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  • 2 Nitobi Phonegap, Cordova (Vancouver) History What's the difference between Apache Cordova and PhoneGap?

2. 3 When to go with Cordova , when not ? 3. 4 What is PhoneGap? 4. 5 Why would you want to use PhoneGap? 5. 6 Why would you want to use PhoneGap? Write once, run lots of places. Lower barrier of entry Reduced # of required skills Reduced development & long term maintenance cost 6. 7 What platforms support PhoneGap? 7. 8 How do PhoneGap apps work? Build app UI using HTML & CSS Build app logic & interactivity with JavaScript Use the PhoneGap API to interact with device 8. 9 can I use existing tools/frameworks? 9. 10 what OS features does PhoneGap expose? 10. 11 Hands-on 11. 12 what if you want more? PhoneGap is extensible with a native plugin model that enables you to write your own native logic to access via JavaScript. There are lots of open source plugins at Learn more at PhoneGap%20Plugins 12. 13 What does a PhoneGap app look like? See more at: 13. 14 Build/Distribution Platform-specific build processes