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How do you get everybody in your company to understand who is using your product - especially if you're not 100% certain yourself? You've got out of the building and talked to your customers, but how do you communicate what you learned when you get back? Persona - research-based examples of the people who use your product - help teams understand customers and deliver the features that they really need. This workshop shows you how to get the whole team involved in user research. We work through an example scenario showing you how to build persona incrementally. You'll learn practical techniques for integrating persona with lean approaches to product strategy and development.


  • 1. Incremental Persona UX Scotland, June 18 2014 Adrian Howard (@adrianh)

2. Hello! 3. Schedule 0830 - 0900 Registration (30m)0900 1030 Part 1 (90m)1030 - 1100 Tea / coffee (30m)1100 - 1230 Part 2 (90m)1230 - 1330 Lunch (60m) 4. Ask questions 5. Don't have to copy the slides 6. Chatham House Rule applies please 7. When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed 8. Disclaimer: Eh? 9. I feedback 10. Swear Jar 11. (obligatory cute animal slide) 12. Who are you? 13. Exercise: Persona Why? What? How? When? Who? 14. 15. Alignment 16. Inspiration 17. Communication 18. Empathy 19. 20. Exercise:Problems with Persona 21. 22. Personas are to Persona Descriptions as Vacations are to Souvenir Picture Albums! Jared Spool 23. Today you found a startup! 24. Were the X for Y! 25. Exercise:Elevator pitch 26. Incremental Persona 1. Define2.Refine3. Realign 27. 1. Define 28. 29. Exercise: Generate Ad-hoc: Behaviours Demographics Needs Goals Empathy map: Think/Feel Say Hear Do Pain/Gain 30. Exercise:Group aspects 31. Exercise: The scale of truthiness 32. 2. Refine 33. 3. Realign 34. Realign: Split Merge Discard Refocus Drive Generate 35. Storytime 36. 37. 38. Incremental Persona 1. Define2.Refine3. Realign 39. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly 40. Naive teams forget refine & realign 41. Teams need pushing to realign 42. Organisations still need to buy into value of persona 43. Integrated researchers 44. Continuous research 45. Lets you get people starting quickly & cheaply 46. Whole team approach eases adoption 47. Discouragesset & forget persona 48. Embraces change 49. Thank You And any questions?