the integumentary system. integumentary system includes the skin, hair & nails

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The Integumentary System

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  • The Integumentary System

  • Integumentary SystemIncludes the Skin, Hair & Nails

  • Functions to

    protect gives moisture keeps germs out nails protect finger tipsregulate body tempget rid of wastes (sweat)

  • Injuries to the Integumentary System (Wounds & Burns)

  • Wounds Scrapesmost common woundusually dont bleed muchdirt and germs rubbed inimportant to clean well to prevent infection

  • Wounds Cutsmay have either jagged or smooth edgescaused by sharp objectsusually bleed freely

  • Wounds Avulsion a cut in which a portion of skin or soft tissue is partially or completely torn awaysignificant bleeding

  • Wounds Puncturecaused by a pointed object (impaled object)do not bleed a loteasily infected

  • Treatment of Wounds Control bleeding & Prevent Infection

  • Burns May damage only the top layer of skin ordamage skin and layers underneath

  • Burns First degreeonly top layer of skinskin is red and dry sunburn

  • Burns Second degreetop layers of skinred skin with blistersmay open and weep clear fluid

  • Burns Third degreedestroys all layers of skin and any or all underlying structureslook black or charred

  • Burns Severity affected by the location on the bodysize of the burnvictims age and medical condition

  • Burns Critical burns need immediate medical attentionCan be life threatening

  • Critical Burns affect breathingcover multiple body partshead, neck, hand, feet, genitalson a child or elderly personcaused by chemicals, explosions or electricity

  • Treatment of Burns

  • TreatmentStop the burningCool the burningCover the burn

  • Dont iceclean remove


    ************gunshot wound is a puncture wound ************