How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Social Media Postings

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HOW TO USE IFTTT TO AUTOMATE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTINGS BY ALLAN T. AGUIRRE Allan T. Aguirre Your Virtual Office Manager IFTTT means If This Then That It allows you to link your web services Lets start by opening your browser Go to IFTTT sign up page Click Sign up Enter your Email address Enter your Password Click Sign up This is your IFTTT dashboard An applet brings your services together Click Get started You can view recommended applets for you Scroll down to view more Or click Search Select from the categories Scroll down to view more categories Lets have Social networks Click Social networks You will have social networks services Lets click Facebook Click Connect Log in to your Facebook account Enter your Email or Phone number Enter your Password Click Log in Notification from IFTTT Click Edit this if you want to change Otherwise, click Continue Another notification from IFTTT Click Not Now to skip Or click dropdown to change Then click OK IFTTT would like to manage your Pages Click Not Now to skip Click Review the info you provide to review Then click OK after review Start managing your Facebook You can select from existing applets For example, tweet your FB updates This applet was created by a different user Click Tweet your Facebook updates Click Turn on IFTTT needs to access your Twitter Click Ok Please read this note Enter your Twitters Username or email Enter your Password Click Authorize app You now have a new applet For example, I posted this in my Facebook timeline Immediately, it is my tweet Click profile name to create new applet Click New Applet Click this Choose a service You can search the service Or scroll down to search Lets click again Facebook Choose a trigger Lets say something about your FB photos Click You are tagged in a photo Click that Choose action service Type to search a service Or scroll down Lets say I want Dropbox Dropbox is a cloud storage Click Dropbox Click Connect If you have a Dropbox account, enter your Email Enter your Password Click Sign in Click Create a new account to open a Dropbox account IFTTT notification Click Allow Next is to choose your action Click Add file from URL IFTTT links your FB to Dropbox Click Create action Review and finish the link Click Finish You now have a new applet That you have created If youre tagged in FB, your photo is in Dropbox For example, I was tagged in this photo I will log in with my Dropbox account My Dropbox has an IFTTT folder Click IFTTT folder Click Facebook folder Click the file My photo was saved in Dropbox I have now two applets To create new applet, click New Applet Click again this Again, you have a selection of services to select You can link your Gmail account To your Evernote account Or your Facebook account To your Instagram account And a lot more IFTTT really empowers you to be more efficient While having fun Now signing out I couldn't tell you in any detail how my computer works. I use it with a layer of automation. - Conrad Wolfram