How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

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PowerPoint PresentationSocial Media Management is a no trivial taskAre you looking for a very effective waysto Automate yourSocial Media Marketing Tasks?so You can spend more timeto engage with your customers? so You can spend more timewith your other priorities?and also You can save your T-I-M-E?in this Tutorial:YOU WILLDiscoverH O WTo Automate a Varietyof Social Media Taskswith IFTTT recipe or appletsLets get it on!What is IFTTT?it stands for:If This Then ThatIf ThishappenThen doThatOn Your Browser: (we will use Google Browser)type in:www.ifttt.comdo more with the services you lovediscover applets for every parts of your lifeand evento get startedin this Tutorialwe willcreate a freeaccountclick on sign upfill out the necessary informationand click:hover oversearchyoull findrecommendedcategorieslets trySocial Networksyoull see this:what makes IFTTT really usefulis a thousands of pre-made appletsthat let you automate your techie worldnow, click on Facebook Pageswe will use apre-madeapplet as:thatll appear like this, with applet IDpress:turn onitll ask permission:press oklog in to your Facebook Profilepress oncontinue asclick on the preference who should be able to see your postsclick okthen, for the Facebook Page youre managingclick okselect your page and click on updateand youredone! yay! if you dont want to opt fora pre-set applets: you may want tobuild a new IFTTT Appletclick on your usernameselect New Appletpress the + thischoose the trigger serviceyour Facebook Page for examplelets say you want to make surethe trigger fires every timeyou upload a new photo on your FB Page next, press + thatchoose the action servicelets say you want to back up allphotos you upload from your FB Pageto your google drive so thatyou can have access anywherethen choose:itll ask to connectitll ask to connecta pop-up window will appearclick allow buttonchoose the next action you preferthis will appear as defaultedthen click on create actionreview and finishthats allyoure done!I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.-Pablo Picasso