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How to say NO ?

How To Say NO ?

What Is Problem With Yes ?

Yes. , Sure. , No problem. The reality is, we often put this pressure on our self We think about the things we should do. Or the things we think we should want to do. Or the things other people might expect us to do.

Why We Afraid Of Saying No people say lazy feeling guilty and hurting or offendingunnecessary misunderstanding fear of losing business ambition to increase the business not knowing how to say no lack of communication skills

You might start fine-tuning your no resolve with any of the four groups who ask questions like these:Friends Could you lend me some money, please? I'll get it back to you FamilyYoure inviting your cousins, arent you ?Colleagues and Bosses Will you stay tonight to finish up this project?Im leaving; tell the boss I wasnt feeling well (not true).Really Difficult People (think-salespeople, telemarketers, contractors)We only have a few left. Truthfully, Id grab it if I were you.You look smashing in that color t-shirt. Shall I bring you up?

Saying No Is An Art sound sincere use body language be polite be firm and tactful show your busy schedule and commitments

Techniques To Say No

Simple Direct No

The aim here is to say no without apologizing. The other person has the problem, and you must not allow them to pass it on to you.

2. Raincheck No

This is the way to say no to the present request, without refusing it.This is not a definite no and could be a way to negotiation. Use this technique only if you can fulfill the request later.

3. Reflecting No

This technique involves reflecting back the content and feeling of the request, and adding your assertive refusal at the end. This is a firm and final way of saying no that allows no room for further negotiation.

4. Enquiring No

Request the details before committingThis is not a definite no and is invitation to open up negotiation. You could use this technique if you want to do what is being asked of you but the timing does not suit you.

5. Reasoned No

This method gives very briefly the reason for the refusal. You might use this method of refusal if you do not want to offend, but have a real reason for refusing. It does not open up further negotiation.

6. Broken Record No

This method involves repeating a simple statement of refusal over and over again. This is a good method to use with someone who is persistent.

Remember ! Half Of The Troubles Of This Life Can Be Traced To Saying Yes Too Quickly And Not Saying No Soon Enough. Josh Billings

The Book of No