integumentary system 4/29/2013. integumentary system  skin-epidermis, dermis, hypodermis ...

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  • Integumentary System4/29/2013

  • Integumentary SystemSkin-Epidermis, Dermis, HypodermisNails-Nail Roots, Keratin in NailsHair-Hair Follicles, Keratin in HairGlands-Sweat Glands, Sebaceous Glands, Sebum, Perspiration

  • SkinEpidermis- The epidermis is the outermost layer of skin and it contains a lower layer of rapidly dividing cells that push cells upward as they die, and they begin to produce keratin forming the exposed layer of skin.Dermis-The dermis is the inner middle layer of skin that contains collagen fibers, blood vessels, nerve endings, glands, sensory receptors, smooth muscles, and hair follicles. Hypodermis- The Hypodermis is a subcutaneous layer of fat and loose connective tissue which helps to insulate the body.

  • NailsNail Root- this is an area of rapidly diving cells near the tip of the nails on the toes and fingers.Keratin in Nails-The keratin in nails is produced in the cells of the nail root and makes the nails strong, waterproof, and plate-like.

  • HairHair Follicles- these are tube-like pockets of epidermal cells that make up hair and they are located in the dermis.Keratin- Keratin is in all the dead cells of hair, making it flexible and strong.

  • GlandsSweat Glands- Sweat glands secrete sweat which includes excess salt and water, and wastes from blood cells. By secreting sweat, the body loses heat.Sebaceous Glands- Sebaceous Glands secrete sebum, which spreads across the surface of the skin and helps the epidermis stay waterproof and flexible.

  • Functions of Integumentary SystemProtects body against infection and injuryRegulates body temperatureRemoves waste products from bodyProtects body from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  • Protection From Infection and InjuryRapid Cell GrowthProduction of KeratinSebaceous Gland Production Of Sebum

  • Regulation of Body TemperatureNarrowation of blood vesselsExpansion of Blood VesselsSweat Gland Production of Perspiration

  • Removal Of Waste Shedding/Washing of Dead Cells from BodySecretion of Perspiration

  • Providing Protection From Ultraviolet Rays MelanocytesMelanin

  • Relationships With Other Systems Nervous System-sensory receptors, nerve endings Circulatory System-blood vessel expansion/narrowation Excretion System-secretion of perspiration

  • Medical Problems PsoriasisAlopecia

  • Pictures Of Psoriasis

  • Pictures Of PsoriasisSevere case

  • Pictures of Alopecia

  • Pictures of Alopecia

  • Integumentary System