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SIX 2012 Simulation & Framing


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2. 1. Generation sell? Generation sell?National Pubic Radios Tell Me More, November 20, 2012 3. 21% 54%81% 4. 2. A new kind of economy? 5. Part of that struggle is that theresno vision for whats emerging. Itsnot just that the old world doesntwork anymore, its also that the oldstory that gave it meaning isntbelievable and theres no crediblestory to replace it. 6. 3. Get in there & dostuff! 7. progress almost never comesfrom an accident or naturalevolution. It requires constantpressure, new ideas andsustained engagement 8. Stuff to read about Leadershipsince books were books Last 90 days: 2,3752006:53,765 97,092 2000:2009: 31,971 68,296 9. LEADERSHIP(Come on in, the waterswarm) 10. World Economic Forum 2012: The Great Transformation (?!) 11. An Explorationof Leadership? 12. 6 WEadershipSuperpowers ADOPT A WIDE BUILD EMBRACEANGLEDIVERSEOPENNESS VIEW NETWORKSENCOURAGE ADD CULTIVATEEXPERIMENTATIONUNIQUE NEXT VALUE GENERATIONLEADERS 13. 6 WEadershipDescriptionExamplesSuperpowers Leaders look for new ways to apply their resources - IBM & volunteerism as leadershipADOPT A WIDE ANGLE and expertise. They focus on solving important development, retention, innovation strategyVIEW community problems.- Public leaders working on regional economies- Children of inmates & Miss AmericaBUILD - Ask the intern DIVERSE Leaders collaborate with partners creatively, using- Apollo 13NETWORKS informal networks alongside traditional hierarchies. - Collective Impact modelsEMBRACELeaders share the role of leadership with staff, - Working out loudOPENNESS partners, and the public. They use social technologies - Code for America to listen, inform, and collaborate.- Mesh, share economy platformsENCOURAGELeaders know their industry needs new ideas, - Community/Issue Labs EXPERIMENTA-and new ideas need testing.- Prototyping, piloting, scaling, risk mgmt TION - Big data + constant iteration Leaders find ways their unique contributions can - How can I help?ADD UNIQUE- What can we do together that we cant make a real difference in their communities. ThoseVALUE do alone? who add value remain relevant.- Measuring impact, always CULTIVATE Leaders build skills and share knowledge in order- Embrace multigenerational workplace..and NEXT to develop new leaders in their fields and in theirboardroomGENERATION communities. - Not everyone under 30 is techie, but young LEADERSpeople have much to offer 14. WELCOME TOSIXTOWN!YES, THIS IS THELEADERSHIP DEEP DIVEKRISTIN WOLFF, VISHAL JODHANI& ALL OF YOU 15. SIXTOWN HAS A PROBLEM Too many people lackaccess to economicopportunity Promising solutionsare not scaling Global ProsperityInstitute conductedresearch, findsleadership a keychallenge You are here to help 16. GUIDING QUESTIONS What leadershippractices have youfound success with insimilar situations thatyou could share withSixtown leaders? What are the mostimportant actionsspecific leaders couldtake to move Sixtownforward? Why theseactions? Whats in theway? What tools, skills,processes do theseactions require? 17. ADVISING SIXTOWN