netwrix auditor deep dive deep deep dive netwrix auditor deep dive insider threat detection. welcome

Download Netwrix Auditor DEEP DIVE Deep DEEP DIVE Netwrix Auditor Deep Dive Insider Threat Detection. Welcome

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  • Roy Lopez

    Systems Engineer

    Netwrix Auditor Risk Assessment


    Netwrix Auditor

    Deep Dive

    Insider Threat Detection

  • Welcome

    Solutions Engineer, Netwrix


    Russell McDermott

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  •  Key Factors

     Briefly about Netwrix Auditor

     Insider Threat Detection

     Q&A


  • Key Factors

    Technological factor

    Human factor Organisational factor

  • Key Factors

    Technological factor

    Human factor Organisational factor

  • Key Factors

    Technological factor

    Human factor Organisational factor

  • Key Factors

    Technological factor

    Human factor Organisational factor

  •  Easy access to sensitive business information

     Lack of proper security policy regarding access

    to unauthorised networks

     Improper, unclear or missing labeling of proprietary

    or sensitive data

     Inadequate employee training

     Heavy workload

    Organisational factor

  • About Netwrix Auditor

    Netwrix Auditor is an agentless data security platform that empowers organisations to accurately identify

    sensitive, regulated and mission-critical information and apply access controls consistently, regardless of

    where the information is stored.

    It enables them to minimise the risk of data breaches and ensure regulatory compliance by proactively

    reducing the exposure of sensitive data and promptly detecting policy violations and suspicious user behavior.

    Netwrix Auditor

  • Netwrix Auditor Unified Platform

    Netwrix Auditor for

    Active Directory

    Netwrix Auditor for

    Windows File Servers

    Netwrix Auditor for

    Oracle Database

    Netwrix Auditor for

    Azure AD

    Netwrix Auditor for


    Netwrix Auditor for

    SQL Server

    Netwrix Auditor for


    Netwrix Auditor for


    Netwrix Auditor for

    Windows Server

    Netwrix Auditor for

    Office 365 Netwrix Auditor for


    Netwrix Auditor for


    Netwrix Auditor for

    Network Devices

    Add-on for

    Amazon Web Services

    Add-on for

    Generic Linux Syslog

    Add-on for


    Add-on for

    ServiceNow ITSM

    Add-on for

    IBM QRadar

    Infrastructure Unstructured Data Structured Data Cloud Free Add-ons

    Data Discovery & Classification

  • Netwrix Auditor Evolution

    2008 2018

    Standalone Change

    Auditing Tools

    Unified Platform for

    Change, Configuration

    and Access Auditing

    Visibility Platform for

    User Behavior Analysis

    and Risk Mitigation

    File Analysis

    Alerts on Threat Patterns

    Compliance Reports

    Virtual and Cloud Deployment

    RESTful APIInteractive Search


    Predefined Change Auditing Reports

    Risk Assessment

    Behavior Anomaly Discovery

    Add-on Store

    Visibility and

    Governance Platform for

    Hybrid Cloud Security

    2013 2016 2017

    Data Discovery & Classification Edition


    User Profile

    Automated Response

    Agentless Data Security


  • Demonstration

    Netwrix Auditor

  •  Free trial: Set up Netwrix Auditor in your own test environment

     Virtual appliance: Get Netwrix Auditor up and running in minutes

     In-browser demo: Run a demo right in your browser with no need to install anything

     Contact Sales to obtain more information:

     New Webinar! Netwrix Data Classification Demo:

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    Russell McDermott

    Solutions Engineer