integumentary system skin components of the integumentary system skin hair nails glands

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Components of the integumentary system Skin Hair Nails Glands



  • Components of the integumentary systemSkinHairNailsGlands

  • Skin is the human bodys largest organ

  • The #1 function of skinPROTECTION

  • How Skin Protects the BodyBarrier against infection and injuryHelp regulate body temperatureRemove waste productsProvide protection against UV radiation from the sunProduce Vitamin D

  • Skin also transmits sensations likePressureHeatColdPain

  • Cool facts about skinWaterproofSelf-repairingKeeps germs and water OUTKeeps body fluids (like blood) and salts INSweat is a way to get rid of unneeded chemicalsSkin is alive and renews the top layer about once a month

  • Layers of the skinTop layerEpidermis

    Middle layerDermis

    Bottom layerSubcutaneous layer

  • What is in the Epidermis?Epithelial TissueOuter layer of dead cellsMelanocytesProduce melanin a dark brown pigment (color)Pores

  • What is in the Dermis?Living cellsBlood vesselsHair folliclesNerve endingsMuscles Glands

  • The Two Main Glands in SkinSweat glandsRelease sweat to cool bodySebaceous (oil) glandsKeeps skin softWaterproof skinProtect against germs

  • Muscles in Skin???The tiny muscles attached to hair follicles cause goose bumps when they contract and pull the hair upright

  • What is in the Subcutaneous Layer???FatConnective tissueBlood vessels

  • The job of the subcutaneous layerTo cushion the bodys internal organs from blows and bumps