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<ul><li><p>Automate your life using IFTTT</p></li><li><p>IFTTT?</p><p>= IF This, Then That</p><p>IFTTT If this, then that </p><p> Web-service(Channel) Event (Trigger) Web-service(Channel) Action </p><p>/ Web-service</p></li><li><p>Channel, Trigger, Action, Recipe, Ingredients</p><p>=Trigger Action</p><p>Recipe</p><p>If thi, then that</p><p>TriggerChannel</p><p>ActionChannel</p><p>Ingredientsbasic data made available from a trigger</p></li><li><p>,</p><p> Trigger Channel</p><p> Action Channel </p><p> ?</p></li><li><p> .</p><p>1. Geo-fencing</p><p>2. SNS </p><p>3. Gmail </p></li><li><p>Geo-fencing</p><p>Geo-fencing: GPS Fence , Fence (Zone) </p><p> Geo-fencing </p><p> IOT , </p><p>Turn off your lights when you leave home</p><p>When youre near home your thermostat will automatically set</p><p>Nearly home? Direct Message the person who should know</p><p>iOS Location</p><p>Trigger Action</p><p>EnteredOr Exited</p></li><li><p> (iOS location) Google Sheet </p><p>OccurredAt LocationMapUrl EnteredOrExited</p><p>January 20, 2016 at 09:52AM</p><p>,129.3212514458830</p><p>4&amp;z=19</p><p>entered</p><p>January 20, 2016 at 11:50AM</p><p>,129.3212514458830</p><p>4&amp;z=19</p><p>exited</p><p>If h , then</p><p> Recipe </p><p>Spreadsheet name, Formatter row, folder path </p><p> iPhone , , </p><p>Google Sheet </p><p> Sheet </p><p>Trigger Action Result</p><p>,129.32125144588304&amp;z=19,129.32125144588304&amp;z=19</p></li><li><p>SNS </p><p>SNS .</p><p>IFTTT SNS , Google Drive, Dropbox </p><p>Social Networking</p><p>Save photos youre tagged in to DropboxTweet your </p><p>Facebook status updates</p><p>Keep your profile pictures in sync</p><p>Tweet my Wordpressblog posts</p><p>Save every tweet in Google Sheet</p><p>Automatically Tweet new favorites in Pocket</p><p>Blog</p><p>Google Sheet</p><p>Pocket</p><p>Dropbox</p></li><li><p>Gmail </p><p>1. Any new email in inbox</p><p>2. Any new attachment in inbox</p><p>3. New email in inbox </p><p>from specific address </p><p>4. New starred email in inbox</p><p>5. New email in inbox labeled</p><p>6. New email in inbox from search</p><p>(using Gmails Search operator)</p><p>Trigger Action</p><p>Cloud Storage</p><p>To-do list</p><p>Communication</p><p>Notification</p><p>Save new email attachments to Cloud Storage</p><p>Add to to-do-list</p><p>Post Gmail messages into a Slack channel</p><p>Send a push notification to your PC</p><p> E-mail , </p><p>, Gmail Search operator Trigger , </p></li><li><p> Recipe Scenario</p><p>1. Mute your phone at bedtime</p><p>2. Sync new contacts to a Google Spreadsheet</p><p>3. Rain tomorrow? Get a notification</p><p>4. Keep a call log</p><p>5. Turn on WiFi when you get home to save data on your wireless bill</p><p>6. Document your daily activity in a Google Spreadsheet</p></li><li><p>1.</p><p>Http://</p><p>IFTTT Recipe </p><p> Recipe </p><p> Recipe .</p><p>iPhone Android Recipe </p><p></p></li><li><p>2.</p><p>IFTTT </p><p> Pattern </p></li><li><p>2.</p><p>IFTTT </p><p> Pattern </p><p> ( )</p></li><li><p>Reference</p><p></p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p></p><p></p></li></ul>