How to use IFTTT to automate your social life

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  • How to use

    to automate your social life

  • What is IFTTT?

  • It stands for,

  • You pronounce it like gift but without the g

  • It is a free web-based service

  • that creates chains of simple

    conditional statements,

  • called Applets

  • They bring your services together,

  • Creating new experiences that you can unlock

    with a single switch

  • What are services?

  • These are the aps and devices you

    use everyday

  • Each service has a useful applets you

    can turn on

  • These are also referred to as


  • What are recipes?

  • These are simple connections

    between products and apps

  • Two kinds of

  • The IF

  • The DO

  • Channels are the building blocks

    of recipes

  • It constitutes triggers and


  • Trigger is the if part of the

    IF recipe

  • Action is the then part of the

    IF recipe

  • Ingredients are the pieces of data from a


  • IFTTT already prepared a number of Applets to

    choose from

  • On your browser,

  • Type-in

  • Then press enter

  • IFTTT Website

  • Click here to sign up

  • Sign up Page

  • Enter your email

  • Create your password

  • Click Sign up

  • IFTTT Dashboard

  • Search Button

  • Search Page

  • Click here

  • You will see more than 20 Applet

    collections to choose from

  • Lets try it on social media

  • There are 15 Applets for social media

  • Lets try this one

  • Switch to turn on

  • This will appear

  • Click ok

  • Link to your Instagram

  • Click Authorize

  • Link to your dropbox

  • Click Allow

  • Link to your Twitter

  • Click Authorize App

  • Your Applet is now active

  • Your Applet ID

  • Lets check it out

  • Your instagram


  • Will also be shared on facebook

  • And automatically saved on your album

  • It was also shared on your twitter

  • And saved in your gallery

  • And already backed up in your


  • Lets try another Applet

  • Lets pick this one

  • Thanks to IFTTT,

  • we can now have our


  • Of those tagged photos

    in our own album

  • Switch to turn on

  • Setting

  • You can customise the album


  • Then click save

  • Your Applet is now active

  • You can also create different

    version of Applet

  • Click here

  • To view your active


  • Your Active Applet

  • Click to create new Applet

  • Click Activity

  • To show your

    recent activity

  • Click here

  • To create new


  • To browse on


  • To manage

    your account

  • Click services

  • My Services

  • Click here to see all services

  • Browse over and you will see Social


  • You can choose what services to


  • Dont worry, for every services

    there are already Applets

  • Lets add linkedIn

  • You can choose what to turn on

  • Click to see more

  • Click here to connect

  • Type-in your password

  • You can choose your access duration

  • Click Ok, Ill Allow It

  • Voila, your LinkedIn account is already


  • Try activating more Applets if you want

  • Enjoy automated social life!