How to Use IFTTT to Automate your Virtual Life

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  • What is IFTTT?

  • It is a web-based automation tool that allows you to connect to different channels by creating


  • The acronym IFTTT stands for:

  • And pronounced as ift

  • IFTTT terminologies

  • Recipes are connections between products and apps.

  • Here are the sample RECIPES.



  • There are two (2) kinds of RECIPE.

  • DO RECIPE lets you create your own personalized Button, Camera and Notepad. The app

    is available for iOS and Android.


  • Samples of DO RECIPE.

  • IF RECIPE lets you create powerful connection

    with simple statement ofif this then that

  • Samples of IF RECIPE.

  • Channels are the basic building blocks

    of Recipes.

  • Samples of Channels.

  • Triggers are the IF part of an If Recipe.

  • Actions are the THEN part of an If



  • Now, lets get started.

  • Go to your browser.

  • Type

  • in the address bar.

  • Press Enter!

  • Welcome to IFTTT!

  • Sign up to create a free account.

  • Type your email and password,

  • and press create account.

  • This is your IFTTT homepage.

  • For this tutorial, lets make IF RECIPE.

  • Click My Recipes

  • Click Create a Recipe.

  • There are 7 easy steps

  • Click this

  • Step 1. Choose a Trigger Channel.

  • You may select among the channels here

  • or search for the Channel.

  • I chose Facebook as my trigger channel.

  • Click connect.

  • A new pop up window will open

  • just click Okay.

  • Click done to activate your Facebook account to IFTTT.

  • Connecting to your Facebook Channel.

  • Step 2. Choose a Trigger.

  • Click New photo by you.

  • Step 3. Complete Trigger fields.

  • Click Create Trigger.

  • Click that

  • Step 4. Choose Action Channel.

  • Click Dropbox.

  • Click connect to activate your Dropbox to IFTTT.

  • A new pop up window will open, click allow.

  • Your Dropbox is now connected.

  • Step 5. Choose an Action.

  • Click Add file from URL.

  • Step 6. Complete Action Field.

  • Click Flask icon to add ingredient.

  • Ingredients are pieces of data from a Trigger.

  • Trigger channel has different ingredients

  • An email trigger could be: subject, attachment, senders

    address etc.

  • Click the drop-down arrow.

  • Select CreateAt, From, and Link.

  • No need to change.

  • Click Create Action.

  • Step 7. Create and Connect.

  • Click Create Recipe.


  • Your Recipe was just created!

  • The Title of your Recipe.

  • This will now appear to your IF Recipes page.

  • Read the Quick Reminder.

  • You have options to Turn off your Recipe.

  • Publish your Recipe.

  • Check your Recipe now.

  • View Recipe Log.

  • or Edit/Delete it.

  • Now, lets check if this Recipe will work.

  • Log into your Facebook Account.

  • Create a post

  • Click Photo/Video.

  • Upload a photo and click post.


  • Now check your drop box and log in.

  • Double click this folder.

  • The post you made was automatically save to your


  • Here it is

  • Now, its your turn to

    create Recipes.

  • You may find inspiration

    from other published


  • Return to IFTTT homepage.

  • Type Pinterest on the

    search bar.

  • Press Enter!

  • Sample Pinterest Recipes.


  • Go ahead formulate

    your own RECIPES

  • and make it appetizing

  • Have fun learning!

  • Thank you for reading!

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    www.aimdynamicvp. com

    for other dynamic tutorial guides

  • I would love to hear

    your comments!


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