How to say ‘no’ to someone

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<ul><li> 1. How to say no to someonewithout damaging the working relationship Facilitator: Alex WatsonYesNoPerhaps aybeM</li></ul> <p> 2. Session Outline.Introductions /Presentation (5 mins)Activity (5 mins)Presentation (5 mins)Activity/Close (5 mins) 3. Objectives. 4. Objectives.By the end of the session you will be able to:1. Identify 2 occasions where you said yes when no would have been more appropriate2. Reframe those situations by providing alternative responsesBy doing the activities requested by your facilitator 5. What precedes no? 6. Listen to the requestDo not interrupt the speaker. 7. Transfer Ownership of yourrefusal to someone elseE.g. "I can, but my schedule is booked now. Hoabout some other time?" You dont have toexplain further. This deflects any resentment tmight have towards your schedule. 8. Dont feel obligated to explainYou may have reasons you dont wish todiscuss. If so try saying somethinglike, Im just not able to. If you must.change the subject, or say, "Imsorry, but I need to go. 9. Explain simply and only if youwish to do soIf the case really is one that you feelokay explaining, make your explanation as simple as possible. 10. Examine why you find it difficultto say no 11. Examine your motives for saying yes 12. Stand Firm If the requestor does not want toaccept your answer, tell him or herthat your mind is made up and thatyou will not change it 13. Place more value on the word nohope he dont forgetIf Id agreed to switch to it was me black against my better who told him judgment..Id neverto trust his have won the jackpot!instinct! </p>