How to Use IFTTT to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Social Media Management is a no trivial task</p> <p>Are you looking for a very effective ways</p> <p>to Automate your</p> <p>Social Media Marketing Tasks?</p> <p>so You can spend more time</p> <p>to engage with your customers? </p> <p>so You can spend more time</p> <p>with your other priorities?</p> <p>and also You can save your T-I-M-E?</p> <p>in this Tutorial:YOU WILL</p> <p>DiscoverH O W</p> <p>To Automate a Variety</p> <p>of Social Media Tasks</p> <p>with IFTTT recipe or applets</p> <p>Lets get it on!</p> <p>What is IFTTT?</p> <p>it stands for:</p> <p>If This Then That</p> <p>If Thishappen</p> <p>Then doThat</p> <p>On Your Browser: (we will use Google Browser)</p> <p>type</p> <p>do more with the services you love</p> <p>discover applets for every </p> <p>parts of your life</p> <p>and even</p> <p>to get started</p> <p>in this Tutorialwe will</p> <p>create a freeaccount</p> <p>click on sign up</p> <p>fill out the necessary information</p> <p>and click:</p> <p>hover oversearch</p> <p>youll findrecommendedcategories</p> <p>lets trySocial Networks</p> <p>youll see this:</p> <p>what makes IFTTT really useful</p> <p>is a thousands of pre-made applets</p> <p>that let you automate your techie world</p> <p>now, click on Facebook Pages</p> <p>we will use apre-madeapplet as:</p> <p>thatll appear like this, with applet ID</p> <p>press:turn on</p> <p>itll ask permission:press ok</p> <p>log in to your Facebook Profile</p> <p>press oncontinue as</p> <p>click on the preference who should be able to see your posts</p> <p>click ok</p> <p>then, for the Facebook Page youre managing</p> <p>click ok</p> <p>select your page and click on update</p> <p>and youredone! yay! </p> <p>if you dont want to opt for</p> <p>a pre-set applets: you may want to</p> <p>build a new IFTTT Applet</p> <p>click on your username</p> <p>select New Applet</p> <p>press the + this</p> <p>choose the trigger service</p> <p>your Facebook Page for example</p> <p>lets say you want to make sure</p> <p>the trigger fires every time</p> <p>you upload a new photo on your FB Page </p> <p>next, press + that</p> <p>choose the action service</p> <p>lets say you want to back up all</p> <p>photos you upload from your FB Page</p> <p>to your google drive so that</p> <p>you can have access anywhere</p> <p>then choose:</p> <p>itll ask to connect</p> <p>itll ask to connect</p> <p>a pop-up window will appear</p> <p>click allow button</p> <p>choose the next action you prefer</p> <p>this will appear as defaulted</p> <p>then click on create action</p> <p>review and finish</p> <p>thats allyoure done!</p> <p>I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.</p> <p>-Pablo Picasso</p>