How to use IFTTT(Automate your life)

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Automate your life using IFTTTIFTTT?= IF This, Then ThatIFTTT If this, then that Web-service(Channel) Event (Trigger) Web-service(Channel) Action / Web-serviceChannel, Trigger, Action, Recipe, Ingredients=Trigger ActionRecipeIf thi, then thatTriggerChannelActionChannelIngredientsbasic data made available from a trigger, Trigger Channel Action Channel ? .1. Geo-fencing2. SNS 3. Gmail Geo-fencingGeo-fencing: GPS Fence , Fence (Zone) Geo-fencing IOT , Turn off your lights when you leave homeWhen youre near home your thermostat will automatically setNearly home? Direct Message the person who should knowiOS LocationTrigger ActionEnteredOr Exited (iOS location) Google Sheet OccurredAt LocationMapUrl EnteredOrExitedJanuary 20, 2016 at 09:52AM,129.32125144588304&z=19enteredJanuary 20, 2016 at 11:50AM,129.32125144588304&z=19exitedIf h , Recipe Spreadsheet name, Formatter row, folder path iPhone , , Google Sheet Sheet Trigger Action Result,129.32125144588304&z=19,129.32125144588304&z=19SNS SNS .IFTTT SNS , Google Drive, Dropbox Social NetworkingSave photos youre tagged in to DropboxTweet your Facebook status updatesKeep your profile pictures in syncTweet my Wordpressblog postsSave every tweet in Google SheetAutomatically Tweet new favorites in PocketBlogGoogle SheetPocketDropboxGmail 1. Any new email in inbox2. Any new attachment in inbox3. New email in inbox from specific address 4. New starred email in inbox5. New email in inbox labeled6. New email in inbox from search(using Gmails Search operator)Trigger ActionCloud StorageTo-do listCommunicationNotificationSave new email attachments to Cloud StorageAdd to to-do-listPost Gmail messages into a Slack channelSend a push notification to your PC E-mail , , Gmail Search operator Trigger , Recipe Scenario1. Mute your phone at bedtime2. Sync new contacts to a Google Spreadsheet3. Rain tomorrow? Get a notification4. Keep a call log5. Turn on WiFi when you get home to save data on your wireless bill6. Document your daily activity in a Google Spreadsheet1.Http://ifttt.comIFTTT Recipe Recipe Recipe .iPhone Android Recipe Pattern 2.IFTTT Pattern ( )Referencehttp://ifttt.com