets to track andreport time (optional) Monitors and alertsCustom Device GroupsA BFOCUS 8. Getting a good scan (7.0) 9. Unknown devicesgrouped bysuspected problem Fix login errors Alternate ports Rescan Device-by-deviceguidance for hardproblemsGetting a good scan (7.0)A BFOCUS 10. Future * 11. Suggests commontasks for inventoryassets Uses rules to matchattribute values toidentify cross-section Progress trackedacross cross-section Suggested resourcesfrom the community Track time and report Monitors and alertsFuture *A BFOCUS