integumentary system dr. peterson. skin anatomy and function skin anatomy and function nails nails...

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Integumenta ry system Dr. Peterson

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Integumentary system

GeneralThe integumentary system is composed of the skin and its accessory structures: hair, nails, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands.

The skin is the:External covering of the body.Largest organ in the body.Supplied with blood vessels and nerves.

integument coveringdermskindermaskindermat/oskincutaneskinkerat/ocornea (eye or skin)Nails


trich/ohairlopecfox mangehirsutebristly hair

4 Main Functions of the skinProtection (against invasion by bacteria and other potentially harmful agents and mechanical injury of delicate cells located beneath outer covering)Regulation (inhibits excessive loss of water and electrolytes; provides a reservoir for storing food and water; guards against excessive exposure to suns ultraviolet rays; and helps to produce the bodys supply of vitamin D)Sensation (to lower body temperature by blood vessels in the skin dilate, bringing more blood to the surface for cooling by radiation and sweat glands secrete more sweat for cooling by means of evaporation; and to raise body temperature by skins blood vessels constrict, allowing more heat-carrying blood to circulate to the muscles and vital organs)Secretion (sensory receptors for pain, touch, heat, cold, and pressure brain triggers necessary response)


EpidermisOuter protective layer divided into 5 strataDermis (corium)Nourishes the epidermis, provides strength & supports blood vessels; divided into subcutaneous tissue & papillae (fingerprints)Sebaceous (oil) glandsLubricates hair & skinSudoriferous or apocrine (sweat) glandsCools body & rids body of wasteIn class activity: checking integrity of Meissners corpuscles (and dorsal columns) with tuning fork & Pacinian corpuscles (and cortex) with topesthesiaNail terminology / conditions Onychitis Paronychia



Clubbed nails, ridged nails (onychorrhexis versus Beaus lines)onych nail

-itis inflammationonych/o nailmyc fungus-osis conditionsub- belowungu nail-al pertaining to

par-aroundonych nail-iaconditionHair Terminology / ConditionsAlopecia



a-without, lack oflopecfox mange-iaconditiontrich/ohairmycfungus-osiscondition

Image creditsIntegumentary system: baby: Pearson Medical Terminology 8th editionOnychomycosis: line: mange: (axillaris):*bE1NSsR-XP1F-TYFOeBPc-EVTfqK1*Aq/Hairynevuswhereapersonhaspatchesofexcesshairgrowthorhirsutism.jpg?width=400&height=467Xanthoma: